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 how can i take better care of my teeth?
i got 2 cavities filled and i don't think they're gone my teeth still hurt ( i'm going to the dentist to get another 2 filled ) and i think i just got 4 more D: how can i prevent my ...

 Braces teeth pain?
ok i got braces today...and my teeth are hurting bad...for some reason especially my front 4....they almost feel loose but they aren't...what is up with that...oh and how long after they get put ...

 Does kissing really cause Cavities?

Additional Details
oh and no my parents never said it.. I've heard it from other ppl.......

 Getting my braces done again tomorrow. What colours could i pick this time?
I get them done every 3 months, ive been told that i should have red and blue, but i hate them colours together. Im going on holiday next month, so what colours would suit that kinda date?

 what color of braces should i get.?
i want to know what color of braces would you pick for braces. for me 15 years old....

 Did You Have Your Wisdom Teeth Removed??
I'm teething lol and I've heard that many people have their wisdom teeth removed, but I don't see why its neccessary....also when your wisdom teeth come through does it put some of ...

 Are you supposed to brush your teeth before or after eating breakfast?
I brush them after I eat breakfast simply because it keeps your breath fresher. Is that what you're supposed to do?...

 When a dentist says he or she "is leaving the practice," what does that mean?
I am a current patient in one dental office where I had two dentists assigned to me in a three year span. The first one (a woman) did my teeth for two years and told me that she was "leaving ...

well getting braces in 3 days..=(..and really dont know what color to get...well im 13 dirty blonde hair ...blue green eyes..well if u got some asnwers plz let me know..thanks....

 Bulimia.... why does my breath stink....?
If I brush my teeth after i purge and i always have breath mints.
But like, it smells really acidy and weird.. =S
whys this?

Btw. Im getting help for my bulimia. I was just ...

 does anyone know how to stop or ease toothache its driving me mad.?

 Honestly, do you floss daily?
I try to floss when I have the time but sometimes get lazy and think brushing and mouthwash are enough....

 Â· Which is better- brushing your teeth before or after your eat breakfast?

 Will a dentist be able to tell if your bulimic?
Like without asking them, would they say anything? And would they just be able to tell that you throw up a lot, not like on purpose?
Additional Details
What if you brush your teeth after ...

 is it true that people can die from not brushing their teeth everyday?
yes i brush my teeth everyday but my friend said she had an uncle who died from it so i wanna know f its true!...

 Which toothpaste do you use? Be specific.?

 Which is most unattractive - crooked teeth or yellow & stained teeth?
Heya, just wondering which do you dislike more - teeth that are crooked/crowded or teeth which are yellowy or stained. And I don't just mean in a potential partner, just people in general. P...

 i know its not wise to do but whats the best way..?
.. to remove a tooth without going to the dentist?...

 i bit my lip and it hurts SOOOO much?
its unbarable, the pain, its hard to kiss my wife, or eat food, i just wanna sit all day with my lip hanging down, i tried putting oragel on it but it only lasts about a minute. what can i do to ...

 How often are you supposed to get a new toothbrush?
I saw an article on Yahoo! a few months back that said you should replace your toothbrush way more often than we think, like every month or two months or something. Does anyone remember the exact ...

toothpaste. do u squeeze the end or the middle of the tube?

Additional Details
i can see this is a serious issue for some people!!!

i just was wondering. i squeeze it from the middle and my man squeezes it from the end.

i will start buying him his own tube so he can be particular with his toothpaste and leave mine alone!!!

middle til it starts to run out and then the end.

the very back. it gets all the stuf out so its not imposible when the tube is almost done

the end opposite to the cap but then you knew that didn't you and you were winding

The middle until there is none teft...then you start squeezing from the end......good luck....


They say (on the tube) to squeeze from the end but I usually just squeeze wherever I feel like

I used to squeeze the middle, but since getting married, I've switched to squeezing the end because that's what he prefers and I don't really care.

Abbott Barrington
Funny you should ask. This is a pet peeve of mine. I squeeze from the bottom. I HATE when the tube is squeezed in the middle. I'm actually very anal about it LOL!

Its a bit difficult after the kids have got their paws on it! I try to go for the end, the other half is the same, its just the kids they have a kind of maximum squeeze thing going on! : )

end of the tube, then as it gets used roll it up

middle, it infuriates me that i can be so forgetful of the fac that if you squeeze from the middle, its so difficult to bloody get out arrg, but still continues to do it

I squeeze the end, the rest of the family squeeze the middle and drive me bananas.

the end

end all the way
i am not a waster
my family is

Champagne Paulie
The end.

ooo, good question. I push everything up from the bottom, then definitely from the middle.

The end is where I begin!

from the middle it drives my husband mad , so i do it even more now lol

When I first use the toothpaste, I squeeze it in the middle. Then after it is about half gone, I squeeze it from the end.

The End. Then i roll it up as i go to bring all the paste to the end!

in the middle, why?

Aisling S
definetly squeeze at the end , otherwise it looks awful, bends in the middle and hangs over the holder and then you have to end up squeezing the left overs from the end anyway.

I do not use a tube anymore for that reason.
I always buy a pump now and I haven't look back.

Fader's Girl

sarah y
From the end and my husband squeezes from the middle,it`s so annoying but then again so is leaving the toilet seat up,lol.........

I squeeze from the bottom. My husband however invariably always squeezes from the middle. It drives me crazy! I have tried to explain to him that the tube wont stand in the cup right if the tube is all lopsided.

It all depends. If it is full then in the middle otherwise at the end so that nothing is wasted!!.

Mr.Know It All
The End.

neither as i use the toothpaste in the pump action tubes
less messier

Princess B
You just squeeze it toward the middle until it gets half empty and THEN you start rolling it up from the bottom to get all thats inside. Silly question but I guess you'll get ALOT of answers. Have a nice evening.

Why not buy a pump-action toothpaste instead?

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