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 BRACES??? Rotting..?
If a person does not go to the dentist for waay over a year to get their braces cleaned/checked/tightend (whatever happens) will their teeth rot out?
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first off its not ...

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 do braces hurt?

 hi i have tooth ache needs coming out i very scared of them and my hands sweat?

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This Monday i'm going to setting a date to get my braces off my friend told me they hurt but i dont no if he is jut mesing with me so it would help a lot to let me know,


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 how many chewing gum do you chew a day?
i chew half a pack a day, sometimes a whole pack :)...

 I just got my wisdom tooth pulled today?
I should of added that i do not have any chest pains anymore...about 3 hours ago is when it stopped.Im talking about what i can do for the pain from my tooth being removed.
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stained teeth?
I have had stained teeth since i was a baby b/c i took antibiotics when i was very young. How i do i unstain them without making them look very very white (bleaching them). And without putting vaneers on them? Can they paint over them with special paint or something? And i would like something permenant, thankks.

dazed and confused...
get them wightened

Use whitenting toothpaste and after you have coffee or stainy food, quickly take a napkin and rub your teeth (coffee isnt good for teeth). Avoid sweets. BRUSH BRUSH BRUSH and use mouthwash. Drink lots of water!

baking soda straight on tooth brush

Brad K
The bleaches are about your best bet. You can get them over the counter, like Crest Whitestrips, or prescription versions that use a gel and a plastic mouthpiece.

A dentist can lighten them considerably. They won't usually go bright white unless you insist because naturally teeth are not pure white.

Cute Stuff
umm, go to a dentist and they do laser whitening there. i'm not sure how much it costs exactly - but don't get your hopes up about it being cheap, cuz it's not... :( unfortunatly. but in order to get very very white teeth you have to go back for a few sessions, not all done at once. so if you only payed forone session, you'd probably get the results your looking for.

while i'm not sure what antibiotic you were on, i can't say for sure that regular brushing your teeth 2-3 times daily and flossing daily (oh yeah, floss daily, it also whitens teeth) would be enough (assuming you don't, not saying you don't, assuming). umm, there is a really good toothpaste that i use it's for coffee drinkers and smokers, it does an excellent job on my teeth. i can't remember what the name ofit is but i'm sure if you go to a store like zellers or wall-mart or target they will tell you if they have it or not. i'm sure there is more than one company that makes coffee stain removing toothpaste.

have you tried crest white strips or anything like that?

good luck, lemme know if you find better answers, i'd like to know myself (if you want). :)

use crest whitening strips. theyre excellent

my bro smokes (now 3years) and i convinced him to try crest night effects and i mean you dont have to continue using it. The pack comes with a 2 week supply. now he thanks me cause his teeth looks clean and not exaggerated white.

I have the same thing - called tetracycline teeth. Mine are a slight grayish tint. I had won a zoom whitening treatment in a sweepstakes (worth about $600) and gave it a try - did nothing. Don't waste your money.

My dentist said only veneers will help. I'm going to look into how much they cost and make a plan to get them when I turn 50 next year!

Nunya B
Your dentist can paint them with a special enamel. I had my upper teeth done after my braces came off due to horrible calcification stains. It looks completely natural. Cost wise, I'm not sure, I think it was $15-25 a tooth maybe?

You can't do anything for those kinds of stains..no amount of bleaching will help...Veneers are you best bet..

♥♥The Queen Has Spoken♥♥
You can't bleach them them the staining is caused from the actual enamel being discolored. You could use Lumineers which are similar to veneers but the dentist does not remove any of your tooth. You can also have a sealant painted on but the dentist needs to be experienced so that it looks natural.

Michelle - Dental Hygienist, USA
if it was from medication they are stained internally and will only lighten very slightly with whiteners. you really need composite fillings or veneers. sorry :(

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