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It looks very nice....

scottish mental dental joke?
a scotsman asked the dentist the cost of a tooth extraction
£85 for an extraction said the dentist
£85!!!!hae ye no got anything cheaper,lad
thats the normal charge sir
whit about if ye didnae use an anesthetic
thats unusual sir but i could do it for £15 less
what if you used one of your trainees and without anesthetic
i cant guarantee their professionalism and it would be very painful but ill drop the price to£40
how about if you made it trainin session with your student doing the extraction with the other trainees watching.
ill charge you£5 but it will be very traumatic
now your talking laddie its a deal can you confirm an appointment for the wife next week.

Richard K
Old...but still funny
...........and true of the Scots, Lol.

Rob P
thats so old....

that was funny


Allen B
Sooooooooooo Old!

John L
another scottish one--,a woman goes into the dentist,sits in the chair and the dentist asks,"comfy", and the lady answers

Old joke but still funny. Thanks for the grin:)

Cor blimey.
LOL =] makes me laugh every time! =] the oldies are the best! x

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