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I love 2 dance!!
in 2 days im getting a retainer and i wanted to know if it hurts. did you ever have one? if so, what color did you get?
Additional Details
mines going to be light blue woth sparkles

they dont hurt at all

congrats! Retainer just holdds your teeth in the peresent position, it does not move your teeth so it does NOT hurt, but if you don't wear it regularly, and few days after you want to try them on it will hurt , the secret is" keep wearing them most of the time ". I havei retainer trust me .

i had a retainer. it doesn't really hurt, except for select times where you can feel the metal pressing against your teeth, but this doesn't happen alot. my retainer was pink, but i know you can get all kinds of different colors. here's my advice for you, if your dentist/orthodontist tells you to take off your retainer while eating, do it. once i wasn't fully done chewing, and little crumbs were stuck into my retainer and it was really close. also, be careful not to throw it away. if you have a case, keep the retainer in the case. and last of all, remember, the retainer is supposed to be helping you so don't "forget" about it too much!

I got blue.
It doesnt hurt at all.
It just makes you talk funny. like...shhh shhh shh. Like that I guess.


Cuz i dont and my teeth are moving back. I only wear mine at night. I guess thats not enough

no ............................yes i had one..........................a red one , you really dont see the retainer, except for the band!

I have one. It's plain pink. It's removable - I only wear it at night. No, it doesn't hurt. I have a lower one, too. You can't even see the lower one, though it took some time to get used to. It's still a pain to eat foods like popcorn and carrots because it's really hard to get that out of there. I popped it out once trying to get a piece of carrot out.

yea i got mine last month it does not hurt at all but only slight soreness if the day when you had your braces removed and when you get your retainer was longer than three weeks. after that your all good. i got them cheetah spotted.

The heck with retainers they are to meddlesome etc.. get the real thing..teeth implant or Bridge

oh it doesn't hurt
my color is pink
it matches the color inside my mouth

No the retainer din't hurt for me, and I got a pale pink. That way it is less noticeable than if you got a bright blue one!!

The only reason it might hurt is if your teeth were trying to go back to their original positions (which they do, that is why a retainer is necessary!) and they might feel a bit sore, but other than that, its painless!

Still the Sweetest Girl Ever
I want to know too. Cause my braces hurt!

a retainer hurt? no , it wouldn't hurt. i have had one a couple of years ago and it didn't hurt. and mine was clear i think

Logan M
Hello, Ive had braces for 2 sets and now I have a retainer I am suppose to wear. I have a dark blue one. To be honest the first 2 days might make your teeth sore, but just ask your parents for a motrin or something. From after that you should be fine with no pain and you will hardly feel it.

Ok it hurts just a little the first few days and it is hard to eat and talk but then it is just normal. I got watermelon!

i have had 4 retainers i lost the last 3 lol but when i got my braces off i got a clear retainer like the invisalign ones. you will talk funny until you get used to it. my retainers never really hurt unless i hadnt worn them in a while. when i got my braces off and put in the retainer it was definitely not as bad as when i got the braces put on.

retainers will not hurt but will cause some discomfort for a little bit. Make sure you wear it as much as you can, if you miss a day or two and then put it in it will hurt.

On a side note you may attract some men as well. I personally like girls with retainers so dont be embarassed about it either

It doesn't hurt it just feels weird wearing and talking with it for about the first day then you get so used to it that you feel naked without it.
At least I do sometimes!

Cwisteeny Baby
it doesn't hurt as much as my braces did. just make sure you wear it often (i usually wore mine at night). this way your teeth doesn't reset and then the retainer will hurt.

i had a cheap non-colored one.

Lara E
It does hurt the first 2 or 3 days. Just take some ibuprofen or something and it won't hurt as much. Remember to take it out while you eat, and if you don't only eat soft food. Getting food in your retainer is nasty. :D Um....don't leave it on a tray or anything.....

I first got glow in the dark blue then I got purple. (Lol, I lost the first one.)

retainer??... hmm.. ask santa.. he has 7 of them or so... the most famous one is Rodolph Hitler... like the song.. Rodoloph the Hitler retainer... had a shiney nose...blah blah.. you know the rest :)

i got pink cause it blends in w/ my mouth. it only hurts when u have 2 turn the thing in it or take it out 4 a while. it takes a long time 2 get used 2. the worst part is the mouth mold. i was gagging.

well I have one now and they dont hurt but for the first couple of days it might hurt but it really depends what kind you get the metal or the plastic I have had both and the metal ones were the ones I was talkin bout up at the top so yeah

good luck

lady bug
it doesnt hurt its just annoying and hard to get use to because it will hold all your spit and youll catch yourself slurping alot of saliva up while your talking

Shadow Lark
it hurts when you put it back on after taking it off, but that's it. my is clear.

my friends all tell me retainers don't hurt, so don't worry about it =]
my friend got hers in rainbow...it's actually kind of neat XD

Trina G
clear duh!!! and ya it hurts the first couple days, make sure even if you dont wear it out in public you wear it at night or it will hurt hella bad because ur teeth will be moved so its gonna be tight. the only reason its tight is because they take ur braces off, mold ur retainer than u come back like 4 hours later and ur teeth have already moved!!!!! make sure u wear it or ur mess ur teeth up

I've got blue. The colour doesn't really matter unless you hold your mouth wide open, which is the only time you can see it, but I don't do that a lot.

The day I got it, when my braces were taken off was the worst. I have quite a small sensitive mouth and I felt like I was going to gag or throw up everytime my tongue touched it. After the first day it was fine. It won't hurt, but for the first few couple of days you will feel quite a bit of pressure.

The worst part was that for the first few days I had a lot of trouble talking I and sounded like I had a lisp. After about 3 weeks I got used to it and could talk properly. But I know people who have top and bottom retainers and after 6 months+ still can't talk properly, but it all depends on the individual. Don't worry - you will get used to it.

For the first 10 months I had to wear it all the time, then only at night after that and now I am currently wearing it only 5 nights a week. The worst part is that because I don't wear it all the time anymore my lisp has come back, but it doesn't matter, because I only wear it when I sleep now.

The most important part is that you wear it how the dentist instructs you which is usually all the time at first (except when you are eating for most people) no matter how uncomfortable it is. People that stop wearing their retainer for as little as a week to 2 weeks can sometimes find they can no longer fit it, so make sure you wear it!

Good luck - Don't worry they don't hurt at all!

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