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question about my braces?
when I got my braces but in the brackets were cutting my tongue...is that normal?

why is your tounge on your brackets?....there on the outside of your teeth your toungge is on the inside

Elias B
yes... it's metal inside your mouth... what did u expect?

ask your orthodontist to fix it, it should be cutting your tongue.

tell your orthodontist because that didnt happen to me and i have braces

umm... just use the wax they give you at the dentist and put it on your teeth. after awhile your mouth will get used to it and it wont hurt anymore.

No that is not normal at all I have had mine for 4 years and never hurt me and I am getting them off soon

annnniee <3 ( :
yeah that it to stop that ask you dentist for wax, itll stop it, and its not like candle wax its for braces . it helps out my friend alot!

is it the brackets or the wire bec if its the wire in the back they might have to trim it they had to do that for me

♥Skittles♥ :P
i feel your pain, use some wax

ya, it i would be very suprised if brackets didnt cut a persons tongue. your ortho should have given you wax, and you put a smidge on the inside of your bracket. if they didnt give you any, ask either your ortho or your dentist for some wax (or, used dried candle wax)

It had happened to me, too. The best idea is to use wax, but schedule an appointment soon, just so they can file it down, or whatever they have to do to fix it.

Yeah, put wax that they gave you on it and schedule an appointment to get it fix. If not fixed it can cause sores.

Jolly Rancher <3
yupppp... u must benew to the whole braces thing ahahaha... yea poking wires and brakets are normal and frequent :)

<3 jollllyyyy

that can happen sometimes. braces are a ***** to get in, and are very painfull for at least the first week and a half, consider smoothies for that amount of time. my brackets cut into my cheeks sometimes, one time it was really serious, and i was bleeding profusely. but it was ok

hiiiii der (:
put wax on it.
ask your ortho about it at your next appt.

same thing happens to me except it cuts my lip/gums. ask your dentist but i think it is normal

well for me it was..you get used to it..
but you should tell your dentist and see what he says

John G
Mine did the same thing. After a while the tongue gets used to it and stronger.

well uhhh yea its normal but the moving the tongue everywhere isn't.
you shouldn't be moving your tongue liike that at all.

yea mine did it at the beginning but it stopped eventually just use wax it helps

its normal mine used to cut mine but now rarely try using wax. In your next appointment ask them about it.

Susie Q
My braces irritated my tongue when I first got them on. not cuts, necessarily, but they sort of popped tasted buds or something. I put dental wax over brackets for a while and it has gotten much better! :)

yes it is very normal your orthodontist should have given you wax put that on your brackets it should help. if you dont have any wax buy it from a drug store.
- Future Dentist

No.... I have never heard about that before. My friend Anna has never talked about her braces cutting her tongue. I dunno... ask your doctor or petrician.

YES, when you first get them everything is going to be soar, but don't worry your mouth gets used to it after about 2 weeks.

pretty normal, It's the biggest bracket thing right, in the back?
when i first got braces it was irritating my mouth, just put wax on the place that's irritating you. they must have given you wax and showed you how to apply it :)

they shouldn't cut your tongue unless you are rubbing them or if you have braces on the inside of your teeth. you can put wax on them, and then they won't rub.

but not usually.

Loves it.
Yes, that's normal. Use the wax until you have your next appointment and have them check it out just in case there's something more serious going on.

yeah thats normal. when i got mine on it did this for a few days and hurt so bad! its just cuz its sore and inflamed but it should be better soon. until then hang in there and try using the wax they gave you.

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