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well getting braces in 3 days..=(..and really dont know what color to get...well im 13 dirty blonde hair ...blue green eyes..well if u got some asnwers plz let me know..thanks....

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 does anyone know how to stop or ease toothache its driving me mad.?

okay, invisalign or regular braces?
Okay, so my teeth are not badly crooked, but I want to get them anyway, because I want them to be perfectly straight. Do invisalign really work ?
Additional Details
Thank you everyone who replied. I will have an easier time choosing now :)

don't you think the prices for them are overrated ??? they don't worth that much !!!

They do work I have used them and my teeth are straight and by looking at your picture you should go with them because you are beautiful.

Carmen Lopez
for some people that have gotten invisalign they ended up getting braces as well for the fact it didn't work as well. i have braces and after a while you get used to it. yes it is a hassle but you have to look on the bright side. invisalign may also get dirty and and it can be seen right away.

braces. the next day invisalign makes you feel like a fat person sat on your face. but what ever you want its your choice =)

Braces because they are less expensive and you don't need them for long. They are aldo easier to get

Melissa N.
Just get braces. :)

your mom
braces. invisalign just hide real braces, but their more expensive. braces just hurt the first couple of says, then theyre just there.
get regular, because personally i think braces are attractive and alot of people do.

♥Night Glow♥
Invisalign takes longer, and is more expensive. You also need to remember to keep a clear retainer thing in. I would say go with the metal braces.

Bυттeяғlч Fanтaѕч
Well invisalign is more expensive and they do work if you go to the right orthodontist. Braces are better but only because it's quicker and more convenient.

A Zebra Striking
I had invisalign and now a retainer. I loved it and no one really noticed unless they were very familiar with it. It actually makes your teeth look whiter too. Then you can use them as trays to whiten your teeth. I am older so I didn't want to go with conventional braces. We have insurance so it covered a portion of it. I think it was worth the little extra money.
Edit: I don't think it takes any longer than regular braces and it does not hurt more. I am surprised that people are telling you to get regular braces. I do not agree. And you don't come back every 2 weeks. In fact, they give you so many weeks at a time. Of course, you need to discuss all this with your dentist. That is the best advice.

Yes. I had them and my teeth turned out very straight

When I get my braces off I'm getting invisalign as my retainer. But def go with braces I like color coordinating them with the month and event and I used to get blue all the time but now I get rainbow and tons of comments boost of confidence too c:. Braces take longer but the longer you wait the better. Invisalign is if you don't have major dental issues and my friend said her friend had it and it looked horrible on her since she had like rlly messed up teeth.

Yeah, my dentist recommended invisalign. BUT-I would just go with regular braces, if I were you. I know a couple of people who use invisalign, and I swear it always looks like they had spit sitting in front of their teeth. Idk, what it is...maybe the spit builds up in the thing you pop up into your teeth??? Anyways, basically my answer is---> regular braces ;)
Hope this helps...

Display Name
Get braces. One, i think they look cool.. and a ton of people have them. They work ALOT better, and its easier to clean. Plus its fun getting to pick the colors u want.

invisalign works, but braces are cheaper and will have a longer lasting effect at a quicker speed.

OK im just in TIME to help you first of all my mom is a dentist and she deos invisalign and wen you first get it your gonna be excited but wen you first put them on its gonna hurt but only for at least a week and braces takes a month to get used to and 2nd wen you eat u have to take them out but braces on the other hand you have peices of food stuck between your teeth and wen you brush so my mom aka dentist will approve this message and tell u to get invisalign
hope my advice works !(:

Volleyball girl(:

i think they work, but you might take them out a lot (since u will when u eat, brush teeth, etc.)...but braces are "stuck", so i guess the treatment is faster and/ or more effective?

and braces are stronger when it aligns your teeth, i think


Sammy g
Regular braces

well i had braces and then they gave me a retainer which was the invisalign and i had to wear the braces for a year and the retainer for a year.

Invisalign does work but does not work on horribly crooked teethe. But since yours are not that bad they will most likely work, However they are more expensive. Normal braces are fine, they don't ruin your smile or make you look ugly, Nor are they hard to clean it just takes a extra minute of your time to do it.

Invisilign aligners really do work. A woman that I work with has them and they're doing good for her.

I don't qualify for Invisilign because I'm going to be wired shut after jaw surgery, so I have to get stainless steel braces.

If your teeth are just out of alignment, Invisilign should work well for you.

Anna Dayries
well i know about invisalign but it depends on your teeth if you have bad teeth like crooked or gaped and are bad braces work better but if you only have little problems you should get invisalign so i think invisalign

Invisalign totally works, my dentist and dental assistant both have used it and their smiles are really nice now. I'm currently using it as well and even though it is only my first week I have started noticing some very small differences which is exciting. It only works if you wear it for 20-22 hours a day. My dentist said if it is closer to the 22 hours then it would be better. If you do not wear them for that long then your teeth will not move and it will be pointless. Your success really just depends on you. Sometimes your teeth won't move as planned so your dentist or ortho will have to take impressions again and get new trays sent out.

Invisalign is pricey, mine cost $5500 which is a lot more than normal braces. They also are not completely invisable like the ads say they are. You can see the attachments that are on your teeth and if your crooked teeth are in the front chances are those will be the ones that get the attachments (at least mine were). These attachments are tooth colored but they are pokey on your teeth so they can irratate your gums when you have the trays out. Also your teeth will appear shiney and if someone is really close to you they can see the spit bubbles.

Also if you do have some over crowding they will be hard to get off especially with the attachments. Once you get use to it then that is good but for the first few days it seriously took me like 45 mins to get them out! Now I'm down to 5 mins but that still wasn't what I was expecting. You don't just pop them off or take them out, they suction to your teeth so you have to pry them out. They also gave give you a lisp for a little while.

EDIT: To the person who said it makes you feel like a fat person sat on your face the next day.. it doesn't. I have had very minimal pain. My sister who had traditional braces was in much more pain then I was after getting her wire tightened. It is mostly just a dull pressure that goes away after about 15 mins after putting them in and the teeth that you are moving are a bit tender for obvious reasons.

Edit #2: You do not have to go to the ortho every 2 weeks to get molds, you do that all at the beginning and so they are already made. You go every 6 weeks to check your progress and get the next 6 weeks worth of trays.

Invisalign works! Get it!!

I had braces when i was 12 and i hated it.. Im 24 now and have had my invisalign for about 8months and is it ever worth it.. no one can tell and my teeth look awesome!!! its on the pricy side but soo worth it!!!

Danielle Selvais
Get invisalign. You will be happy you did in the end. Everyone I know that has regular braces always gets food stuck in them...its disgusting and no one ever tells them. Sometimes food even flies out of their braces. Which ever one you choose you might have pronunciation problems for the first week. You might have slight pain with both of them. Regular braces you need installed with wires and stuff and it puts pressure on your teeth. With invisalign you change your clear cover things every 2 weeks. it might slightly hurt to put the tighter ones on for like half a day so you should change them at night and in the morning it wont really hurt. You need to ask your dentist if you are a invisalign candidate. Not everyone is but you probably are. I have had braces before and when it was over i never wore my retainer and now i need braces again. I hated my braces. At first it made it hard to close my mouth because the metal sticks out and sometimes my lip got caught. I will probably get invisalign this time.

Here is the website of someone who has already had invisalign listing the pros and cons.

Yes invisalign works however its a bit more priceier than braces, and honestly braces are attractive, and once you get them off people will really notice your smile, but with invisalign its more subtle and bleck! People love braces, i know i love mine, i like to change my colors every month and get compliments on them, trust me go with braces you'll save money and you wont regret it.

hi rachel, i actually am an orthodontic assistant and it really depends on what the doctor reccomends. you may think your teeth are not too bad- but it is beyond how crooked they are, the orthodontist looks at your bite as well as major spaces. Sometimes- you may not even be a candidate for invisalign. Although, it is your call. I can say that there is an alternative to braces and invisalign and that is something called ceramic/elation brackets. They are clear and we can actually include a white wire so in pictures or in person braces are hardly noticeable. The comment made about regarding braces being dirty- is by far 100% false. If you brush 3 times per day, you teeth will be sparkly clean and gums will not be enflamed what so ever. If you have anymore questions please email me @ [email protected]!

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