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 I got braces yesterday and (no duh) they hurt...?
but it hurts when my lips touch them so i smile a lot so they don't touch. is there any other way to limit contact from lips to teeth for the first few days?...

 What's the best way to get a wiggly but stubborn tooth out?
I don't want any answers like "Go to the dentist". And it hurts too much to pull it out at once. So how can I gradually get it out?...

 I'm Getting Braces Soon!!!?
My first appointment is soon to the orthodontist:D Share with me your experience:D...

 How Long Will I Need Braces?
jules: Real mature...
Additional Details
michelle and Sunshine Kid: Okay... I can't exactly turn back time and I my orthodentist is shut on a S...

 I used the 7 day challenege of Crest White Strips. It's been 3 days now and I have big white spots!?
I'm really scared and I don't know what to do I just want my teeth to be white. Would anybody be able to help me out?...

 Why do dentists give you free toothbrushes? Are they better quality than what you'd buy at the store?

 Does getting braces hurt?
Well, i never had braces, but all my friends did in middle school! i wonder, does it hurt?...

 braces please answer????
how much do you have to pay to get the braces
and which color should i get them?
Additional Details
were do you guys get the braces at?...

 i'm having my wisdom teeth extracted and my bottom back teeth both sides at the same time.....?
has anyone had more than two teeth extracted at same time and did you have any problems afterwards?...

 when do u think i will get braces?
My teeth definitely need braces but i don't go to the dentist until after christmas. I was wondering, when do u think i will get braces? He hasn't recommended any orthos yet and he said ...

 how do i stop my toothache?
its severe pain!!
i juust want it to stop. just for a little so i can at least be able to sleep!
Additional Details
i tried taking pain reliever but it didnt work.. i tried the salt ...

 How do I tell a guy that im good friends w. that he has dirty teeth and needs to whiten them?

OK I had previously bitten a piece of my inner lip off. I didn't take out my veins or anything. But it's been about 2 days and a small clear bubble had like growed there. My brother said he ...

 How do I fix my breath!?
I brush my teeth 3 times a day + right before I go out with friends and I use mouth wash constantly! I just want to know if anyone of you have found any real good solutions for bad breath, it almost ...

 Do you think I should get braces?
I saw my dentist today, and she said it wasn't compulsory that I got braces. Shes given the option... should i get braces or not?...

 Is This Normal??!?
my wisdom teeth are coming through but I keep getting toothache on the bottom teeth next to them and a few of my otherr back teeh are really sensitive. I've had it for a few months now so is ...

 how to make teeth whiter?
my teeth are yellow... Are there anyways i can make them whiter, even just by a little bit. And please no smart remarks like "brush your teeth", my teeth are yellow from ...

 When do I have to brush my teeth with braces?
I know I have to brush them after:

but what about snacks through out he day?
for example: right now I really want to eat a Hershey Kiss<3...

 braces question......?
is there a certain kind of toothbrush and floss i should use with my braces?...

 How long to have braces on?
I need braces and I have a severe overbite and 1 crooked tooth, how long appx. do I probably need braces for??


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best way to whiten teeth?
ok so im 15 and i have yellowish teeth. its really ugly and i fkn hate it! i brush 2x a day and it doesnt get better. i cant afford to get it bleached or whitened at the dentist so want a good cheap w... Read More


Bleh B
Will I be able to go?
I'm getting my wisdom teeth out on Thursday. I have an event on Sunday. I've heard that you can be swollen and hurting for quite a few days to even a week. Will I be able to go to the eve... Read More


Could I have a cavity?
When I drink soda, my one tooth hurts really bed. It feels like poking something hard up into my tooth. But when I'm not eating/drinking anything, it feels fine. Could I have a cavity? I'm p... Read More


What would happen if you use Bleach Soft scrub for teeth whitening?
I was thinking last night and i wondered what would happened if i bleached my teeth with the soft scrub... Read More


April Wagner
i need some reasons about why kids SHOULD BE ABLE TO to chew gum during class?
... Read More


I accidentally hurt my gums while brushing and now they are swollen :( Help?
I accidentally scratched my gums with a new toothbrush, now my gums around my molars are swollen and in pain. Anyone have any good home remedies?? Oragel only lasts for a tiny while!! :-( Ouch.... Read More


What are the age restrictions on whitening teeth & what is the cost?
I would like to get it done professionally. The insurance I have will not pay for it. I'm 16.... Read More


**** F
when was the last time you brushed ur teeth?
... Read More


how do i become a dentist,how can i do it,am i making a good decision?
im thinking of becoming a dentist and im only 12 ive been thinking about my future and what im going 2 do about it i want to know how long i have to stay in college,how much they make,and if its fun,... Read More


I have a bump on my tongue.?
What's the problem? How do I get rid of it?

It's on my right side. It hurts when I eat.... Read More


i got a habbet of pushing my two frount teeth at night how can i stop the habbet?
i got a habbet of pushing my two frount teeth at night how can i stop the habbet... Read More


:) Rachel
Would the dentist notice if you were bulimic?
Like, for 7-8 months? Throwing up maybe 50 times in that time period?... Read More


How fast do braces work?
So Im getting braces this summer before I start school, and I have a gap inbetween my two front teeth. I noticed on one of my friends, her crocked teeth got fixed super quick with braces. All my other... Read More


how do you get rid of canker-sores?
i have a huge canker-sore and i need to get rid of it!!!!!

help me fast!!!!!!... Read More


What is the best way to get natural-looking, whiter teeth?
I've already tried whitening strips, and they didn't work...any simple, not-too-expensive ways to whiten teeth naturally? Thanks.... Read More


ShowMeYourCheesyJCpennySmile :D
how to not be afraid of the dentist!????!!!!?
i havent been to the dentist around 2 years. i am 13 years old and still afraid of the dentist. i dont know how to get over this phobia. everytime i sit in the waiting room of the dentist place i star... Read More


Fred F
i need help with my tooth?
I Was eating and them a part of it got chipped off,

it was a small piece and it didn't hurt or anything.

should i still eat with it? It was a back tooth, when should

i see my dent... Read More


How do I stop biting my lips?
I do it whenever I'm bored, worried, or doing homework and I have constant cuts on the inside of my mouth. Not fun. Also, how do I cure those cuts?... Read More


I keep on biting the sides of the inside of my mouth with my back 4 teeth. why is this happening?
when ever i chew or eat, i keep on biting the sides of the inside of my mouth with my back four teeth. A white coloured wound mark is left where ive bitten my mouth. I would like to know why this is h... Read More


Will the local anaesthetic work? (dental question)?
I have a gum boil next to one of my molars that needs to be extracted. But I'm scared to get it extracted,because I'm afraid the local anaesthetic will not work. Does anyone have experience ... Read More


cavity problem...molar?
I'm off to the dentist tomorrow my back molar on lower jaw has a big cavity in it im in agony it almost like the pain is travelling to my ear then my head and i'm up all night with it it may... Read More


dr deepika
Which Dental College is better for doing M.D.S.- Santosh or I.T.S. Dental College?
Which is a better option for doing M.D.S. in Ghaziabad - Santosh dental college or I.T.S. dental college in terms of faculty,opd (patient availability,infrastructure) ?... Read More


Teeth whitening new commerical...?
anyone know the namebrand of the stuff that you put on the toothpaste to make your teeth whiter? they just came out with the commerical and said it was a breakthrough anyone remember what its called?... Read More


What are spacers for you teeth?
... Read More


Mariah H
Whats the Difference Between Clear braces and Normal Braces ?
My mom wants me to get clear braces, but i think i want the normal braces. But before i go through and get the clear braces i need to know some stuff so i will put a list underneath all this !


What's the best toothpaste and/or mouth wash for healthier, whiter teeth?
I'd like a toothpaste and mouth wash to make teeth healthier and whiter!

Recommend stuff that REALLY works!

Please and thank you!!!... Read More


Invisalign braces?? Only for certain ppl? HELP!?
Are they only for adults or can teens get them too?? i read that they cost the same as regular braces and work just as well so can teens get them too?? I guess it depends on what your ortho. says?
... Read More


How to get rid of bad morning breath?
... Read More


I want to improve my mouth's hygiene, I have a few questions.....
I've basically ignored my mouth's hygiene. I'm 13, so hopefully it's not too late to start.

1. Apparently electric ones are far better than a traditional toothbrush. Is ... Read More


Bird N
can adults effectively use children's toothpaste?
bonus question: what is your favorite?... Read More

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