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 Should I use mouthwash after or before using dental floss?
Beofre or after? I have always done it after dental floss....
Which is correct? And why?...

 I've decided to perform a minor operation on myself to save money, would alcohol?
I need ideas what I can use for the pain while I operate on tooth.Is really buggin me and I can't sleep nor eat and I can't afford a dentist they cost like 3k.

Don't ...

 My teeth hurt from getting braces. Any suggestions on how to relieve the pain?

 Do braces hurt when you have them on?
I'm getting braces on in about an hour. I'm just wondering if it hurts and if it does what should I do?...

 sensitive teeth to hot and cold?
whats happening! i cant eat or drink anything without my teeth being in pain. i don't have a cavity, i brush and floss everyday, no injuries, no citrus.. what is going on?...

 what's a good remedy for toothache?
I have a bad toothache, and I'm waiting to hear back from the dentist. In the meantime, are there any good home remedies? I'm out of motrin and can't get any more until Wednesday, so I ...

 Tightening Braces, does it hurt?
The bands on my braces get change for the first time next month. It didn't hurt when they got put on, but I've heard it hurts when they get changed. Please give me some advice, and even ...

 I dont floss too much is this bad?
My gums are really sensitive and it's always been that way. My teeth are really close together every time I floss my gums bleed and they hurt afterward. I brush my teeth twice a day. And three ...

 Does it hurt the first day of getting braces?
After you get them, does it start to hurt right away?
And does it still hurt or be uncomfortable even when you eat soft food?...

 getting my braces off tomorrow..?
any tips? what will happen? how will my teeth feel after they're off? thanks :)...

 What hurts more spacers or getting braces?
I got my spacers in on thurs
i cant eat anything!!
are braces going to be as bad i get them on wens

and what kind should i get
i was thinking ceramic?...

 do whitening strips really work?
Do crest whitening strips really work?
Additional Details
Thank's guy's for all your answer's were helpful well most of them anyway ...

 My girlfriends breath really stinks.?
I don't know whats going on but my girlfriends breath really stinks. should I tell her or just let it go even tho is stink up the car every time she talks. when she wakes up next to me her ...

 How to whiten my teeth, with home products?
My teeth have started to look yellow at the bottom. I have lots of plaqe, but i used to not brush, but now i am begging to brush, so how can my teeth become white again!! by using home products ...

 Is this normal?
I am turning 13 in October and I think my wisdom teeth are coming in! I think it could be because my other teeth came in early, but it just feels weird saying my wisdom teeth are coming in. Anyways, I...

 Can you have braces for over 3 years?

 Getting your wisdom teeth out?
Okay...i have to get my wisdom teeth out soon.
i have to get all 4 of them out.
i chose to get put to sleep with an IV. : D

Is it going to hurt when i wake up?
What is the ...

 how braces will look on me?
my dentist said i need braces..does anyone know how i can like take a picture and the braces will be on my teeth? lol i kno its wierd but i wana kno how i look b4 i get them..any links or watever?.......

 braces off.....................................…
I am getting my braces off tomorrow any tips ??...

 How much do braces cost?

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Where can i find maxillofacial surgeon in mumbai?
I want to know about a well known maxillofacial surgeon and hospital in mumbai where jaw surgery is conducted.Thanks... Read More


My teeth hurt like CRAZY...!?
So about 3 days ago, I noticed my teeth starting to get sensitive. You know like when you drink something cold? Well, it only happens when I eat something solid. I'll get that sharp annoying pain... Read More


Helper Man
what is the best way to provent cavities?
i get so may cavities and i don't know why i brush my teeth twice a day floss and use mouth wash and have cut back allot on sugar and stopped with the hard CANDY . Tell the the best mouthwash, to... Read More


Does a retainer (for after braces) make the metal detectors at the airport go off?
I am leaving for canada in a few weeks and was wondering if I had to take out my retainer and put it in its case or can I keep it in when I go through the metal detector?... Read More


Question about ACT Total Care?
It's widely known that Crest ProHealth mouthwash causes your teeth to become stained supposedly because an an ingredient called "cetylpyridinium chloride". Have anyone use ACT Total Car... Read More


patrick star
what color braces should i get?
i'm getting braces next week and was wondering what color braces are good with someone with blondish-brown hair and greenish-blue eyes?... Read More


Why do tooth picks smell wierd?
Everytime i pick up a toothpick i cant help but smell it. i have something up with me that i have to smell everything i touch, and they smelll soo wierd, why?... Read More


Sam S
Can you undo a small cavity?
If you have, or think you have a small cavity, can you heal it by yourself, or does it require a filling?... Read More


What percent of people do not have to get their wisdom teeth pulled?
... Read More


white dot and redness around it on my gums?
i have a white dot on my gums, its been there for omost a week. There is alot of redness around it, it hurts to move my mouth around. and if im eating and a piece of food and it touches it, there is e... Read More


Linda Hamel
Four new solid porcelain crown are showing black along the gum line, what is it?
I recently got replacement crowns on my four upper teeth. They are all solid porcelain, but when I had the temporaries on there was black colored bacteria growing between my teeth and the temps. Pleas... Read More


Can braces mess your teeth up even further?
My teeth were nice, and not to be concieted, but very straight. I only had an extra tooth coming down in the side and it needed to be guided into the proer place as we extracted the baby tooth that wa... Read More


How can I find a dentist in northern Florida that accepts Medicaid?
I'm 15 and I need to go to the dentist badly. I haven't gone in years and I know I have several cavities because I can see them and feel them. My dad just recently got Medicaid for me. I wou... Read More


how long to wait to use crest whitestrips advanced seal again?
i used the package about two months ago and they did help but teeth still not white. it says on package to wait several months but how long is it that i can use them again?... Read More


is ok for dentist to remove dissolveable stiches lower gums after having lower teeth removed after four days?
had lower teeth remve 4 days ago is it ok for dentist to remove dissovelabe stiches after 4 days or should i let them dissolve themselves?... Read More


Can two ppl with braces really get stuck together?
i have always wondered this.....when two ppl with braces kiss can u get stuck together???... Read More


Easy 10 Points? BRACES?
I'm getting braces soon, But I was just wondering which color should I get and which color should I not get?

I'm getting the metal one. I was thinkin silver or light blue or clear... Read More


Why do I have horrible taste in my mouth from toothpaste?
It doesn't even taste like toothpaste I'm using, but I notice taste after brushing. It has lasted a couple days after I got a new toothpaste. It's like a I can taste the flavor in the i... Read More


what color should i get for my braces?!?
i want to do maroon and white but im scared about the white. will it get really nasty? also what other color ideas do you have? like seriously please list every color combo youve ever had that looked ... Read More


anyone who has or had lingual braces?
does it hurt alot? i really want these, how long do you have a lisp for? just questions im wondering about, do you eventually get used to the feel of them on your tongue?... Read More


Two-part question: 1. Chipped molar: what will be done? 2. Price: how much am I looking at here?

Okay, the tooth is specifically the "first molar, upper teeth."

I had a root ... Read More


i suddenly have a very bitter / sour taste in my mouth.?
never suffered from the affect before.

the taste of water especially is disgustingly sour.

have you had these symptoms.

whats the cause?... Read More


Why do people hate braces?
Because i would LOVE to have braces, i think they look cool. I have straight teeth for the most part, cept two crooked teeth at the bottom.

But braces look reaaally cool(:... Read More


alison c
Wisdom Teeth appointment?
I got refered to have my wisdom teeth out in hospital. I got my appointment through for wednesday. what will actually happen at this appointment? Will they take my teeth out there and then?... Read More


what is the next step after you get ur teeth molded for braces?
... Read More


is there anyway to get straight teeth besides braces?
... Read More


can i use 6% hydrogen peroxide to whiten my teeth...? or is it dangerous?
i picked some up from my work today (hairdressers) because i heard it does wonders for whitening your teeth! i decided to pick up the 6% bottle rather than the 9% because it sounds less harsh on my gu... Read More


How can I get healthier and whiter teeth?
Okay I know brush,floss,mouth wash...

alright I love pepsi and I hate water

I know for a fact Pepsi = death too the teeth

and same for about every other drink aside from water.

I w... Read More


How to be an Oral Surgeon?
I am really interested in becoming an oral surgeon as I find that stuff interesting (weird I know)

I have few questions if you don't mind answering:

1. What are the educatio... Read More


i have a gap between my teeth so how can i make smile pretty?
my parents dont have alot of money to get me braces. i have a gap between myteeth and i hate it! i hate smiling and its hard to look good like picking cute clothes out then smiling after that. how do ... Read More

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