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 im getting four of my wisdom tooth pulled out. will it hurt?
All four of them are impacted. :(...

 Wisdom teeth coming through. What age did yours start to come through?
I'm 16 and a few months ago I noticed a sore bit in the top corner of my gum and showed my dad who's a doctor and he said it could be my wisdom teeth coming through. So a month later, he ...

 im getting braces tommorow and im sort of nervous?
my two front teeth are really really bad!!!! but all my other teeth are perfect. im happy that im finally getting them because people would pick on me sometimes about my buck teeth. i hope they dont ...

 does getting your teeth out hurt im really scare :?
im having my tooth out this week and im wondering weather it hurts im really scared but i know i have to have it outt . does the needle hurt :S????...

 help! i think i just broke my braces!?
Ok i think i just broke the bracket of my braces! is it fixable and yes it is still attached! please help me!!!!!!!...

 Ways to stop bad breath?
I have been having problems with bad breath. I didn't for a while and now, since I got my wisdom teeth out about 2 weeks ago, I have been having it. I brush my teeth, gums, tongue, and also use ...

 Brushing teeth??
Ok i know this is going to sound like a completley wierd answer but is it right.
Ok ive been wondering for quite a while now wether or not it is right for you to brush your teeth aftetr you have ...

 can you get your teeth fixed with someone elses credit card?
I had a friend who said she got her teeth fixed with someone elses credit card. Is it posible?...

 Will people tease me about my braces...?
I am getting my braces in 6 weeks and I was wondering if people would tease me....? If you have had any experience with braces that you think might help me could you please let me know. I am just ...

 Why Is A TOOTHbrush Called A TOOTHbrush If We Use It To Brush Our TEETH?
Shouldn't it be called a teethbrush?...

 Does It hurt when you get fillings on your teeth?
what do they do?...

 how to make it so you need braces no crappy answers?
i want braces everyone in my class has them my dentest said i need ...

 Are Braces worth the time,pain,and money?
I haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatttte Braces!!!!!! The are so annoying. I have do have headgear too :(.
Would I be able to quit and get some sort of money back?
Additional Details
I also have ...

 What's a crown and lots of other questions!!!?
I had to go to the dentist this morning because suddenly the tooth that was occasionally painful got REALLY painful all the time last night and I was up all night with toothache.......it was horrible!...

 how do u get rid of a toothache that i don't have to see a dentist for?

 How come animals don't clean their teeth?
it's amazing how thir teeth don't fll out.. why not??...

 Help with Braces Please!?
Im getting braces soon and wanted to know a few things. Do they hurt to get them on??? Can it hurt to brush your teeth??? I would love to know the answers thanks!!!...

 braces help??????????????????
ok right now it's august. i want to get braces in september
do i need to do a cleaning at the regular dentist before i get my braces on because the next time will be december

or ...

 I have heard Listerine can be bad for your teeth...true?

 What- if any- problems have you had with wisdom teeth?
What age did your wisdom teeth begin to erupt? Did you have any problems with them? And did anyone feel like their gums were itching?
Mine have been erupting for about 7 months now (and still ...

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cost of 2 crowns in california?

Additional Details
i'm 29. 2 of my baby teeth never fell so now the doctor has to extract them n do bridge. my insurance is paying for the extraction but not for the bridge. my dent... Read More


Ess row
Whats the best toothbrush I can buy that brushes like a firm and feels like a soft..

i have braces and very sensitive gums.

i know, life IS hard.

:S... Read More


Has anyone gone to a dental school for braces?
I've gotten an estimate for close to $5,000.00 for my son's braces which he will need next year. I have dental insurance but unfortunately they don't cover braces because it's cos... Read More


How long is the recovery time for impacted wisdom teeth removal?
Well.. one is partially impacted, and the other is still fully impacted.

I know I'd need to take a few days off of work, but I can't really take more than 4 days anytime in the ne... Read More


Is it stupid to use crest white strips even though a person smokes?
My friend wants to use crest white strips or whatever to white her teeth but is it redundant for her to do so when she smokes cigarettes? Would it still work or would it just be a waste of money?

... Read More


Mayday FAN
Teeth help! retainers?
I got my braces taken off in February of 2008. I have been wearing my retainers up until February/March of 2009. I haven't worn them since then. Now it is mid-July and I am starting to wear them ... Read More


Help with swollen gums?
Okay, so this is embarrassing but I never floss. I have always said "Oh who cares what's the worst that could happen?" But, now, I know. My gums are swollen and they hurt sooo bad! I st... Read More


What is the cure for dark gums?
A couple years back I fell and injured a small, but apparent blotch of gum, it turned dark pink and after I put braces and got a slight gum infection I developed a dark purple blotch of gum where I fe... Read More


Why did my brace turn yellow?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
So, I just got my braces colors changed and I got red and white. Well, at like ten this morning, i saw that my white turned yellow!! I didn't eat anything yellow, I'm positive, so what could... Read More


~~Katie Anderson~~
Wearing double elastics?
Okay, so I have braces, and currently my dentist is making me wear those elastics that try to correct your overbite. I really want to speed up the process, so what would happen if I wore two of these ... Read More


My tooth is really loose and i can't seem to be able to pull it out what should i do??????????????????????
i hurts real bad... Read More


feel like gum scratching...is this a sign of tooth decay?
i sometimes feel like scratching at a particular place, between two molars, up there and i sometimes use a toothpick coz the feeling is intense, i scratch and eventually bleed. no toothache yet, but t... Read More


Why are you afraid of going to the dentist?
Does anyone have a fear of going to the dentist?

Why are you afraid?... Read More


I have a space between my 2 front teeth I want to correct without wearing braces. Is that possible?
I have a small space between my 2 front teeth that I would like to have closed up. I don't want to wear braces though. Is there a way to do this? Maybe I could get a retainer. Any suggestions... Read More


pregnant and have the worst tooth ache.?
im 2month's pregnant and i have the worst tooth ache ever... what should i do? any home remedies...... Read More


Surgery to straighten teeth?
i only have one tooth that is crooked is it better to get surgery or braces i wouldnt want to get braces just for one tooth but the bad thing is its my font left tooth... Read More


23 Cavities 3 Root Canals? HELP!!!?
ok so i went to the dentist about 2 years ago and had 3 cavities filled...then a year later (last year) i went to another dentist for a check up...everything was fine. i went to the dentist today and ... Read More


What is the acceptable number of dental xrays a person could have per year?
... Read More


Cuppy Cake <3
How many times a day do you brush your teeth?
I do it when i wake up, and before i sleep...is that bad?... Read More


does getting a cavity hurt?
I have like 3 cavities and need a filing since I have deep groves. Will it hurt me to get this done?I know they are going to numb me, but that's what im most scared about. i hate being numb!!
... Read More


i just got BRACES yesterday!? HELP!?
my teeth hurt whenever i move my mouth, bite softly, and other things that involve moving my mouth!

i just wanna know when will this end! i just got them yesterday, so its the 2nd day, will... Read More


some guy
What is the significance in this?
Why do some dental products in America, including mouthwash and toothpaste, show the little ADA (American Dental Association)logo on the front of some of their products and not on others? Is this real... Read More


what is my wisdom teeth surgery going to be like?
im getting all 4 removed. Give me details about before and after the surgery. Thanks!... Read More


Question about Dental retainer?
Is it safe to wear during pregnancy? I try my hardest to keep it clean, but I'm unsure of how clean it is since I don't have a retainer for it. I brush it every night, but I feel like that w... Read More


will my orthodontist know that I purge?
I've been throwing up for about 6 months the first 2 months I done it about 6-7 times a day and for the last 4 months for about 2-3 times a day? If he does notice anything, will he say anything a... Read More


Is it true that teeth never stop moving?
And is it also true that you can move them yourself by applying pressure to them in a certain direction say for a few hours a day, everyday, wouldn't they move over time?

Isn't t... Read More


Whats the name ????
do you have big teeth ?

Additional Details
my teeth are UGGGEEE... Read More


what color should my next braces be?
Right now i have red and i cant get black, dont ask, and my avatar is prety much what i look like exept my hair kinda shimmers a light brown when the light reflects off of it.... Read More


^!![)!3[_<3s [_(_)[)( )!!^
Is it ok to chew gum with my retainers in?
I have the clear retainers on my bottom and top teeth and sometimes i chew gum with them in but will that crack them?... Read More


should i have been given antibiotics after my tooth was pulled?
about a year ago i was eating and a filling came out. not having money or a dentist i didn't do anything about it. it did start to decay. about a week ago i had really bad pain coming from my too... Read More

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