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Julisa L
is it true that people can die from not brushing their teeth everyday?
yes i brush my teeth everyday but my friend said she had an uncle who died from it so i wanna know f its true!

no but your teeth will rot and get nasty

LOL! No. That's BS.

in rare cases,yes because it can lead to cavity,tooth loss,gingivitis and peridontivitis

people don't die from not brushing they die from sicknesses you get from not brushing. it's not like you would die if you didn't brush your teeth before bed. you could probably go a week without even getting brown stains.

Its true, but I'm amazed that more people think its a crock

Poor dental hygeine actually correlates highly with poor outcomes in a wide number of medical conditions. Not to mention that it can cause infections which directly cause death.

Poor oral hygiene not only includes those who never brush their teeth, but those who simply do a poor job of caring for the teeth and gums (in other words, don't floss, or put off treatment for gum disease, cavities, etc)

Cavemen didnt have teethbrushes....

Taste the rainbow.
No, I highly doubt it. You can die from getting gingivitis which is prevented by brushing your teeth and gums. Also a few more diseases develop from not brushing your teeth, but there are more symptoms and causes for it, I would not worry. Maybe if you didn't brush them for like 5 years, not even once. Still, I doubt it. Good luck!

talk talk
I think so, if not from the rotting, the smell overtime can certainly kill someone.

Yes. Poor dental hygiene causes gum disease which can lead to inflammation of the heart. You can also develop abscesses that can lead to fatal brain infections. ( Not to mention no one wants to be around you!)

Jeffrey H
Yes mouth and teeth care is directly attributed to gum disease which lead to infections and then the internal organs suffer from fighting these infections the food we eat rots inthe mouth and the bacteria in food naturally decays there with wet and warm in the mouth is a ripe place for these harmful bacteria to live so they are the culprit for foul breathe and disease these cronic not cleaned out by good tooth care and washing out after each meal will help these bacteria have on the biggy the heart thats how the blood carries these harmful bacteria that get killled in the body when they stay in the digestive tract by the acids of digestion but if they make it through to the blood the heart is the direct point that gets the problem these intruders are attacked by placks and can cause clots to form in the veins thus a heart attack once they dislodge and go flowing through the heart, most dont know teeth and gums bring the bulk of the bad intack bacteria into the body the organs like the kidney and the liver remove these intruders but if you get a cut or a break in the stomach like a ulcer specially a bleeding ulcer these bacteria can be drawn directly into the blood stream and in the bowels for the food we eat can make small laserations to the internal stomache and the bowels which the bacteria of the digestive track can gain access to the blood stream and
so yes infections are the leading cause of death and illness in the body and the mouth is integrill to the direct health of the heart and organs that rid the body of these bad harmful surface bacteria and
viruses they are on counters and cutting board tops in the air and on the floors specially that five minute rule is directly associated
to that rule allort of people eat off floors where they walked out on the streets where dogs and people go dogs use the streets as there
bathroom and people spit onthe ground we walk with our shoes on the same streets and then onto our floors thus dont eat anything off the floor five seconds or no.
dont eat off the the germs from the floor shoes bare dog bowel germs
and direct spitting can be a toxic mix of germs on your shoes. So no your floor npo matter how much you clean cannot account for cleanliness to be able to eat off them literally. yucko
Im no germaphobe im just prudent in knowing my moms dental health care since she lost her tetth due to being to poor to buy the tooth care products lost her teeth early in life to gum disease which lead to her heart trouble for if your unable to digest or chew your food your digestion suffers and your bad gums lead to infections of the jaw and the teeth sockets get infectted thus yes your mouth and gum disease and direct teeth care can lead to to dieing from rotten decayed gum disease and the heart is directly affected since these infections are blood born and are moved through the blood flow to the heart which
without the heart your body stops working. but with it its prone to the infections and the body immune responses to these infections
which lead to blood clots which lead to heart failure these clot dislodge and can when they reach the heart stream block the hearts pumping blood the clot then kills the patient cause there are few drano fixes for a live patient cause the heart flow is one wqy most times and it cannot
always accommodate the size of these plack clots which when blood stops flowing to the brain causes brain to die from lack of oxygen
and when the heart stops getting air its called a heart attack.
Check the heart disease portion online for the JAMA or AHA american heart association ADA american doctor association on heart disease and heart care. its states that tooth care is directly attributed to heart and good body overall health thus moms urging to brush your tetth and floss.
rinse the gums for full oral health. dont eat off the floors those time tested truths.
what you eat is who you are if you intake bad germs and bacteria and let food decay all over your gums and teeth your gonna suffer heart and lung and organ failures sooner or latter.

The dental field is questioning the formation of tartar and bacteria in regard to diabetes and heart trouble. Which came first the disease or the tartar?

die of loneliness hahahahahahahaha

Yes because if you contract an infection, being that your mouth is in your head the plaque and bacteria are already in a dangerous place and cause serious illness'.

If your teeth rot you can develop sepsis (blood poisoning) and die. Rare, but it happens.

Yes. If you do not take care of your teeth and have overall good oral hygiene you can get absesses and if an absess goes untreated it can turn into cellulitis and you could die from cellulitis. So moral of the story is...TAKE CARE OF YOUR TEETH!

living the dream
You should ask your dentist

I doubt it, but i guess if u never do... might develop gingivitis maby that's the cause?

Not true.
Unless of course you NEVER brush and get some sort of infection, then theres a possibility. But skipping brushing for a while will not cause death.


no thats true at all..its verry nasty but u can not die...ur teeth can rot and fall out or turn brown but can not die....

he he he
nobody dies before his day

Sonny H
only if they keep swallowing their tooth brushes--!!!

Gum disease does have a huge effect on the heart, so it is very important that you take care of your teeth.

Your teeth can harbor bacteria...some people Stay sick for long periods of time for poor hygiene practices.

Todd A
Yes it could happen if they got bad enough and allowed bacteria to be sent into the heart.

Carrie Green
yes you can develop various number of dental diseases that can cause severe health problems.

Titus Crustalcious
yeah thats very true, over night u created bacteria in your mouth, if u swallow it is bad for ur heart, ur shortenin your life it is not an instant death tho,

It can lead to health problems that i guess if you didn't get treated you could die

If you are in the habit of not brushing your teeth bacteria will build up in your mouth, and over time it will be one of the contributing factors that shortens your life span, that's what your friend meant.

The Fitz
After like alot of years of not brushing you can get a cavatie and get sepsis which is an infection in the bloodstream, and it can go to your heart

Yes one could. Unclean teeth and gums fester bacteria that could spread to the heart or even other parts of the body.

that is true, also i learned is that you floss everyday you can live for longer.

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