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in 45 minutes im getting braces?
well im 14,
and in 45 minutes iom getting braces :(
can anyone give me some tips for what to expect, stuff for the pain, etc?
im really scared.
Additional Details
+i live in australia, and my appointment was at 10 am,

it hurts a lot

expect food stuck in your braces when you eat
expect some soreness
expect the inside of your mouth to get cut a bit by the brackets
and your mouth looks bigger cause the braces
its not that bad
i got retainer, braces, and headgear all at the same time
and when your done you'll have an amazing smile and perfect teeth


They hurt like **** about an hour after u get them on and will continue to hurt for a couple of weeks. After that they stop hurting and only hurt a little when you get them tightened. Also stuff gets stuck in them like crazy. The procedure itself is fairly simple, they just glue a bunch of metal disks on your teeth then string a wire through them. Make sure they cut the wire at the ends or it will poke into your gums and drive you nuts. Finally they break all the time and it usually hurts when they do.

At first they feel reallllyyyy tight:/
also you have to eat soft foods for about 3 days. it might hurt to eat a little bit too:/
but its not that bad

I would say that it definitely hurts when you get them on and for the first few days as well. But the pain really isn't that bad. It doesn't take too long and it will definitely not be the type of pain you remember for the rest of your life, it doesn't hurt as bad as getting your ears pierced. Just be relaxed and it will be fine. And the great thing is you can tell your parents your teeth hurt and get lots of smoothies :). Good luck!

well i just recently got them too so i remember the experience well.
Definetely take tylenol/ advil before you go!
it doesnt hurt until the next day, so def. take lots of advil!!
at the ortho, they willl put a really uncomfortable thing in your mouth when they put on the brackets. it basically stretches your mouth so and they put a little clip type suction thing on your tongue to keep saliva from getting on your teeth.
they will probably polish your teeth before they put them on as well.
and it feels really different having them on.
Also, definetely use your wax because your braces will cut your mouth before your cheeks adjust to them!
Thats aobut it!
anymore question or anythign and you can definetely email me!
Just add me on here and then you will see my email!(:

also, i would like to add that at first it feels REALLY weird to eat with them at first! and you WILL get food stuck in them, but dont stress about it, you get used to being able to get the food out without even your fingers!

Dont stress about it(:

Casanna B
Well i am 14 too..
and i got my braces when i was12.. and i am getting them off this christmas.. But other than that just take advil.. but it still might hurt..
you also might not be able to eat very much other that pudding..
i hope i was helpful..

** Girls just wanna have fun**
dont be scared... they dont hurt. take some tylenol or something like that before you get them and make sure you wear the wax stuff they give you one you get a canker sore from them

i would try not to use the wax unless it hurts super bad so that your mouth can form calicus

Deleted account
I got braces about 2 weeks ago.
The pain for me from 1-10 went to about 8.
1 being little pain or none at all.
At Wal-mart you can find a lot of stuff for pain.
get Teething tablets for babies and Advil or Ibuprofen.
get mouthwash and at least 3 toothbrushes.
they will give you toothbrushes and small brush cleaners.
they will probably make you watch a movie about it.
Also stock up on mushy and soft foods.




mac n cheese

spaghetti and meatballs


Tootsie rolls

pizza crust

hard tacos


diet soda

Make sure you brush your teeth after EVERY meal.

tylenol- idk how spell) for pain, i had them. uh they don't hurt until they tighten them witch wont be for 2 weeks or so. good luck... NO GUM!!

well im 14 too. and i got my braces two weeks ago. lol well............ its not really hurting, more of soreness. just to make sure, take advil because the soreness will be for a couple of days. mine was for 4 days.

ps: enjoy some good food now because you won't be able to eat them for at least a week. i mean anything you chew on, you will able to eat. you could only chew on your back teeth. and again, anything that you can't chew on like: ice cream, water, macaroni and cheese.

good luck! and don't worry, you get used to it

You will get a shot and put something sticky on your teeth. take advil after u get your braces eat soft foods too

take advil before you go to the orthodontist
for the first 3 days or so you will want to eat softer foods
and expect some pain everything you go to have them tightened

ive had braces 2 times. at first when u get them it just feels tight and weird but a few hours later it hurts A LOT. my teeth hurt for 2 weeks and i could barely eat a banana but most ppl say it only hurts about a week im just weird i guess. i think braces r better than retainers. also wear lots of wax cuz the first month or so they tend to cut ur mout...ouch. but after that u barely feel them it just gets annoying when food gets stuck in there haha

my thoughts you can't decode
ok, well i had them in the past. i got them off 2 years ago. i had to use tylonal for a few days then it started getting better. don't eat much beside jello and stuff the first few days. use like tylonal PM to knock you out at night, so u don't have to suffer! and they say that you can't chew gum and blah blah blah. its all a big LIE! i have chewed gum while in braces, and it does nothing! and once you are used to them, u don't even remember them.

Hey it hurts for the first three days eat soup and soft food. After that its normal. Everyday morning and night you should brush your teeth. I was scared when I got braces but it doesn't really hurt. Good Luck

Sticky Sweet
Expect pain for a few days after you get them and after every time you leave the Orthodontist's office from now until you get them off. Food is going to get stuck in them everyday. Carry a toothbrush in your purse. And you know that list of food that you can't have now? Well, follow the list. Don't eat what you shouldn't. I hated mine, very badly, but I don't regret getting them. I am 26 now and my teeth are perfect!

my friends who have braces say that it doesnt hurt and if it does you get used to it, plus they said its not really pain it's just super sore so just get pain reliever and it'll be fine (= good luck with your braces!!

in 45 mins? Its 9:20 pm(East coast), 6:20pm(west coast) so how in the hell r u gettin braces this late

It's gonna be painful, but remember, once they're off, you're going to have a beautiful smile. :]

when I got my braces on it didnt hurt and it ushally dosn't hurt when you get them on only if they get tightened take advil and eat soft foods for the first couple of days. but the good news is that your on your way to a beautiful smile! :)

Dont worry, when you get them put on it doesnt hurt, you just feel alot of pressure on your teeth. But then..after youve had them like ten minutes it hurts like crazzzy for the next few days.
Dont be scared though, tons of people get them put on everyday, youll be fine.

The pain doesn't kick in for about 1/2 hour so take the opportunity to eat some thing!
it will kill for a while but painkillers usually work. yes, it does hurt the first few times it gets tightened but after a while you barely notice them.. it is no way as bad as people try to make it out to be!
good luck!

They aren't too bad. Though they may seem so at first.
When your teeth strengthen to adapt to them (which could take a while), it feels like they aren't there.

And...not that I should be telling you this, but it actually serves as an enamel protecter. And so, if you have weak teeth, like me, you're suddenly free to eat all kinds of sugary things that used to make the ol' chompers sting!

My sister only got hers on a week ago today and she said the most painful thing was spacers before hand as she needed teeth removed, as for the braces they aren't painful at all. Make sure you buy up on the wax they offer you so you don't get cuts or anything or your lip and also buy the gel to stop mouth ulcers. As for soft foods my sister for the first 2 days ate porridge,omelettes and jelly but anything soft you could eat. Just remember to clean them properly afterwards =)

Once my orthodontist did a lame tightening job and left the wires too long. They really scratched up my lips, so I took wire cutters and cut them down myself. BIG difference! No wonder the wax wasn't helping. When your appointment is over, check the wires to make sure nothing is scratching you or cutting you.

Get lots of wax. Take advil. It only hurts at first, then you're fine. Not as bad as I thought. Good luck!

Don't be nervous. Don't eat before you get them on. Eat things like yogurt, and soup after you get them on. Your teeth will be very delicate.

Doir B
goodluck! eat soft ice cream, it will ease the pain.

um...at 9 at night????wow- that is a little shady to me

All I Ever Wanted Is You
Good luck! I got mine when I was in 8th grade, and had an expander first...that was the most painful thing EVER and the key used to open it up more was my worst enemy for months!
The braces themself are a pain in the ars, but I am very glad that I had them. My smile is beautiful now! In fact I just celebrated the one year anniversary of getting them off on my birthday this past July 18th. Yeah they took them off on my 15th birthday, it was an extremely happy day for me! Lol
I would take a pain killer before you go in, and plan on eating soft foods like Jello, Pudding, Ice Cream, stuff like that for a few days.
And once you get used to the pain, they change your wire, or give you rubber bands!!
Everything takes a while to adjust to, but just remember it is totaly worth the pain in the end!
Dont forget to smile and get pretty colors, dont be ashamed of the braces, it is an investment in your future!!!! My sister never had any pretty colors, she got silver everytime...it was ugly. But I was always changing them.
Good luck

Oh and how could i forget? The most important thing is wax! The inside of your cheeks and mouth will be cut up from the braces so putting wax on the sharp parts really helps. And so does rinsing with warm salt water mixture, it tastes so bad, but works very well!

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