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 Cheek/lip chewing - how to stop?
I have done this since I was little, it's a constant thing that I do. It feels like I spend more time chewing than not chewing.
When I realise I'm doing it I try to tell myself to stop ...

 I am 13 and want to use whitening strips but my parents say I'm to young. What do you think?
Thanks! :)...

 Is getting braces scary? Do they hurt? Please answer?
Okay, I might be getting braces. Do they hurt? Please NO rude commets. I'm 11. I don't think am getting rubber bands... Umm please don't worry me anymore, I am already really scared ...

 how old is too old to get braces?
im going into highschool next year and i feel im past the age of braces. i would have gotten them in the 6th and 7th grade if my mom would have been able to afford them. so my teeth have a pretty ...

 Is it painful to get braces removed?
I am getting my braces removed tomorrow morning after 2 1/2 years of wearing them (yay!!). I'm really excited and happy, but I was just wondering if it's painful to have your braces removed....

 Help!! Braces,,,,,TOMORROWW!?
Im getting braces tomorrow and TOTALLY freaked out!! What should I eat after? Should I take advil before I go? Do you think orange and blue would be good colors!? (GO BRONCOS!! YES IM A G...

 What do you think when you see people who have braces?
i have to wear those 'train track' brace things, and no one seems to notice them, but im still really paranoid about everyones opinions (dont tell me 'it doesnt matter what other ...

 what color rubberbnds (for braces) should i get?
i will have them before school starts.
and i was think of light and dark green.
because i am a going to wear a light and dark green shirt.
the first day of school.
with blue jeans....

Additional Details
*cry* Some of you guys ...

 Do teeth braces hurt?
Hi im getting spacers in May and im freaked out.
And my friend said that you dont always need spacers is that true and how do i know if i need them or not?...

 Do braces hurt, tell the truth! ?
Do they, i'm getting them?!...

 I'm having problems remembering to brush my teeth. Help.?
I get in a hurry sometime and forget. I just rush right out. H...

 can the dentist tell if you smoke ?
im 16 please no haters on the smoking group. ...
and i don't smoke that much maybe like a pack every week or soo, but today i had three smokes in one day and i go the dentist tomorrow

 do my teeth NEED braces or will i be okay? check them out and let me know?
i use to have HUGE GAP but as i got older the gap got smaller so here ya go

 Do retainers hurt?
I'm getting my braces of soon and I'm getting a removable retainer on top and one gued down to the bottom. Anyway back to the question, do retainers hurt as much as braces?...

 How to straighten my teeth with out dental work?
I have buck teeth not horrible but enough to aggravate me. How can I fix them with out any dental work needed?
Please Answer! I really need help!
Additional Details<...

 I just got my braces on today and they HURT!!!?
i got them on a few hours ago and they hurt so badly and i can't eat.I got the Damon System which aren't supposed to hurt as much.

So i guess what i'm asking is..Does it ...

 what happens if I dont use my retainer?

 Yikes! Will it hurt?
does it hurt to get teeth pulled out? Only answer if you have this experience. And if it hurts, what is the anesthetics for? I'm a bit nervous, so if u have ways to overcome fear, help!!...

 in 45 minutes im getting braces?
well im 14,
and in 45 minutes iom getting braces :(
can anyone give me some tips for what to expect, stuff for the pain, etc?
im really scared.
Additional Details
+i live ...

im 14 , should i get braces ?
its a month before hs & im scared , pressure . should i just wait a little longer ? will it be really ugly ? unattractive ?
aaaah help >.<
Additional Details
actually im 13 , septemeber . but almost fourteen so yeah ;D

♫ Music is Life ♫
it only really matters if you need them or not.
if you need them get them

lol getting braces now instead of when your in college is way better..

asian babe
if u really need it nd u hav the money for it yeahh u should the sooner the better!ur teeth would be better lookin after u wear it

if your dentist says you need them, get them...dont worry about hs no one will care and afterwards your teeth will look wonderful!

Yes it might not be the best thing in the world but it will pay of when your older and have nice straight teeth which will make you look awesome!

if your teeth are not straight, then yes

[email protected] <3
i think you should just get them over wit. i hav braces right now and im 15. just mak sure u get the right colors and ull b fine. you could also get the clear braces

♥♫Love music♥♫
well if you dont get them now your going to have them later and the sooner the better because i dont think you want to graduate high school with braces or something like that.

i am thirteen and i have them it will not hurt that bad an if they are unattractive than you should get them know rather than later

Braces can look quite cute.
The results will definitely be worth it!
Don't wait longer, it's best to have them early. It's best because they make you look young (well, about 14) and also because your teeth are less movable later on.

If your teeth are crooked and you desperately need braces, get them. No worries, people barely notice braces in high school. Another alternative is invisaline which they now make for teens too.

look, yes they are unattractive but (without sounding like a bi*ch), you kinda just have to get over yourself and have them. They are really worth it and you feel amazing after you have them taken off and they really do work wonders for your teeth.

It is better to have them now when you are younger, then be foreced to have them when you are, say 19? Then you would feel a right idiot. Trust me they are worth getting in the end.

If you need them and your family can afford them, then by all means, yes, get them.

* Such a Diamond!*
I have braces, yes it will hurt for the first few weeks, but take motrin(sp). They are going to put spaces in your back teeth to make room for the braces, that will hurt the most. I get guys a lot, so it won't be unattractive. Get a color on them that looks good on you.

well it depends if you need them. go to an orthadontist and they can give you some answers. but if you do need braces the sooner you get them the better. you really should get braces in late elementary school or early middle.

If your dentist says you need them, do it sooner rather than later. I waited until end of my sophomore year to get mine on and I had them in all of my senior pictures/activities. It's not going to be ugly or unattractive. It's still going to be you, and a lot of your classmates will be going through the process, too. Just rock them and get it all over with.

SurferChick ♥
If your teeth aren't the way they are supposed to be, yes. Get them sooner. But your dentist should give you the okay. Just ask them about it. Braces look cute on some people, and I'm sure you're one of them!

Chez Moi
I got my braces when I was 14 - one month before high school started, too. I got them off a little into my junior year. Don't worry about it! You should get them (especially if you really need them - it's so worth it once you get them off! Especially in high school. Since people aren't used to seeing you like that when you get them off, they'll be like "Aw! You look so good!" Mwahaha.) Plus, there will be tons of other high schoolers (even seniors!) with braces.


u should definently get braces, and the longer u wait, the more paranoid u will get. ur never to old for braces.

☼♥♥♥HAwT CHiCa BaBe♥♥☼[вαиgѕ☮]
honestly you won't be alone.. a lot of ppl have them at that age. i would say GET THEM asap! the sooner you get them the sooner you get them off.. wearing braces for a year or two is worth it for straight teeth forever. if you don't you will regret it and most likely be self consicious about your teeth for the rest of your life.. its not a biggie. i have had mine for two years and getting them off in september.! haha but i'm glad i got them. now miy teeth will be nice and perfect! its really not bad.. ppl dont really even notice them cause so many ppl have them.. :)

well i'm a guy and i personally think braces are cute on girl, for the most part (:

and besides, you really should do it sooner than later. it's better to start off with braces than to end with them. just think, having braces in your senior photos... haha.

If your dentist thinks you need them, yes. The sooner the better because the longer you wait, the longer it will be until they take them off.

Girl Wonder
if your teeth are messed up you should

GeOrGe Is MiNe!!!!!!!!
You'd regret not having them in a few years.
14's an expected age to have braces.

a couple of months of braces = a lifetime of straight teeth...Go for it .

Just get em. Its probably more unattractive to have bad teeth now isnt it?

Does your dentist say you need braces???

Maya kitten
it might look ugly, unappealing now and perhaps not easy and painful, but look at it that in the long run you will have beautiful teeth. My sister had them , they were painful but she didn't care, and now she is 17 and her teeth looks amazing and the pain is gone, just do it if your dentist say you need them now, slowly it will pay off . and whoever tells you that you look ugly, it means they are not true, because people should not judge us by the look or the braces! I also heard that its always better to start using braces when you are young. and sooner or later you have to put them right? so why wait longer? I think its better now so by the time you go to college they are gone :)

If your dentist recommends it, than absolutely, in the long run braces have many benefits.

Juts be thankful we aren't in the 80's anymore or else those would really be unattractive braces.

Jesse G
If your teeth are crunked up, you should get braces.

If you get braces, sooner the better. Your going to be just a goofy higschool freshman anyway whether you have braces or not so you might as well get them on sooner and get it over with. Better than having them during your junior or senior year.

I got mine off right before highschool and I'm glad.

Way Side
dude when you are 14 everyone has them. its way better than waiting til you are like 30 and then its really weird and awkward. get them early!

and just think of how much more attractive you will be with straight teeth! it's well worth it

i got mine when i was young and got off just in time for my 11th grade year. i haven't regretted it one bit and everyone loves my smile now. you should do the same!

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