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if you break your teeth will it grow back or can they fix it?
My brother was running and broke 3 of his top front teeth. Its not completly broken but part of it came off. Can the dentist fix them? How much will it cost? i need to know pleasee help.

cynthia o
it will grow back that happened to me and i went to see the dentist after serious pain and i got the tooth removed and the other filled mine was free from dental plan

lumineers will prolly cost about $200 so there is that option
no it won't grow backk =( sorry
but the dentist might just pull them and give him 3 fake teeth
trust me, its not as bad as it sounds, 2 of my friends got their teeth broken, one by a baseball
and one by someone slamming a door on their face........
he'll be ight

Robyn M
if they are baby teeth, adult ones will grow in their place!

if they are adult ones, they may put caps on them! they just look like normal teeth :) xx

they won't grow back! I wish they could- would've saved me a ton!! he can get bonding but I vaneers are better at $1000.00 a pop!

Positive Positive!!
unless there his milky teeth they will not fall out and grow back!!

but that happened to my friend and she had to get the other part of the tooth stuck back on by the dentist.

you get get surgery too i think.

Will not grow back! See: http://www.colgate.com/app/Colgate/US/OC/Information/OralHealthBasics/EmergenciesInjuries/DentalEmergencies/FracturedandBrokenTeeth.cvsp for things that a dentist can do to help.

Yes, the dentist can put something on your broken tooth which will make it look as though it was never broken, and no, it won't happen by itself. The sooner it gets done the better. Don't wait until it gets infected or develops cavities.

If money is a problem, see if there is a dental school nearby where it will cost a lot less.

Some of my US relatives get their teeth worked on while they are visiting their Canadian friends, because dentists are cheaper here, they say, but I think that they are plenty expensive. Can't imagine what the US prices are if they are even higher.

A broken tooth can be repaired by a dentist fitting a cap on it. The price will vary. Depending on the age of your brother and weather you have a private dentist or not.

If you have a broken tooth, consider it a dental emergency and call your dentist right away! While broken teeth can range in size and severity from a chipped tooth to a completely knocked out tooth, any dental trauma warrants immediate attention. Even though you might not feel any pain, there may be damage to the tooth or its roots that you don't know about. And this damage may eventually lead to pain or tooth loss. If it was a clean break, your dentist may be able to cement the broken tooth back together as a temporary fix. If possible, put the broken tooth fragments or completely knocked out tooth in a container with a small amount of milk or saline.If you've got a broken tooth or knocked out tooth, call your dentist right away! A dentist can determine the level of damage done and attempt to restore the broken tooth. If you don't have a dentist, I can help you find one. Call an operator anytime at 1-866-970-9853! Thank you I hope I helped

Even if it is a baby tooth that will be replaced by an adult tooth have him go to the dentist anyway. A broken baby tooth can effect the clarity of his speech and also cause problems for the adult tooth when it comes in (alignment and what not).

I think ur brother should see a dentist

get g
It can be fixed or you can have a teeth crown: http://the-dental-makeover.com/different-types-of-tooth-crowns/

Matthew E
dentists fix these regulary, as for cost it depends on the dentist and your country!

MJ #1 fan
Okay what you have to do is take the other half and go to the dentist right away. It cost me about $1000. It will NOT grow back. Save the other piece and dont toch where it broke if your dentist is not avaible.

Kyle H
why are you asking us. the dentist could give you a better answer than someone on yahoo answers could bout how much it costs to repare broken teeth and such...

it could be fixed by repairing a Porcelain part of his teath it ill look just normal

If they're baby teeth then don't worry; they'll come out and the adult ones will grow in. Now if its his adult teeth... no they will not grow back in. You have to go to the dentist to get a partial artificial tooth put on it. I know this because I have broken one of my bottom teeth and my friend has broken her top two out. Depending on what insurance you have, it could cover it. But if it doesn't, the price tag can get a bit hefty. I know with a deductible, my one tooth costed about $200.

The dentist can fix them but they will never grow back. Im sorry.

Dentists can fix a broken tooth, usually doesnt cost as much as a extraction.

They will be able to fix it...

Then will probably either pull the whole tooth, and put in a fake one, or mold a piece to the existing tooth to make it look normal.

it depends if it is a baby or adult tooth a baby tooth it will grow back to be an adult in a while but if it is adult it will not grow back

im not sure of the cost but i can guarantee that they can fix it. A couple friends of mine skateboard and have broken more than one of their teeth (more than 2 times) and they have gotten it fixed so it looks like it never happened. good luck to your brother too [=

yeah that happened to my mom too, you have to have it repaired because it will never grow up again on its own.

Louise x
How did he manage to break his teeth whilst running?

Anyways, if it's a baby tooth then it'll not grow back, but when it completely falls out it will grow back.

If it's an adult tooth then no it won't grow back at all, it'll have to be fixed and it's pretty costly.

You need to get it fixed though, he'll end up getting toothache soon enough.

[email protected]
A dentist can fix it for about 300 dollars, but that varies depending on your location.

They DO NOT grow back, if they're baby teeth theyll fall out and new ones will grow in.

The dentist is your best bet hun

If they are your adult teeth, they will not grow back. Sometimes they can be repaired.

fix it.

Unfortunately, if it's not a milk tooth (baby tooth), it won't grow back, and they sometimes fix it. Sorry, I don't think it's under $100 in american.

hahaha NO your teeth will not grow back.

it will cost a pretty penny if you don't have insurance

he broke his teeth by running?

the hell?

Ronald Reagan
Generally a broken tooth can be repaired.

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