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 Braces...What's The Procedure?
Hi There...
I'm 23yo and have needed braces since i was 15..it's now i've had the opportunity to get them (since marriage, kids, etc). I just wanted to know if people can give me ...

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 how to take braces off urself?
i dont want to hear abt how it will offend the orthadontist, i dont care its too late for that, if you cant answer my question, then dont....

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 Who has ever got braces. Let Me Know Your Storys. THANK YOU!?

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 Please, I have to know, what do you think of this?

 How do you treat a toothache that is causing extreme headaches?
My dental insurance does not kick in until September, but my back tooth is starting to cause me so much pain that i want to take a screwdriver and take it out. How can i stop the ...

 What do I do for a 2 year old who is teething and won't allow topicals?
She is crankey,cries at the drop of a hat, runny nose, chewing on her fingers, or anything that she can get in her mouth. I've tried giving her tylonal and using oralgel, but that only leads to ...

Kayla Johnson
i need help to ease the pain with braces!!!?
okay so today i got braces but my orthodontist also but 6 spacers in and then braces on the same day
so right now my spacers hurt really bad i already took advil and it didnt help what should i do to ease the pain??

smoke a bowl

shawn m
ibuprofen...it helps a lot trust me

Brooke G
Take a combo of two excedrin and two tylenol. It should do the trick.

Shane Uehara

I used to put warm water in my mouth....

tylenol or advil are your bestfriends. or you can try putting cold or warm water ona washcloth and biting on it. that what i did and it helped me a lot..

I'm not sure how old you are, but do take a pain killer like Advil or Tylenol. Read the instructions on dosage. That's really all you can do. If the braces are cutting your mouth, use a painkiller gel like Anbesol.

If you are talking about the pain of the teeth and bone, ask your dentist any pain releiving medication they recommend. If you are talking about the braces rubbing agaisnt your lips or cheeks you can try that wax stuff.

But don't worry whatever you do. The pain will go away before you know it, just ask the orthodontist to go a little bit easier on the spacers and adjustments next time. A day or two of mouth soreness is worth it when you see your new smile in the end.

Hot water in ur mouth works. Some people even do hot salt water. Not too hot tho, just warm. Lol

keep your mouth open a little at all times and if it still hurts take a really small ice cube and swoosh it around your mouth. It'll num it slightly and you won't feel it as much.

Tylenol, my friend (but don't overdose!). Other than that, you could try icing and then heating your mouth for awhile, but not for long of each because the wires will expand and detract with the change in temperature.

Screenname here
Ouch! I've been there before. What I did was take tylenol and swished warm water around in my mouth. Then I made soup so I eat, without the pain. Try doing something to distract yourself from the pain such as watch your favorite movie, play a game with your family ar text your friends. It will get better soon. Just remember to eat soft food at first so you don't have to bite down too hard. Good luck!

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