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[email protected]
i know its not wise to do but whats the best way..?
.. to remove a tooth without going to the dentist?

if it's loose then the old string and door nob tick works well. if not get a buddy, get plyers and get drunk because this is going to hurt! Just grab the tooth and yank!


[email protected]

The mad scientist
You are right. It's not wise and not clever - see a dentist

Get far enough away so that the general public won't hear you screaming.
Then get some plyers and pull and twist.

OR-- you could CALL ALL the dentist in your phone book and ask how much just for an extraction, no x-rays. YOU will be surpirsed when you call around to different dentist and see how much it cost.
It might only cost $100.oo who knows!--- depends if you are rural or in a big expensive city!

AND if it's infected, you will need anti-botics!

It's only $110-200 in the Los Angeles area.

YOU can always try Mexico or Canada!

If it's a baby tooth, then you should just constantly keep pulling it every day. If it's an adult tooth, go to the dentist. There is no other solution, sorry.

That's easy just take them out that is if you have false nashers like mine.

if ur that stupid then im sure u will think of some moronic way to do this.

Tie a piece of string around the tooth, attach the other end to a door handle and slam the door.
Hey presto!

some call me CUTE
don't pull it with floss. numb it with "kanka" then try twisting it around and it should easily come out

a bottle of liquor and some pliers.

its NOT advisable.visit the dentist

A pair of pliers and an enemy,, or maybe a very good friend who hates seeing you in pain, or maybe a trip to the dentist you tight wad it only costs £40 for a tooth out.

wilma p

good luck.... it depends on the state of the tooth in question.
if it is loose, you may have a shot. But particularly if there is any decay the tooth will likely break when you attempt the pull

Most dentists don't charge too much for a "normal" extraction...{not wisdom tooth}. Probably could have the pro's do it for 100$ or less depending where you live

if your going to pull it yourself , just make sure you get all of the root

♪Allie Wallie♪
Dude thats dangerous go to a dentist.

sorry mate I dont think there is away unless u wanna cause yourself more pain then the dentist would.......I hate dentists too!!!

If your prob is you can't get on the nhs dentist list, go to see your GP, who will either prescribe you pain killers until you can, or if it's really bad refer you to the hospital!! Hope this helps!!

Nebula D
I'm a dentist.

First and foremost, some idiot above me (Lilly) suggested that you call a dentist's office and ask for the price of an extraction without x-rays. Don't even bother trying. No dentist will remove a tooth without proper x-rays. It's not only illegal, it's stupid.

Let me make something clear to you (and to all the other dumbells out there who have such designs of removing their own teeth).

Don't do it. It is possible for you to break the tooth off, leaving a piece of the root in the socket which can become infected AND require surgery in order to remove (when I say surgery, I mean cutting the gum and drilling away bone in order to get to the root), which often results in an even greater cosmetic defect not to mention pain.

Your dentist uses sterile intstruments. I'm certain that nothing you have at home is properly sterilized, hence you are exposing yourself to all sorts of infectious materials (in addition to the ones that normally exist in your mouth). The significance of this? Well, if you take out your own tooth and develop an infection, chances are your dentist will place you on Penicillin, thinking that the infection is due to oral bacteria. The Penicillin may not work, and the infection will continue to grow until it gets big enough for the doctor to have to run a culture/sensitivity test on it in order to find out what bacteria is causing the infection. Sometimes the infection gets big enough quickly enough to require a trip to the emergency room, admission into the hospital, and a trip to the operating room with an oral surgeon to drain the infection.

So, does pulling out your own tooth still sound like a good idea to you, just to save a couple hundred dollars?

If it's giving you pain it may be infected and you could make things worse if you pull it out yourself. Be brave and go to a dentist.

on the wagon
come a little bit closer,,,,

Falling Leaves
i dont think i should answer that. i could think of many ways but i dont want to be reponsible for people doing stupid things.lol.

samantha s
Try doing hard drugs. Crank, crack, meth. Every hard drug addict I have seen is missing some or all of their teeth. LOL

Just kidding. Go to the dentist. Really. At least when they do it they will kill the pain for you. I know that going to the dentist is a rough thing for most of us. (I have to be drug into a dentist office and even cleanings are too much for me.)

If you have a tooth ache then deal with the pain until monday morning and head to a dentist. Take a couple ibuporfen, to help with any swelling and help with the pain. Take a drink of milk and hold it in your mouth for a while, it helps with the pain. Kanka is a great pain killer that is OTC. I would skip the orajel stuff, I have used everything and it just doesn't seem to help. Also if you feel like you are suffering beyond normal you can get baby asprin in the pill form. The chewable kind, and put one right on the tooth that hurts. I have had a few dentists tell me to do that one. I would lay off the really cold and super hot stuff and ice and very sugary stuff. I know that is hard but it will save you a little pain. Having dealt with a great deal of pain in the mouth (4 wisdom teeth pulled and 22 fillings in a one week period, doc was nice enough to give me zanax for a little while). Take a nap, take a bath, don't grit your teeth and relax. I think that if you check out the local walmart or pharmacy you might find and wax that you can cover your tooth in or a temp filling material you can use. Hope this helped out a little bit. Good luck.

keep wobbling it

That's dumb and dangerous. Don't do it.

thats very dangerous and stupid you need to get a tooth extracted by a dentist and no one else, this could cause major problems such as infection and severe bleeding.

If it's an adult tooth, don't try it. It'll have roots, and could break off and leave you in more pain.

watch "castaway" for hints

or: find biker bar and pick a fight

Sorry, it's not advisable. You don't know that it will come out safely, there could be excessive bleeding and complications such as infection.

If you're in a lot of pain, Pour gin or other spirit onto a piece of cotton wool and hold it against the area which should help to numb it then I think, if money is a problem, go to your local hospital.

Best wishes

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