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 are braces ugly or not?
Hiya im rachel and i just got braces they r a little bulky and someone told me braces are the ugliest things you can get in the world do you think they are ugly?...

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 Braces questions?!?!?
okay I get braces on Thursday and I'm freaking out. So please help me.

1.) On a scale of 1-10, how bad do they hurt? 10 being the worst.

2.) what's the best band color ...

 im getting braces in a month. what food will i not be able to eat anymore?
just what the question says.
i wanna eat it now so i wont miss it as much.

 What color braces should i get?
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 I get my braces off tomorrow?
Hey, I get my braces off tomorrow after a long 7 years of straightening.
What should I expect?
Thanks :D...

 i'm getting my tongue pierced but i need to hide to hide from my doctors?
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 Is it okey to use a pacifier for the babies?

 what colour braces (rubber bands) will make your teeth appear whiter?

 Toothache and can't see dentist?
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 every time i brush my teeth i see blood ,even when i eat apples or bite something i see blood stains?

 Are apples good for your teeth?
one of those things you hear from dentists.....

 hey just got braces in mega pain!!!!!!!!!!!!!1?
got them today
anyone no a way i can get rid of some pain that dont inlclude tablets
and should i go school tomorrow or does it get worse on the 2nd day?

thanks xx

 How much do spacers hurt?
Ok so I have to take something before I get them so I know they must a hurt but like how much? On a scale from 1-10? I get them tommorow...
Additional Details
lol ok so some people are ...

i just got my braces?
just got them a month ago. now i have to go for the next app., what should i expect?

it will hurt. be ware.

Severe pain, endless root canals, diarrhea, food poisoning, and a trip to Jamaica.

pain because they'll be adjusting the tension. Make sure you get something nice to eat after your appt. like ice cream.


Pain. Really. They will take off the little bands that hold the wire on and put a new wire on to make them tighter. Then they'll put the bands back on and send you away. Expect not to be able to eat solid food for a day or two.

they are going to tighten them which pretty much means they will make your wire a little bit smaller. they also may put rotators on which hurt like you know what. omg it hurts. be prepared for pain. soup and pudding are your friends. i would get a milkshake afterwards or a smoothie. take two advils before the pain can set in. that way you won't feel anything. when you wake up the next morning be prepared. it freaking hurts!!!!! just be prepared and take it easy. advil or tylenol are great. but trust me its worth all the pain in the end to have a beautiful smile. Just make sure you wear your retainer!!! i cant stress that enough!!! retainer retainer retainer!!!!

kind of claire
what u just got used to, forget it. right after the braces fit almost comfortably they pull and its an all new pain. ha. :) happy trails

probly guna get them tightened.
just a lil painful

they're going to take out ur wire and put a new one on.

and then for me they put bottom on and then at my last app they put brackets on my 12 year old molars.

thats all that happened to me:))

p.s. when they take ur wire out and put a new one on thats what tightening it. they dont actually get plyers and tighten them:))

thats what i thought untill they filled me in a week ago:))

well hope i helped!

well basically they just change the rubber bands....however take very good care of your teeeth...having braces makes it a little more difficult to do so but you can handle it......floss daily brush your teeth everytime you eat......

they check to see if u take care of your teeth so the treatment(braces) can work better........

good luck

My friend just got Braces , and on her next appointment she getting them tightened soo might be the same for you. Probably just a checkup though they would of told you if they were getting tightened.
GoodLuck x

They are just going to tighten it, the appointment probably takes only about 10-15 minutes.
all that happens is they take the color thingys out, then the wire out, then put it back in and the color things and it's tighter

They might have to tighten them and it may hurt a little but don't sweat it, you'll be fine. I had braces for a few years but the fun thing is that when you go they will chance the color of the bands so for example you can get red and green for christmas. Or you could get your favorite color like mine's pink lol. But trust me when you get them taken off your teeth will be really pretty and straight. But one HUGE tip is brush in circles!! and always brush after you eat because if not when they take the braces off you will have little squares on your teeth because of not brushing correctly . And if you ever ant to make your teeth white the cheapest way instead of using those white strips or getting them whitened professionally is to just gargle peroxide like swish it around in your mouth when you are in the shower and trust me in a couple days you will see an amazing difference and its super cheap you can get two bottles for a $1 at the dollar store. But braces may be a little annoying at the moment but just rememberer your teeth will be really beautiful once you get them taken off. But when you go to the dentist then they'll just tighten them and change the bands

PUNk iSN*t dEAd
they will feel like they are getting pulled up. and dont fall or hit doors. when i had mine, my mouth bled on a regular basis! maybe thats just me...hitting walls...

I ♥ my fam, zumba, and God! =)
You will most likely get them adjusted (a.k.a. tightening). Expect pressure pain and not being able to eat hard food for a few days.

Mehghan!! :)
They are probably gonna tighten them..maybe pain maybe not! I hope you the best hun!! Good luck!!
xox lexy!

As time goes on they will tighten them which will make your teeth sore for a day or two.
Otherwise just about waiting for everything to move into place

They will check everything....take the wires off and then put them back on, tighten them, and then your done....its going to hurt for a day or two when eating

Libby L
oh yeah that's fine!
they'll tighten them, but that's not biggie.
like it hurts for like 3 hours.
but you forget about it when you're back at school chatting with friends. :)
good luck!

they will take out the wire that connects all your teeth. They will take off the colors too. They will have the orthodontist check your teeth and put a new wire and colors on. These things wont hurt at all. If any of your brackets are broken they will glue a new one on. That wont hurt either..but the glue tastes bad.

They will most likely tighten them. They will probably take your wire out and give your teeth a little bit of a clean. Might hurt a little bit after but its painless during.

It'll hurt like a motherf'er in the beginning, but you will get used to it in a little while.

No biggie.

seen bean
they're probably going to tighten them and they may hurt for a few days


Demi Loves Twilght
More Pain

they'll tighten them with a special key and it will hurt. but get some orajel and put it on before and after. also some pain reliever before you get them the tighten will help too.

nick aka (hood advice)
you'll be ok

okay, well I'll try to explain this as well as I can from personal experience. I have braces still, and all they do is "tighten your braces". I don't have the newer damon braces, I have the colored ones. But for me, they use this instrument and take off each elastic rubberband off of the brackets, pull out the wire and they have you brush to get rid of any bacteria and food that you would've possibly missed while brushing within the month. After that they have you choose out colors, which you can normally have any amount of colors and any color that you want, and they use a different instrument and apply some pressure, but not unbearable pain and it "tightens" your braces. That is, after they applied a new wire.

hope I helped! if you have any other questions just email me :)

They usually tighten them, which is uncomfortable for the first few days, id recommend buying some dental wax too as the metal usually chafe the insides of your mouth

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