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i haven't got any fillings at the moment but i'm due to have two tomorrow.?
I've heard they have to drill out most of your tooth to be able to then fill it. seems a bit extreme, drilling out what you have left. to me it looks like i only have very small holes anyway, which i've had for ages. should i back out?

Mr Sceptic
It depends on the amount of decay. Some fillings are only very small and don't need much drilling.

And a quick jab with the needle makes it all painless. You'll be fine!

A good dentist will only drill out the cavity and a small bit more of the tooth before filling it. If you only have a small spot, then the amount of drilling should only include the spot and a small bit extra.

Ask your dentist how much they intend to drill before they get started; they should be able to reassure you. The less a tooth is messed with and altered, the stronger it will be.

They drill as little as possible and the filling stuff is white these days so you can't see it anyway. It doesn't hurt or anything and if you don't get it done the cavity can get worse. If you leave it you may have to have root work done which really knacks.

don't back out it will only get worse over time and it will result in possibly having to have it removed

better to keep your real teeth than have fake ones

They only drill out what is not good in order to fit the fillings in. Don't back down or you'll regret it when the whole tooth falls out or you are in absolute agony!!!

no,my daughter is 3 and she had a cavity filled with no anastict....GET OVER IT. she did not cry at all. SHE IS 3!!

No, you should'nt. Its very important to get it taken care of, believe me its not bad at all, and im horrible with pain!

Hunny Bun...
yes you must go back to have your treatment. the dentist will only drill what is needed. you will be given an injection to numb the mouth. what is a few minutes of discomfort for a life time of your own teeth.

Sarah A
Definitely not. The holes mean that you have cavities. The inside could be completely rotten. It's like when you cut an eye out of a potatoe - sometimes it goes a lot deeper and wider than appears from the outside. And you really don't want to leave your teeth to rot. And honestly, they don't drill through anything they don't need to.

I have a number of fillings myself, and most are from a condition passed down from my father. When our secondary molars grew, they grew with holes in them. If I hadn't got them filled, I would probably have no molars by now because they would have rotted away.

I'm not a fan of the dentist, I hate having this done, but it really is better than the pain you would have to deal with otherwise.

Dont back out I was once a dental phobic The holes will get worse if you leave them unfilled. Ask for nitrous oxide if you want to relax a bit and plenty of local anesthetic. Tell dentist if you are nervous, they are good about it and familiar with us dental cowards. Get it over with and you will have less trouble later on with your teeth and get used to it.

Dark Horse
Don't be such a p***y and get your butt to the dentist.

Don't worry about it.

The dentist will make sure you are completly anethatised so it won't hurt and its better to get it done now than wait longer.

I just had to have root canal as I left my teeth too long and wish I had gone to the dentist earlier when a simple filling would have solved the problem.

old know all
They'll only drill out what's rotten. Go and get your mouth fixed before things get worse and you start getting gum infections. BTW Welcome to the real world.

I don't know who told you that !

Dentists take out the MINIMUM tooth tissue that they can while still removing all the decay, If they are only small fillings you will probably just have the fissures (the valleys) in your tooth removed and filled, the tooth surface will just feel a little smoother to your tongue afterwards.

Hope this reassures you, better to get them filled while small, if you leave it the decay will only get worse and then you WILL need a big filling,and will possibly get toothache too!

Good Luck tomorrow!

You'll be fine I'm sure

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