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i have locked jaw help!!?
i have a locked jaw its been two days i can't open my mouth more than 2 fingers on top of one another, this is the 1st time i ever had something like this happen. it hurts chewing or anything i can only eat or drink liquids.. i dont know if i should see a doctor or a dentist??? any way u can help me i need advice

Schooling Dietitian
doctor! It might be tetanus!
He'll decide whether it's a health issue or a dental issue, and then might suggest you see a dentist. But definitely go to a doctor first!
Have you had any deep cuts lately? or worked with any animals such as a rat?

wow giirl you have tetanus go to da doctor NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are You Serious?
Apparently, it has also affected your ability to use punctuation and capital letters.

try massaging the muscle in ur jaw

Ok, that's really really bad. I'd go see a doctor first..like......NOW!!!

You should probably see a doctor, not a dentist. It could be caused by tetanus or something

chew gum slowly and you will release you jaw i had it and did this and in an hour or so it let up

u need 2 go 2 a physiotherapist. muscular locking.

umm lock jaw is a sign of tetanus....get to the doctor asap

Don't go a dentist. Go to the hospital IMMEDIATELY. Go to the E.R. to assure you get prompt treatment.

Oh my god go to the doctor!! What are you waiting for?

Adam A
get a tetanus shot... that could be incredibly bad if you have it. yeah, quit wasting time on yahoo answers and seek a doctors advice. is it locked or just sore? either way its probably not right.

The Wolf
You have lock jaw. Rub the jaw. Massage it. It'll come out. Go to the dentist/orthadontist

There is a web site that you can type in symptoms and it will tell you what might be wrong, what help to seek, etc.

Sounds like tetanus. You should see a doctor immediately. It is curable it just takes a few days with some drugs from the doc.
See this link.

Wow, you got tetnis buddy, go see a doctor NOW

Leather and Lace
See a doctor.

that happens to me sometimes too. it usually goes away but if it doesnt then see a dentist asap

Have you had a tetnus shot? Got to the doctor first then he will referr you to dentist is need be.

I would go to your dentist first. It could be your wisdom teeth causing it...if it has never happend before. If they are infected it could hurt your jaw.

If that is not it you could have a form or temporary TMJD (Tempro-Mandibular Joint Disorder). I've had it for 2.5 years. It is extrememly painful and cause pain in other parts of your body. You need to speak to your dentist or a dentist who treats it. Until then, eat soft foods, use warm moist heat for 30 min and use ice for 15 min. Alternate that three times a day if you can. If you have any anti-inflamitories, take those. If you have muscle relaxers, take one at night. You may see your family doctor, and mention TMJ to them, they could prescribe you something to help with the inflamation and pain. Try not to open your mouth wide, this does not help! Also, try to relax.

I have to wear a splint every night and during the day when my disc is dislocated. I really urge you to seek medical attention. It can be expensive and most insurances do not cover it. I will post you some links so that you can research it and also a health message board to read what other people (including me) say about it.


ur wasting ur time on yahoo. go to the doctor. no effence but your stupid!!

Ashley B
Why are you online and living with this for two days. go to the ER ASAP

Durgesh K
You should go right away to a Doctor and get it straightened as soon as possible before you have a swollen face. Locked Jaw can mean different conditions of the Jaw. You will definitely get proper guidance from only a doctor. In future , if you condition is severe might be a TMJ Symptom (temporomandibular joint) problem or it can be just a misplaced jaw. What ever it is, go to the doctor!

Crazy White Gurl
go to ur dentist right now its the best advice i can give you..i had the same problem and wat they did was numb my whole mouth and then poped my jaw and it unlocked it didnt really hurt till the next day

that might be tetany

Karina S
see the dentist right away

GO TO THE DOCTOR! my mom had this prob one time, and she got surgery on it, and she went 2 the Doctor! What are u waiting for! and hurry up quick it might get worse and u may now even be able to move it! and how did u get it? type back pleeease. My mom will type back maybe and she can help u and tell u what do u and what she did and how she felt like! Bye! :)

Answer Man
What is wrong with you? You should see a doctor the hour something like this happens. THE DOCTER, not the dentist. This is not a tooth problem, it is a jaw problem.

Dentist for sure...a grew up with a dental assistant as a mom... i don't have a locked jaw...except it would pop sometimes because i had bad tmjd... they will help you out... II ended up needing a mouth guard and I also went to a massage therapist who specialized in tmjd

You better get your butt to the dentist today! It could mean several things, plus they will give you somehting for it and the pain.

♥big bird♥
You need to go to a Dr. That happened to me once. I couldn't open my mouth for 4 months. I lost 15 pounds (didn't mind that part) and I was on Antibiotics. It was ruff!

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