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i bit my lip and it hurts SOOOO much?
its unbarable, the pain, its hard to kiss my wife, or eat food, i just wanna sit all day with my lip hanging down, i tried putting oragel on it but it only lasts about a minute. what can i do to releave the pain!

Sam P.
how hard did you bite it????
i had same a same situation but not that much

Wonderful Elsha
dont the pain only last for a few mins after biting you're lip.

Kapooka 2

oh yeah and your question...

Fluffy the unicornn ;]
go see a dentist!! how r WE supposed to knoww, honestly.................
but maybe put ice on it. hahaa.

k am
Drink a ton of water & maybe a Tylenol will take your mind off it.

take a cu-tip, put some rubbing alcohol on it, and swab it over the cut... it'll BURN like hell for a bit but at least it won't get infected...

how deep is the bite? it might need stitches if you don't want a scar

I usually rub ice on my lip whenever that happens. =/

Maybe you should stop biting your lip? Put some ice on it. Even if it gets HUGE it will probably help it feel a little better. If ice doesn't work, you should go see a doctor...

Night Wolfe
Drink a couple of beers and you will feel way better.

Mouth injuries heal quickly. Just deal with it, it will be better in a day or two.

Corrinn Babeeeyy
Urrrmmmm ..
Try Putting An Ice Pack On it ?

you could maybe put ice on it to numb it and cream to heal it quickly.
salt or lemon will sting but cleans it..
how did u bite ur lip so bad ouch!

Take some ibuprofen (to reduce swelling) and put some ice on it. Later you can put a bit of chapstick on it.

well the mouth heals pretty quickly inside so that is good news, sometimes we just have to bare the pain. If it's outside on your lip i would use some vitamin e or just let it heal on its own. The body does a wonderful job of healing itself if you let it, be patient :) stop thinking about it!!!

whats up?
oh you poor thing, your lip is in such pain the rest of the world has to know.

You know there are these odd people called doctors, they might help

Goodness! Just be sure to keep you mouth clean and it should heal faster. Luckily your mouth is the fastest healing part of your body, so it shouldn't be much longer before the pain subsides. But in the mean time advil will help. If you're still feeling pain within 4 days of the initial bite you may have an infection and it could be worthwhile to go see a doctor or a dentist.

Emily Zysk
Put ice on it!

just relax and take your mind off it. go to bed early tonight and sleep it off. - it will be alot better tomorrow!

i think id put ice on it. also, doing something like that usually helps if you do a hot/cold thing, so keep something cold on it for maybe 10 minutes, then switch to something hot like soup, and hopefully it should stop hurting soon!

that stinks. sorry~!

shoot it up with novicane, then swish around water with TONS of salt in it!!!!!!!

Pimp Daddy
Slam your hand in the door, then your lip won't hurt anymore.

put some ice on it until it gets freezing cold because then your lip will feel numb.Also try not to think about it,the more you do the more it will hurt.

P.S.Why are people so concerned with grammar?Just because some people misspell a word doesn't mean they can't spell or need to go back to school!Maybe you were in a hurry or something.Besides I'm 100 percent sure that they have misspelled a word a lot more than once.But does that mean your stupid?NO

take 2 paracetamol + 2 ibuprofen (if your old enough)
i know it sounds like alot but they work well together :)

also rub ice on it to make it numb

take a grammar class

M3xIcAn ChiCka
try tylenol and take and ice pack ok somthing cold and put it on your lip if none of this helps at all and its sorta swelling and gets red around the area you bit or if it gets more red see a doctor its a sign of infection. Good Luck!!

[p.s you dont have to bleed or even crack open your lip to have and infection]

Ashley D
Try putting some ice on it.

You're not going to like this answer...but just wait. In a day or so the really bad pain will subside and then it won't hurt as bad for the next several days. It will be healed in about a week. And - be careful when you are eating b/c your lip is probably slightly swollen, making it easier to bite it again! And keep using the oragel before your meals - I find the oragel works best if I kind of pat my lip dry first, then put it on, and then hold my lip out until it dries...otherwise it just kind of washes away too quickly.

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