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nadine nuttella nutter james
i'm having an op on my mouth next mon! does a needle hurt ? ?

Additional Details
i'm going to be put asleep cuz i'm getting ma jaw broken:(

It stings abit,but you can ask them to put something on the gum to numb that up first.

If they put the needle in slow enough you should hardly feel a thing.

Khan Girl
ya but very little.Good luck:)

They wont be using a needle if its a big surgery which probably will be since your getting your jaw broken. They will use general anesthesia which you will breathe in through a mask...you wont feel a thing.. good luck!

KoKoKiTTy is depressed
Um. Yes.. a little. it's a pinch.

Yes, you will feel a little bit of pinch, but no significant pain.

You can read everything about what you can expect here :


EDIT : On the other hand, you may not even feel anything because you have added that you would go to sleep. So, rest assured, you will be fine.

However, it will be a major procedure. So, make sure you apply ice pack a lot in the very beginning to reduce swelling and pain. Also, take the pain medication as prescribed.

You can wrap the ice packs on both sides with a barrel bandage.

Good luck !!

I'm not going to lie to you, yes it does.
I can't tell you how much because everyone has their own pain threshold...

But i will tell you your Op would hurt so so much more without the needle.

Benn Payne
ive had a needle in the dentist way too many times mate.

it doesnt really hurt, its just a uncomfortable but then again since when has a pointed object been comfortable, unless were talking about the other end of you lol but lets not go there.

yeah the needle to make your mouth go numb feels......... its wierd to explain. it takes about 6 seconds for the needle to be in and out. its weird, as they take it out it feels like its abouts to start hurtin and then it stops.

but dont panic about it mate, you'll be fine. just dont work yourself up and the best thing you can do is just close your eyes and keep em shut, the way it works for a humans brain is something hurts because you can see whats going to hurt you. if you cant see it then you cant work yourself up about it.

i hope this has helped mate. i have a phobia of needles and im fine when i do that.


Emily W
when i have needles in my gums for fillings at the dentist, it sort of scratches. i wouldntt say it hurts, and even if it does only for a split second

Oh gosh no... It's the day after I'd be worried about!!!

If you're getting put to sleep, they usually put numbing cream on your hand, and then put the needle in once the spot is numb.

Yes it does. But don't worry, it lasts for a few seconds only and that little pain is nothing compared to the whole operation without that little needle :)

I had my jaw broken too: When they put you asleep you won't feel anything. Then next day it will be pretty bad but ask for some painkillers right away if possible.
If you are lucky they put plates in it and they don't have to remove any of them ever again... I was unlucky and they had to take off one 1 month later. Still I have 2 plates within me with 11 screws, and I will have them as companions in my rest of my life :)

It happened 4 years ago and have no more problems :)

It really is nothing to worry about, just a sharp feeling, no real pain, just a feeling, like something really cold is being pushed against you

Not like the needles of the 1930`s they are probably 10 times smaller now ,these days a needle can hardly be felt.

Needles that go into soft flesh in the mouth rarely hurt as such, more like a sting and nowhere near as painful as say a roaring mouth ulcer. I would call it discomfort really, and it's short lived. The best way to deal with this is to completely forget about it and put 100% trust in the dental surgeon and they will handle you with professionalism and empathy. Frankly, I find the prospect of a metal probe scraping away tartar around the teeth a lot more uncomfortable than a needle in my mouth. You will be absolutely fine. Oh, I see you will be put to sleep! The needle in the arm is almost imperceptible nowadays .... just look away and you will probably not know they've done it.

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