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 I have bad & crooked teeth, who do I see first?
Should I see the orthodontist first or the dentist first?
My teeth are in bad condition and they're also crooked, havent seen a dentist in 10years
I thought I'll confront my ...

 if you break your teeth will it grow back or can they fix it?
My brother was running and broke 3 of his top front teeth. Its not completly broken but part of it came off. Can the dentist fix them? How much will it cost? i need to know pleasee help....

 I'm 18 and getting braces for the first time. What color should I get?
I'm extremely depressed since I'm getting braces at 18. Anyone else in the same boat? I don't know how to cheer myself up, although I'm grateful I'm getting my teeth straight....

 OMG, braces AND palate expander?? Ahhh!?
Yesterday, I got picked up outta school and had Damon braces put on and a plate expander put in the roof of my mouth, at the same time.
It. is. driving. me. CRAZY!
I can't say my "...

 How was your wisdom teeth removal experience?
I have to have my wisdom teeth out next week and kinda nervous! Any tips? suggestions? little comfort?...

 do wisdom teeth coming in means you're getting smarter?

 Is it normal to have braces on when you've just turned 15?
It's so unfair, my second fang hasn't grown meaning I couldn't get my braces on, so my question is, is it abnormal to have say your braces on at 15 and off when you're 16 and a ...

 back tooth hurting really bad?
my lower back tooth hurts so much that i cant eat or do anything. it keeps me up at night too. well do you lose your lower back teeth because im 16 and i havent lost my back teeth at all someone ...

 I'm leaving to get my wisdom teeth cut out. Any words of encouragement?
I am frightened....

 Does everyone have to get wisdom teeth pulled?
I have wisdom teeth that grew in a few years back, and they never crowded my teeth or were in any pain, and the dentist never said anything about them. Should they still be pulled?...

 Is my dentist allowed to be rude to me ...?
the last time i took my daughter i got verbal abuse , he said i ought to be ashamed of myself and that i was a bad mother etc , could i have reported him etc , my daughter needed a filling yes but i ...

 How can you whiten your teeth?
My teeth do not have any coffee stains or anything i just want to know how i can whiten my teeth without going to the dentist or using whitening ...

 Do braces hurt alot?Im SCARED?
im getting braces soon and im really scared! How does it feel? What should i do when they hurt? What is a good color for the braces?...

 question about my braces?
when I got my braces but in the brackets were cutting my tongue...is that normal?...

 Braces??????????????? --Read--?
Help me!!
-Read Below-

ok, can somebody tell me these questions?
cuz i really need to know them for later, and i want to be prepared for when i do..please answer?

 How long did you wear your braces?
I'm about put on braces soon ,and was wondering how long will it take until i get a perfect smile . I dont have that bad smile ,its just I have a 1mm gap in my front teeth and a very little gap ...

 I am very busy, so to save time, I am only going to brush my teeth once per week. Is this a good idea?
There's not enough time in the day. I figure I spend about 10 minutes per day brushing my teeth. That's over an hour a week. If I brush just one per week, I will save myself about an hour ...

 My gums have been bleeding when i brush my teeth, this has been happening for about 2 weeks, what do i do?
Its only when i brush my teeth, i'm 13 and i have braces, please help!!!!!!!!...

 i have locked jaw help!!?
i have a locked jaw its been two days i can't open my mouth more than 2 fingers on top of one another, this is the 1st time i ever had something like this happen. it hurts chewing or anything i ...

 Braces pain! HELPPPPP?
today i got my braces. and itss givingg mee soo muchhh paaiiinn!!! i cant stand itt. how long would this go on for? anndd what can i use to take away dha paiinn! Plssss helppp and thanks !...

how much do the tooth ffairy leave these days?
my neice is staying the night with me and her tooth has just fallen out how much under the pillow

i used to get £2 per tooth. i think i was loved in a past life ;] xx

i used to £1 (Y)

Charley Bee

jackie m
My grandson usually gets £1

╚☺╝☼ ♥qUeEn Ov tHe GalAXy ♥ ☼╚☻╝
5 bucks man! my sisters are smaller than me and expect 5 smakaroons

Heck Smiley, for $20/tooth I'll pull out all 28 of mine and send them to you in the mail. God knows I could use the cash. :)


blackpool lass
hiya, its a pound a tooth.

when i was younger i always got 5 dollars..lol

My son gets $5/tooth.

with the credit crunch.. the tooth fairy is out of buisness... leave her a pound, dollar wherever you are and say the toothfairy is having money problems! =] lol

1 dollar - 5 dollars..

UK going rate? Probably a £1 coin a few years ago but with current fiscal considerations ... probably a £2 coin for the little treasure ...

I gave my son $20. I think $5 should be enough.

Jo King.Beware All
there's a credit crunch

£1 but its the credit crunch and fairy needs help so it might be more if you can afford it

it is hard to say , most of them are with no jobs these days

Nothing, because of the recession.

Cocoa Dusted Love
when I was young she left 5 quid for every tooth. back then that was like 10 quid now.

my grandson who is 6 gets a pound coin. so does my grand daughter who is 9,

Alun B
My mum paid me £1 sterling.

50p i think

go to the bank and get a susan b anthony or a two dollar bill

i used to love to get a gold and silver dollar coin when i was a little girl

The Library Of Codex
Due to the economic crisis, the tooth fairy leaves nothing.

Rich C
nintendo ds

Chons :)
hehe, i would usually get about 50-75 cents.

i remember one time, my mom gave me five dollars in fake money. so we, went to the store and she told me i could get whatever i wanted. so i got a candy bar and some candy i think. when we went to pay, i put it up where her things were and handed them to my mom and she paid but i thought i actually did

Robert D


Luke P

a dollar?

ive been told the going rate is 50p to 1.00 per tooth depending how well off the fairy is lol

my son had 20 teeth removed in hospital i got stung big time lol

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