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 i had a weird experience at a dentist office and am not sure what to do regarding this situation.?
the dental assistant was completely unprofessional, but not at all rude to me. she started slamming and banging the mouse button keys on the laptop when it wasn't doing what she wanted. Being ...

 What color braces should I get next month?
I'm getting braces next month and I don't know what color. Here are some of the details on my face?

Brown colored hair maybe A little lighter.

Hazel eyes. From far ...

 Do you clean your teeth every night?
Be honest....

 I've been rubbing sugar on my teeth for the past month but they arnt getting any whiter, am I doing it wrong?

 What's the best food to eat after you get a tooth pulled?
I just got the tooth on my top left (all the way in the back) pulled an hour ago. What's the best kind of food to eat for dinner? I can't eat anything too hot or spicy....

 Im 19 and i think I'm to old for braces?
But my 4 front teeth (bottom) are not striaght and i will do anything to get them fix but i dont know what can be done...i also heard there is clear braces is this true and if so how much will it ...

 How long do braces hurt? When will I get used to them?
I just go braces, and they hurt like crazy! How long will they hurt? My teeth are really crooked, Okay and will they be better by Monday? Monday is my birthday, and I don't really want to be in ...

 should i get those braces or not...???
ok.. mu teeth arent that bad in shape and are actually fine..its just that the front two teeth are quite bunny like..and smetimes almost look like a bunny when i am posing for a pic or stuff...also ...

I getting my braces off soon want will be next will they put something else in my ...

 how to deal with my braces?
i've had them on for a while [2 years], and my teeth are pretty much fine now.
my orthodontist told me that they needed to fix a couple things with my braces in upcomming visits.

 If i brush my teeth like 20 times in a day would it whiten my teeth ?
haha kinda curious. i use arm n hammer whitening. is there a certain limit per day before it doesnt do anything?...

 About how long will this take to get braces off if i have teeth like this:(pic.)?
here is a pic
Additional Details

 Do I need braces HELP!! [[with pictures]]?
I really want to know if i don't braces i wanted them for a long time

i really want straight white teeth

I am 13 I am a cheerleader caption and the ...

 I'm having all 4 wisdom teethout tomorrow. What shoud I expect?

 Is it better to floss first or brush first?

 I'm looking for a statistic. How many adult Americans brush their teeth at least once daily?
Or how many adult Americans have tooth decay?...

 help meeeeeeee?????????????????
luke warm(a character) is heating up some black ink with his laser eyesight and he's collecting and condensing the steam.
will the condensed steam be black??...

 When can i smoke a cigarette after getting wisdom teeth removed?
Its been 1 week. i did have one dry socket though and its pack with a piece of gauze. my doc wanted to leave the gauze out because it will heal faster, but i said it helps with pain. so i will get it ...

 Wisdom teeth cut out?! Too scared,thinking about canceling my appontment for the second time!?
I know the sooner the better,but i can't bring myself to doit!

So,should I just go ahead and make myself do it... or would it hurt to keep putting it off until way later?...

 Could mouthwash be bad for your mouth?
Could swishing mouthwash in your mouth for long amounts of time be bad for your mouth?...

how do you loose a tooth without pulling it or wiggling it out? ?
i have a bunch left for my age, but i hate blood and wiggly teeth :P lol

Cynthia H
u have someone punch u in da face really hard

Till Death Do Us Part
Wait till they rot out.

they will fall out eventually when you are eating if they get loose enough, the little strands holding it will eventually give out

Dana :]
just wait till they fall out on there own.
my friend only has her baby teeth. there's no teeth that will grow in for the baby teeth, sodon'tt wiggle/pull yours justin-casee

just yank em out real fast, one time i had one just hanging on and it twisted 180 degrees, so it was backwards and i had no choice to pull it out. hurt less than a pinch. you can hardly feel any pain. most of the time though it comes out while your eating, one time i was eating a choch biscuit and it came out and i spit out or this brown **** (biscuit) with blood in it. yum yum

EAT APPLES! Sounds funny but it does work! I hate blood so bad I faint when I see a tiny speck of it! If I was in your situation I would leave it until if falls out naturally but I'm not you so I really don't know! I did once eat some marshmallows and ice cream and somehow it came out then!

pulling is easiest

bite a pear


Megan H
umm idk just take a napikin dont look and pull then quickly take a a glass of water gargle and spit it out

just wait and grow old, theyll fall out sooner or later!

slide your tongue under them, but don't cut yourself, (never happened to me before) but i just slide my tongue under as a hobby when i was losing my teeth, and they came out painless over time.

Dayna C
bite on something hard.
i have lost teeth on popcorn and oreos...

try an apple, too

Just do it! If you don't get them out before the adult teeth start to come in you'll need braces. Sorry :)

April C
run in to the wall jk idk just let them fall out in their own

have someone punch you.
you lose your tooth and you get to look BA with a shiner.
its a win/win.

Find some one willing to jack you in the face.

I want to know that too!!!

Well I dont know if this would help but I was eating a fruit roll up one time and my tooth game out with the fruit roll up I think I ate it. Pretty nasty huh

They'll fall out when they're ready to. Don't worry about it.

Jennifer H
my mom would take me to the dentist when i got a loose tooth to have it pulled because i would wiggle it nad mess with it so much worrying about it hurting when it came out that i would make myself sick. So at the dentist i would get happy gas and get it right out...no problems:) LOL...yes i was a VERY high maintenance child:)

you wait... and it will fall on its own time.

bite an apple

Eat some Carmel

okay plz pick me 4 best ok itll come out wen its ready!!! :) hope so

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