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 toothpaste. do u squeeze the end or the middle of the tube?

Additional Details
i can see this is a serious issue for some people!!!

i just was wondering. i squeeze it from the middle and my man squeezes it from the end.

i ...

 Were you ever afraid of the dentists?

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Wow two pages so far 35 answers.
People who Like (9)
People who just hate (6)
People who are Afraid (16 )
People who are no longer afraid (...

 On a scale of 1-10 how bad does a filling hurt?
1 being less pain full and 10 being the most pain full

Is it true that put a shot in your mouth?

I haven't had a filling in forever and i was wondering how it felt...

 After brushing your teeth, are you supposed to rinse your mouth with water?

 How can you get rid of a loose tooth easily?
it is just because the other tooth is growing in and i don't wanna go through the pain of getting it pulled or anything?...

 How painful is wisdom teeth extraction?
So I went to the oral surgeon today, and I'm going in on the 23rd to get my 4 wisdom teeth removed. I am doing local anestetic, and not getting knocked out for it.

My question is, how ...

 Im scared of the dentistt, and next week....?
....I need to have a filling!
I know it sounds stupid, but Im scared stiff!
Please give me tips on how to stay calm?
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I have already ...

 Why do some people brush their teeth in the morning (before breakfast)?
That is if they have cleaned their teeth the night before....

 My teeth...have moved...help?
I had braces for two years, and finally, when I got them, I was asked to wear a retainer. Sadly, I've neglected doing that and now I think they've moved. If I wear my retainer religiously, ...

 How often do you replace your toothbrush?
I've had my last one since Christmas, but the bristles are beginning to splay. It is a good quality one, and two months isn't long, but I'm going to have to buy a new one soon. Am I ...

 Just got braces and need help!!!!!!?
Ok, so I just got braces like 4 hours ago. It wasn't bad, it was okay. It doesn't hurt much just a bit when I chew food. The point is that a week ago I got my teeth filled, and my ortho put ...

 how can i take better care of my teeth?
i got 2 cavities filled and i don't think they're gone my teeth still hurt ( i'm going to the dentist to get another 2 filled ) and i think i just got 4 more D: how can i prevent my ...

 Braces teeth pain?
ok i got braces today...and my teeth are hurting bad...for some reason especially my front 4....they almost feel loose but they aren't...what is up with that...oh and how long after they get put ...

 Does kissing really cause Cavities?

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oh and no my parents never said it.. I've heard it from other ppl.......

 Getting my braces done again tomorrow. What colours could i pick this time?
I get them done every 3 months, ive been told that i should have red and blue, but i hate them colours together. Im going on holiday next month, so what colours would suit that kinda date?

 what color of braces should i get.?
i want to know what color of braces would you pick for braces. for me 15 years old....

 Did You Have Your Wisdom Teeth Removed??
I'm teething lol and I've heard that many people have their wisdom teeth removed, but I don't see why its neccessary....also when your wisdom teeth come through does it put some of ...

 Are you supposed to brush your teeth before or after eating breakfast?
I brush them after I eat breakfast simply because it keeps your breath fresher. Is that what you're supposed to do?...

 When a dentist says he or she "is leaving the practice," what does that mean?
I am a current patient in one dental office where I had two dentists assigned to me in a three year span. The first one (a woman) did my teeth for two years and told me that she was "leaving ...

well getting braces in 3 days..=(..and really dont know what color to get...well im 13 dirty blonde hair ...blue green eyes..well if u got some asnwers plz let me know..thanks....

how do i take my braces off?
i got them on about 4 years ago and i cant afford to get them taken off professionally i need to do it myself an dont know how

[☯☞ яεtяø miss $wagg ♪ღ]
You will break all your teeth out trying to do that, lol, You have to go to a orthodontist to get that done, unless you have the right tools ; )

P.s. Hope I helped and enlightened you day

Call around to different orthodontists and explain your situation. I am sure that you will find one that will take the braces off for you.
Taking them off yourself will damage the enamel on your teeth and may cause you to break a tooth or teeth. Doing this yourself would be a huge mistake!!!

Live, Laugh, Love♥
they take them off for free

lol =]

dude just go to the orthodontist. cause even if you rip them off theres still gonna be glue on your teeth. and btw my orthodontist didn't charge me anything to get my removed

Dont you have not gone to school for it and if you try you could mess up your teeth...

You have to go to the orthodontist's to get them off. You don't know what your doing and you my break or permanently damage you teeth. Or you can just leave them on.

Tomb Raider
You can't take them off yourself,you have to see an orthodontist or a dentist that deals with braces.They have payment plans,explain your situation and I'm sure they'll be more than happy to work with you.

They take them off for free...

Shirley Nguyen
I think you should go to a good dentist.

Leslie P
Go to youtube. Ther e is a video of a guy who took them off by hiimself cuz him too couldn't afford to get them taken off. He moved and had to find another ortho

All you have to do is take a pair of wire cutters and cut the little wires, and then get a screwdriver and pop off the things on each of your teeth. There will be glue left on your teeth, use sandpaper.

Please don't try take your braces. Seriously.
That's a very bad idea. Leave them on until you can get them taken off.

Have the doc do it.

Not Tom Hanks
You can't, you would end up breaking all of your teeth out in the process. Does you insurance not cover it? You may need to save up the money.

get them on for money get them off for free

Clara B
in most places its free and you shouldn't try to take them off yourslef

I think its sort of in your braces plan, the cost of getting them taken off. If not, just tell them that you can't pay NOW, and ask if they can set you up on a payment plan if it does cost anything, or if you could pay next month.

Pull out all your teeth... the glue them back in :) sorted

dont do it yourself. i did that when i had braces. i've regretted it ever since. go to an orthodonist to take them off properly. you will be happier in the long run.

They take them off for free.

you'll **** up your teeth if you pull them off yourself. and you'll have to have them on for LONGER.
so yeah. go to the ortho and see how much longer they want your braces on.

kiran light
yeah, don't do that. you can do yourself some serious harm or cut the inside of your mouth. get a second job. save up... this is not where you want to look for a bargain, pay an orthodontist to take them off. if you explain your situation i'm sure they would work with you.

needle nose pliers and wire cutters, use a torch to loosen them first

u are better doing it professionaly and being debt rather than fking up your teeth than having to get dentures.

123 pull

The Professor
Why get braces if you were going to mess up your teeth anyway...?

You should call your health dept and ask for a phone number to a dental school at least. I don't think you have to pay a bunch there. You may end up losing some teeth if you try to do this yourself, then you will defeat the purpose of having braces in the first place.

Don't try this. See if you can get free dental help from Social Services.

This will end very badly...

Bite into an apple and maybe they will start to come off. When they took mine off, they used a tool similar to plyers and they just popped off. But then you'll have to find away to get all the cement off your teeth if you end up doing it yourself. Good luck!

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