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hey just got braces in mega pain!!!!!!!!!!!!!1?
got them today
anyone no a way i can get rid of some pain that dont inlclude tablets
and should i go school tomorrow or does it get worse on the 2nd day?

thanks xx
Additional Details
shut up whoever being mean
stop being a wuss? have you felt the pain no so shut up yeah.

sorry for who i scared but they are so painfull! :(

Meg P
sorry but idk cuz i dont have braces... try motrin... it helps a lot when i get a injury

Mike Helicopter
Just take them off

Archy B
some rum

Yeah, it hurts, get over it. Get some baby orajel. Why would you not go to school, that makes no sense.

Muay Thai Swede
If you're not willing to take pills then there isn't anything for the pain hun. Drink green tea or something. Maybe smoke weed if you do that?

Either way, just deal with it.

its normal. but rince with warm salt water and eat some sherbert ice cream. u will be fine in a week or so

chew sugarfree gum. it'll be painful but the pain will subside.

you should get some wax with them which can help if u put it on in the bits that hurt most
otherwise its happened to all of us, my self included one of the worst pains ive had in my life so far

Rick W
just plan on three days of hell everytime you get them tightened.


my uncle came to town the day i got mine tightened and took us to dinner. I ordered jumbo shrimp and could not eat them because my teeth hurt so bad

Joshua M
Go pick up some oragel! It will numb your mouth a little bit so don't try to drink water in front of anyone you are particularly fond of. Any generic brand in the same section of a drug store will probably do the trick.

Awww..... I need 2 get braces Thanx alot!! Take some Advil or something my sister had them and she said they just got a little sore that's it but I guess she was wrong. They hurt more when you tighten them.

no dont go to school you will still be in alot of pain tomorrow.....and i jus went to sleep...and took some motrin....i dont know how else for you to get rid of the pain except for you to take some motrin or eat alot of cold stuff to like ice cream and yogurt and things like that to numb it a lil......orajel will numb it also..

Oh dude, I remember when I got my braces put on (in May).
My mom took me straight to a smoothie shop!

So like, eat cold things (e.g. ice cream)

Ughh...do they really hurt that bad?
I get mine on December 30th
I am afraid there gonna hurt too ];
And I think you should go too school tomorrow just take like really soft food or just take something too drink.... you know what I mean?
Dont be eating like Doritos or anything hard casue then they will really hurt.
Eat like sherbert and ice cream and eat cold popsicles....
hope that hepled!

I know you said you didn't want any pills but these are homeopathic (natural) which means they are safe to take, they give them to babies for teething. Here is the link below, also try some orajel if you didn't want to take these. I highly recommend it, when I get a toothache I take them and they work wonders.

here is the link to the hyland teething tablets.


Doctor Who
It will probably get worse before it gets better, but depending on how much pain you are in you should still go to school because it is a pain in the butt to catch up when you've missed. Just avoid talking and eat yogurt and ice cream. Once it starts to get better, it will get better quickly.

Some people find that chewing on a damp (clean) cloth, helps them out a bit.
I had braces too! the pain will go away.

the first two days are the worst, then it should be better. i survived a day at school though. if it gets really bad, consider some pain medication like advil or tylenol.

ahhhh you scare me :( i need braces but i don't wanna deal with the pain ....maybe you could try "Kanka" its in a little tube with a blue cap...it helps numb any pain in your mouth

Everyone has given you such great advice I can only second it. There are liquid versions of motrin and other pain relievers which should help you out for the next few days.

What I always tell my kids is to go to school and try to make it through the day...worst case scenario is that you need to leave early but at least you tried. Since this type of pain (which won't be as bad when you get them tightened as it is the first time) is going to be a part of your life for awhile you need to try and get used to it a bit. I know that it is hard but just keep in mind that this current sacrifice is going to reap huge rewards when the whole process is finished - a wonderful, beautiful smile! Good luck.

It will be better tomorrow. Try not to talk or eat drink something like Ensure that has vitamins and minerals the get in a meal.

Totally normal. Your teeth hurt because the braces are really tight on your teeth.... you'll start to get use to the pain and you won't feel it anymore...

Then when you don't have the pain anymore, when you go back in for a check up they will tighten up your braces again so you will have the pain all over again.

the pain should only last a couple days. take pain relievers when necessary and you should be good.

You're going to be in big time pain for a few days - even a week. I don't know of anyway to reduce the pain without pills except by drinking alcohol. I'm guessing your too young for that.

Other than that, I'd try some oragel on any painful spots, and a heating pad on your cheeks might help... or maybe an ice pack.

Even if you had them removed... which is obviously not going to happen, you're teeth would still be sore for a few days at this point.

I'd break down and take some tylenol, motrin, aspirin and advil. You can combine all 4 medications, as they all are different substances and combat pain in different ways. Just do not exceed the recommended dosage for any of them.

And, drink LOTS of water... it will help too!

You can get liquid paracetamol or even ones that dissolve in water (I used these when I first got my fixed brace and was doing a pantomime at college, didn't have time to grab tablets, so I kept a bottle of water with two dissolved tablets in it :D).

You don't mention if you have fixed or removable braces, but as your teeth move and adapt the pain will lessen, just take it easy, don't chew very hard foods or very sticky as it will hurt and could damage the braces.

The less you chew the better it will feel for the first few days, stuff like mashed potatoes, soup, ice cream, jelly (Think its called jello in the US?), yoghurt, Reddy Brek (cream of wheat), and rice pudding are good things to eat for the first few days of adjusting.
And ignore the suggestions of NOT eating...That will make you feel like crap, seriously, taking pain killers, and not eating is NOT a nice feeling. So please eat. :)

Eventually you'll be alright eating things you normally eat. Also, remember to give your mouth a rinse after eating to reduce tartar build up, as it can get pretty bad with braces. :)

When your braces are tightened again at the dentist, it will hurt for a few days, so just use the same method to reduce the discomfort.

It should take about a week for it to settle, the pain varies from person to person, so its really up to your if you want to go to school or not. Put it this way, when my friend got hers, she was in agony, when I got mine on the second day I was in a panto singing and jumping around with minimal fuss. XD All depends on pain tolerance I suppose. See how you feel in the morning and if its too much, then let your parent/s or guardian know and see if you can have the day off maybe. :)

Make sure you use a smaller toothbrush when you brush as well if you've got fixed braces, so you can clean between the brackets and what not, it also helps as you can see what you're doing more. Invest in mouthwash as well, since you'd be surprised how mucky teeth can get in a brace. :)

Good luck!

My son was in pain for about 3 days after his went on. Liquid advil caplets and gatorade.

They will hurt each time you get them tightened too. Just try to imagine how lovely your smile will be when you finally get them off. The wax the orthodontist gave you should help too. The inside of your mouth will get all chewed up from the braces too... don't drink orange juice for a while.

Good luck.

Elliot J
Just bare trough it. I know how it feels. I had braces.

Eat ice cream, take some tablets. Ice cream is spous to numb the pain a little.
Unfortunately for me, when i got my braces i had a cold so I couldn't eat ice cream :(.

I had difficulty falling asleep the day i got braces.


And u should take the day off 2morrow.

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