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christina t
getting and paying for braces?
well as of right now, i don't have a job and was waiting until i did to go see a dentist ( it's taking longer than i thought). but i was wondering do you need to have good credit to get braces and what other things do they look at to determine the cost. lots of details appreciated i want to know a whole lot about this

Lupe Love
No necessarily. They look at how long you will need them on and the severity of the case. I went to a private orthodontist and I was being charged almost 5000! and thats WITH my crappy insurance. Of course I didn't go along with my procedure, but I am going to a dentistry university/medical center to get mine done. Dentistry schools are always looking for patients to work on and it is priced about 50% lower plus w/e insurance you have to cover it. They do VERY good work. Just research some schools, you might come across some good things.
I just got my wisdom teeth taken out and paid $350 and it would have been $1500 anywhere else!

Erika B
If you don't have good coverage, I would check out this website. It gives you great upfront discounts on all dental services.. and ongoing conditions are accepted for only $19.95 a month for your entire household!
includes 60% off the costs of braces!!
(in the united states only!)
your credit doesn't matter! They just require a checking/savings or a credit card for billing reasons.

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