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prince tarz
every time i brush my teeth i see blood ,even when i eat apples or bite something i see blood stains?

Ferrari Enzo
Once you see your dentist and most probably will be refered to a hygienist, you need to start working on your gum, it doesn't happen over night but you can easily reverse it, it's well worth'd

Brush, floss, inter denture clean each and between each and every tooth, morning and evening, especially around the gum

Get cordesyl mouth wash,

It's reversable but if you leave it, it weakens your teeth, you'll have pockets and you'll loose them, you might need to see a periodental if you're at an advanced stage.

I have the same thing, well the apples part, and only happens sometimes.
Good Luck :)


Blue Haired Old Lady
Go see a dentist. You probably have gingivitis.

Turd Ferguson
Gum disease! Go to the dentist and start flossing.

You have poor gum health. Your gums are resilient enough to withstand brushing and eating harder foods. I recommend flossing and a strong mouth wash. Eventually, you will get stronger gums and all will be well.

★Chocolaty Girl★
Maybe you have gingivitis, or you might just have sensitive gums. Maybe you should use a tooth brush with soft bristles and brush your teeth more often.

Gum disease.
Invest in some REALLY good toothpaste, change your toothbrush, and make an appointment with your dentist

Go to your dentist!

Maybe you have gingivitis (weak gums), loose tooth or a tooth that is SLIGHTLY moved out of place. I'm pretty sure its not a big deal but to make sure you should see your dentist. =)

ρяєтту♥ ğяєєи♥ єуєš♥
Sounds like you have weak gums! Go see your dentist.

Moona Lisa ®
That's a sign of gum disease. Plaque and tartar build up under the gum-line and cause the gums to loosen. Loose gums tend to bleed during brushing.
Sounds like you need a good deep-root cleaning...that's always a fun time :~D..
Good luck with that!

Also..always use a SOFT toothbrush. The hard ones can cause gums to bleed as well.

gum disease

Silvia Dusses
Hello, I'm a doctor. I think that you want to get more info about it. Please go to http://healthylife09.blogspot.com/?q=brush%20teeth

Katherine S
This sometimes happens to me, so if its anything like me, you need to build up your gums. By doing this, you should actually brush your gums, which may hurt at first. They are probably sensitive, so you just need to brush them like they are your teeth.

If this doesn't work in about a week, I would go see a dentist or consult with someone.

Sounds like you have gum disease! That would my guess anyhow. You might need to brush more frequently if you're not already doing so - sorry if I sounded rude in this post!

Do you have a bad brushing habbit??
If you don't brush your teeth enough that can happen.

[email protected]
It sounds like you might be using to hard of a bristle. Try a softer brush, this is a case with many people, the other reason could be that you do not floss enough or regularly. Try to floss at least once a day preferably after dinner or meals.

You may have a gum condition, Bleeding gums can be a sign that you are at risk for, or already have, gum disease. However, persistent gum bleeding may be due to serious medical conditions such as leukemia and bleeding and platelet disorders.

The web site below goes into detail

you don't brush your teeth a lot, do you.

and I'll bet you NEVER FLOSS.

I'm right, aren't I?

Man, I could smell your teeth a mile AWAY!

remember that song from Wings?

That is a sign of gum disease. Floss after eating, you have to do it every day and use mouthwash twice daily. Brush you teeth at least once a day, but twice is better.

use baking soda to clean and scope. otherwise you may need deep cleaning, remove scales that are cutting into your gums.

when u brush your teeth and see blood, is because your gengive is really soft, and because you contain food inside. so the only way you can stop that blood, is by brushing your teeth a lot. when you bite hard stuff starts bleeding, because your gengive is very sensitive Consulting your dentist is the best thing you can do.

Victoria Dudhill
You may have an infection in your gums, or using a toothbrush with bristles that are too hard, if you don't brush everyday it may be due to the fact that they are weak, if you do brush everyday as I said before it could be an infection you should see your dentist or GP to find out.

Country Girl
When was the last time you had your teeth cleaned by a dentist? You could have gingivitis. If it has been a while, go and get a good cleaning. Do the home care that the dentist suggests and your gums will eventually tighten back up and stop bleeding.

You probably have a gum infection or disease that must be checked out by a dentist immediately!!
Whatever bacteria you have in your gums, you will eat with your food and that may pass onto your bowels and affect those too.

You may have gingivitis which is inflammation of the gums. You probably don't floss enough. Go to your dentist and let them know. . .

Tim S
You probably have gingivitis. It causes gums to bleed pretty much anytime they're touched.

Or you could just be brushing too hard, and the apple is reopening the sores from brushing too hard.

You have weak gums, just use a toothbrush with soft bristles, look for the "soft" on the packaging. Continue to floss and brush your teeth with toothpaste even if there is blood because you still need to maintain the teeth for healthy gums. See a dentist in case you have any gum disease so that you can stop it ASAP.

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