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I saw a programme about hygiene and they said not everyone brush there teeth, or only brush there teeth once a day :O

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 Are Dentists trustworthy?
Would not carry out unnesscessary work for the money?...

 how long does it take when u brush ur teeth?
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 Are you supposed to feel like you just took a shower after having your teeth cleaned by your dental hygienist?
Should I have asked her to pass the soap? For a towel perhaps?
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I just found that my whole face and head (hair included) was soaking wet by the time she was done. She ...

does getting a filling hurt?
i am 16 and i have never had a filling but i am getting one tomorrow. will it hurt? there won't be adrenaline in the injection because it gives me a migraine. what will it feel like and how long will it take?
thanks! =]

Stars Sci-Tech
Filling is okay, oh but the drilling hurts! I have one. But it takes no leass than 20 minutes.

Joseph J
only the drilling hurts

Good for you! I'm 16 and i have 3 :( I never took care of my teeth when i was young. Anyway, the filling wont hurt, but the drilling will. They just give you a sharp pain but not to the extent where you'll yelp or make make sudden movements. If it gets to painful, you can raise your hand to ask your dentist to stop, and take a few second breather. Don't worry, you'll be fine. And hey, getting a filling is better than having a rotten tooth, right? It shouldn't take more than 20 minutes. Hope it goes well :)

♥ Auzzie Amber ♥
Hmm well when i had my teeth done.. ( when i was 9) i had to have 8 fillings put in and 8 metal caps on them.I dont know if it hurts because they put me under sleep.But i couldnt eat any hard foods at ALL and i had to eat jelly and noodles and stuff

The dentist with freeze the area where the filling is going. You won't feel a thing until after the freezing comes out....then it will be a little sensitive, but not sore. I've had many fillings, and never had one that hurts while being filled or drilled.

Marie L
sometimes it hurts but not much usually. The Novocaine helps

I got one a couple of weeks ago and you justt feel aa little sting,it doesnt hurt much

scott emt, nursing asst
theres Novocaine that helps but talk to your dentist who is doing it. you will be ok p s i don't like dentists also

there a re several types of pain killer. one for people who cannot tolerate adrenaline. ask your dentist for it. if you feel any pain, ask for a second shot.

a competent dentist can make a filling painless.

it's not fun but the pain should be minor.

Getting a filling doesn't necessarily hurt, it's just the pressure from the drilling that's uncomfortable. The only painful part of the procedure would be getting the shots to numb your mouth. It's really a quick procedure. They numb you, then drill, then scrape the cavity out, then add some sealant.

no, they don't hurt at all. your dentist will apply this pink topical gel (like anbasol) before injecting you with Novocaine at the back of your mouth, where the main nerves branch off. All you'll feel is an extremely tiny pinch, then you'll sit for 5 to 10 minutes (probably reading a magazine or something..this is what I do) until your mouth is good and numb. After that, your dentist will use a tiny drill to remove the bad tooth parts (cavity), clean out the area and then fill the hole(s) with filling material..similar to cement (it could be made of porcelain, or gold..etc..depending on what you choose to get, and can afford). You'll then be asked not to eat or drink for a couple of hours, until the new filling has solidified. You probably wont have the desire to eat or drink anyway, because you can't feel or taste anything..so doing so would be very unsatisfying to say the least lol. The actual drilling/filling takes about 20 or so minutes, depending on how big or small it is. As far as I know, Novocaine injections used by dentists DO NOT contain adrenaline (I too am sensitive, and have yet to have a problem.)

no, i had my first one done last week & i didn't feel a thing.
they give you a shot of Novocaine and it feels so cool because your whole mouth goes numb. i was actually biting my tongue to see how hard i could bite before i felt it, but i stopped when i saw it was bleeding. but no, it wont hurt at all.

it does not hurt. they numb the area before. the local anaesthesia that is normally used have epinephrin in it but you can always tell your dentst and he can use the other one without it. for more information on fillings you can visit the following link

Just Smile :)
i have to get @ least 10 fillings and i got some yesterday..they put like a thing in your mouth that numbs it b4 the needle..and then they rub outside of your mouth and inject novacaine into the area gums etc!! once the numbing starts u dont feel a thing! nothing idk if adrenanline is used, u kan ask b4 they start! i got a headache right after the anthestic wore off... Trust me i was so nervous and im 20 they wanted to give me the laughing gas..so dont worry if you tell them ur worried or they kan tell mine could, then theyll take extra care of u.. im in a lil pain day after but, nothing is as bad a getting another root canal done on a root canal! i know..good luck you'll be fine.. i was! and im the BIGGEST baby ever! lol

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