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[email protected]
does anyone know how to stop or ease toothache its driving me mad.?

use the toothpaste called as emoform it will surely decrease the pain

Clove or Clove oil is the best option. Guaranteed.

Mad M
Never suffered from it, but a friend of mine used too, he used Clove oil and rubbed it on the gum around the tooth, he said it did the job until he could get to a dentist to have it sorted.

Otherwise a common place class C or nurofen

oil of clove
A drop of strong whisky

Hunka Munka
Go to your dentist straight away for a diagnosis, you might have an absess or something which can be very dangerous.

Mrs. Miller
Go to the dentist of course but in the meantime, try using clove oil which you can get from any chemist. I've also heard that some people actually put a clove against their gum (where the pain is) and this is said to ease pain but I haven't tried that myself. Good luck with it - I know how horrible toothache feels!!

u can take paracetamol and ibuprofen (as long as u dont suffer from asthma, stomach problems and high blood pressure) also u can rub something like anbesol on to the gum, swill around the tooth with warm salted water and spit it out and u could put a warm hot water bottle against ur cheek. You then need to see ur dentist as soon as u can. If u live in England that could be a pain in its self finding one.

lara h
Try using anti inflammatory i.e Ibuprofen, diclofenac. ...and oil of cloves....although that is awfull and it feels like it burns a little,there again that takes your mind off your tooth for a minute or 2,.I think there is nothing worse than toothache and earache..good luck

Get to the dentist immediatelt, because it will only get worse and an absess can actually be quite dangerous. The strnage thing about tooth pain is that often it is transfered paon and it is not even the actual tooth you think it is that has the problem.In the meantime I have found that motrin actall makes my tooth pain feel better than hydrocodone prescribed by te dentist. I HAVE ALWAYS HEARD THAT IF YOU LET AN ASPIRIN MELT ON THE TOOTH IT WILL PROVIDE RELIEF, BUT I HAVE NEVER BEEN ABLE TO DO IT--COULD NOT STAND THE TASTE

Jesus M
For best result go to the dental clinic ans ee a dentist to attend to it.

Clive Roland
mefenamic acid 500 mg tablet, 1 tablet now, then see the dentist in the morning...

Sam T
Take panacetamol or panadol. If the pain still persist, visit your nearest dental care specialist.

Toothaches are painful but can be prevented
by take suitable precautions. Avoid eating
food which will result in the formation of acid
in the mouth, brush teeth regularly with a fluoride
toothpaste. I found the information at

cloves oil is sopose to work really well. Just dab it on to a hanky then place on sore tooth.

Curious George
Rinse with salt water and take 4 aspirins.

Tooth ache is hell but there are two methods that work without going to d dentist but they are temporary solutions. 1- take this pain killer: Profenid + Zantac( anti stomach ache med.) just make sure u dnt have ulcer & ur nt allergic to something in its generic component, & 2- try drinking sage or clary a herb that is great for all aches, muscular spasms, cramps & cold. Don't over use sage or clary as it has a sedative effect n can cause loss of short term memory & can get u drugged. Try seeing a dentist as soon as u can. Get well soon.

Yes I do! Get a ruler, your own nail would do just as well, and press against the ends of your fingers. It will hurt but hold it to a count of 10 seconds. When you find the point representing the area that hurts the most in your mouth, you will feel a worse pain. That's the one you hold in spite of the pain which will be only temporary but your pain will go away. This is how they used to pull teeth without going to the dentist or freezing the mouth. It really works. I promise! Teri

go to walgreens and get a bottle of cloroseptic......or smash your thumb with a hammer, that will make you forget about your tooth....LOL

peter p
go 2 dentist straight away i just had my tooth pulled out today because i had toothache . it might be a very dangerous absess mine was massive !!!! I RECOMMEND YOU GO STRAIGHT AWAY GOOD LUCK

tooth tincture get from chemist

oil of cloves

des k
oil of cloves it hurts but it works..........then go to a dentist

just take pain killers or go to dentist and have it taken out

Hi, i have found the best thing to use is oil of cloves, which you can get from any chemist.
Also make sure you book a dentist appointment, to get it checked out.

hi, sounds daft but when i get toothache i always go and give them a really good brush and then rinse with mouth wash, but be warned it could make it worse, it always works for me though.

Also nurofen is the best thing to get rid of toothache.

Best of luck

Abigail L
Take two nurofen or ibuprofen they work better than paracetamol because they work at tackling nerve pain!

You're going to have to see a dentist. Immediately. In the meantime, take ibuprofen alternating with paracetamol (called acetamenophen in the US) to try to cope with the pain.

whole cloves from the spice rack. asprin works fast

Firstly take a pain relief tablet, ibuprofen, or something similar. Try not to poke the tooth with your tongue. Make an appointment with your dentist. You could have an abscess or an infection.

A doctor once told me that if you suffered from toothache you should massage the web of skin between your thumb and forefinger and the ache will go away. For right side toothache massage the left hand and vice versa.

ma d
**** READ THIS **** Thats great, Im sure your reading these answers and thinking yea yea yea I already took pain meds and they are not working and I dont have cloves and I am in pain right? Well go to your kitchen and get a empty PLASTIC bottle and fill it with HOT water and place it on the area where the tooth hurts and when the water starts to get cold ill bet your pain is gone but if not put more hot water in it ( heating pad will also work ). and yes make sure you take ADVIL because the other stuff is junk, most people can usually take 800mg at 1 time. I am not a Dr. but I know this works. If you take 800mg then you will have to wait about 8 hours to take more ADVIL. just so you know some people have stomach and other problems from taking advil and stuff like that so use with caution. And im sure you know to go to the dentist as soon as possible because it might be infected. good luck, mad

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