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does a root canal treatment hurt?
i have to get root canal on one of my teeth that has a huge hole in it from an accident ages ago. people say that it hurts but others say that u dont feel a thing because of the anestetic.

Hurts like hell. Plan to take a day or two off work

as u have a huge hole in your tooth
the root canal treatment will hurt
sorry :(

Christy SD Nurse
it hurts after the procedure

Cla$$y Christina <33
yea it hurts.

they have to cut through your gum to get all the stuff out.

it fuggin hurts.

Sassy bell
I've had 2 root canals and no they don't hurt. Humm the only part that hurts is when do stick you with the needle for the anesthesia after that your good. GOOD LUCK!!!!

the injection to numb it hurts more than the procedure. I have had a few done. Its uncomfortable more than anything. I found the cleaner they use for the inside of the tooth the worse, it smells like bleach and it runs down the back of your throat. Dont worry, they really do work great to preserve the tooth

my babys rock!!!!!!!!!
It does hurt but generally they give you some meds to make you more comfortable. Plus after the procedure you will notice you feel much better from having the infected tooth taken care of. Good luck.

NO..I have had to have two. I did not even feel any pain after the topical wore off. If you have a good dentist you should feel nothing during and after.

my mom got a root canal yesterday lol
and yeah it does hurt..[i'm not trying to scare you ]
my moms root canal took more than 3 hours [no joke]]
and after she got it done she had to take really strong pain relievers.
she got a prescription from the dentist and yeah..
hope this helped=]

It feels like when you drink cold water on sensitive teeth. But if you get a good doctor (unlike me) that gives a lot of anesthetic you shouldn't feel a thing. Afterward I had no pain just felt uncomfortable. Mine took 4 visits to the dentist and I only had one done because of a fractured molar. I think it also depends on what tooth you're doing. The front non molar teeth hurt more.

as far as i know , from watching freaky friday it does hurt.

2 years ago i was running and this dude david tripped me and i fell and killed the nerve in my tooth so i had to get a root canal.
I was too scared to get the shot,
so they just put this huge metal like brace/clamp on me.
mine was done with lasers though, not drills.
also, i was pretty much under the influence of nitrous oxide,
so i didnt feel a thing.
it actually kinda tickled.
i left the office wanting to have it done again
- riannaâ„¢

Joe B.
No, they don't hurt at all. Maybe in the past they did, but techniques for doing them are a lot better now.

Basically it's not much different than getting a tooth filled. I've had two and never had any complaints.

Root Canals are usually given when the root of your tooth is damaged or gets infected. The dentist will drill out the root, kill the nerve, and then fill it back in. You should never have any pain or feeling in that tooth again.

Not that I enjoyed my two root canals, but my only real complaint was the time it took to do it...usually right around an hour.

But no, there is no real pain...before or after.

penelope pitstop
I had 3 sessions for one tooth.
They first was fine. The next two were horrendous. They dentist didn't give enough anaesthetic and then hit a nerve.
I know others who were totally fine. I suppose it depends on the dentist and your pain threshold.
Good luck.

Had it done recently myself and it didn't hurt at all.

The only part of the root canal that hurt for me was the shot before hand. Honsetly the pain you go through before you get it fixed is far worse. Afterwards it does hurt, but not as much as it did before, and they usually give you medication for it.

Does root canal treatment hurt?

The treatment should be as painless as getting a cavity filled, according to the American Association of Endodontists. In fact, people usually see the dentist because they're already in severe pain. You'll be given a local anesthetic to make the area around the affected tooth as painless as possible.

Root canal treatment has become increasingly sophisticated over the past 15 years, particularly since dentists have begun using surgical operating microscopes that make it far easier to trace the paths of root canals. But if you're still concerned about pain, talk to your dentist about how much pain makes you uncomfortable. Your dentist may be able to adjust the amount of anesthesia or give you nitrous oxide to make you more comfortable.

It depends a lot on which tooth. The teeth in the front have one root and the ones in the back have four.

Basically, the doctor is removing the actual nerve from the tooth. Which is where the pain comes from, so logically, the tooth itself will never hurt again because the nerve is gone.

The procedure itself isn't really that bad. They numb you very well and for most people it's absolutely painless. If you tend to freak out, ask them to give you gas as well, it'll be over before you know it happened.

You might be sore for a few days too, but nothing to worry about, the doc will give you some pain pills but like I said, most people don't even need them


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