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 My Teeth Hurt, Im serious, please help, Im going crazy!
Hello, I will be getting braces in two weeks well today they put these tiny little white things in my mouth, and the dentist did it reallyyyy hard, so now my one tooth is loose, but anyways it hurt ...

 I don't brush my teeth?
Is there a problem with that? Just because I refuse to become a sheep and follow the rest of society I'm suddenly "icky" and "eww". Make your own choices. Make your own lives!...

 Does toothache ever go on it's own?

Additional Details
I cant afford to go to dentist, and I don't have an NHS dentist, as all are full, my dentist went PRIVATE and I could not afford to stay with them....

 Why won't my dentist help?
My daughter (21 months old) chipped her two front teeth about a year ago - infact not long after they came out. I know exactly where and when it happened. They are quite sharp so took her to the ...

 please help people who have or had braces!!!!!!!!!!?
I am getting braces tommorow June 17 and I am kinnda scared does it hurt after and while your getting them what hurts the most?...

 Why do dentist's always have bad breath?

 Are root canals painful?
I'm really nervous about getting my root canal done next week. Is it really as awful as everybody says it is? Does the procedure hurt? Does it hurt afterward? I can only imagine that digging out ...

 Does root canal surgery hurt?
I have an infection in the root of one of my molars. Does getting root canal surgery hurt?...

 Is this unhealthy....?
I chew atleast 5 pieces of sugarfree gum everyday. Is this unhealthy?
Additional Details
yes im positive its sugar free
and its not annoying i dont chew it loudly or anything (:...

 can normal family dentistz tell you if you need braces?
I think i need braces. i have uneven teeth and a huge overbite. my last question was bout an hour ago about overbites and if i need to get braces for them and they said yes. but my normal dentist ...

 I want whiter teeth.?
I'd like to know some ways I can whiten my teeth.
None of that toothpaste crap works, and I can't use
whitening strips.

Did I mention I have braces? >=/

 What's good for a toothaches?

Additional Details
Am going to dentist when I can get ...

 I'm getting braces soon!! Arghh!!?
I'm getting spacers next week and braces the week after.
I just wanted to know, do they hurt?
I've got a bit of overbite and my two fangs haven't properly come down yet (...

 When does the braces actually start moving your teeth?
Does it hurt to get them on?
How long is the process of getting braces?
What will it feel like afterwards?
And when does the braces move your teeth?

I have a gap, overbite, ...

 Can i ask my dentist not to do X-Ray to fix my tooth?
I have a nasty cavity. I am pregnant though. I am four weeks. I know X-Ray is bad, could I ask my dentist to fix it without the X-RAY?...

 Is the age 16 too old for wearing braces?
My dad has been wanting me to wear braces forever, since I was like 11 I believe but he just procrastinates about it all the time. So yes, in like a week I'm finally getting braces and I think ...

 How does smoking effect your teeth?
We are doing a project for school and we were wondering how smoking effects your teeth....

 i recently just got braces july 16th and they are still hurting is it normal to be hurting this long?
are they supposed to feel loose? i also eat very soft things and they still hurt aahh!! can anyone help thanks =]...

 Getting teeth pulled out?
I'm going to get braces soon and will get some teeth out as well. Will getting my teeth pulled out hurt? If I get my teeth pulled out then what do they do with it? Can someone please help me ...

i have a big hole in my tooth and i'm 2 scared 2 get it checked out so wot should i do plzz help ...

do your teeth seperate a lot after getting your wisdom teeth out?
I got my wisdom teeth out recently, i am a little worried that my teeth will separate apart in the future...and that i might end up getting braces, or my teeth wont look good like they are now. My teeth are very straight , as if i have worn braces....would this effect me in the future??!?!?

thank you...
plz reply asap

nope sorry, i wish they did

my cousin got her wisdom teeth out a few years ago and her teeth are still perfect like they were so you'll probably be fine.

I had 6 wisdom teeth and the removal didn't affect the other teeth at all.

bob smith
dont worry they wouldnt have so many people get their wisdom teeth pulled if you had to get braces after

i had braces and then i had to get my wisdom teeth removed..and my teeth never moved..

**NOTE: i had mine done sugerically before they even grew in

No they don't. I had mine out, and my teeth are very crowded (I do need to get braces, but my insurance doesn't cover it) - but it didn't affect it at all. You won't have any problems!

Why would they?

Alyssa's mommy
Mine moved a little, but it wasn't noticeable except to the dentist....

a.eagle ♥
No, I don't think that it will.
I had mine out and it did not effect them at all :)

You're teeth don't move back towards your molars so you don't need to worry about gaps opening up. The issue with wisdom teeth is that they over crowd your mouth and push your teeth together and make them overlap. You'll be fine.

No ....
Wisdom teeth you can do with or without ..
Depending on how they grow in which no one has control over.

If you have another other missing teeth ?
Like in the front or sides ?
After years ? They will separate.
It's always good to get a crown or bridge to stop the shifting of the teeth.

my wisdom teeth were moving all my teeth after my braces!...when i got them out, my teeth have stayed perfectly fine, its been 5 years since i got them out......so i hope this helps !!! good luck, its not as bad as everyone says it is ! :)

It is possible but very unlikely, the tendency is for teeth to move foward, so if it is the last tooth then there is no tooth in back of it to shift foward. So again while possible that teeth can shift backwards a bit it is ver very unlikely.

if your getting them out it is because they don't fit
so no your teeth are not going to separate

I actually have natural straight teeth...
Weird huh...

No they should stay the same. The reason for getting them out is that there is usually no room and they can push and screw up your teeth. I would ask you dentist and see what he says. They could always make you a clear retainer for fairly cheap you could wear at night so they don't move.

Corey W
Yes, 2 cm gaps.

Torrey Z

I recently had my wisdom teeth removed, and there have been no changes in my teeth. usually wisdom teeth are removed because thay are eith crouding the other teeth or pushing into your other molars, so basically keeping them in could make your teeth overlap and become uneaven,if the wisdom teeth are removed, the teeth can alline straight and they probably wont gap.
so in short removing wisdom teeth wont affect your other teeth.

ask your orthodontist if you need a retainer

Your teeth should be fine.
For the people who have already had braces, their teeth could migrate to fill the open gaps because their jaw bones are already softened, that is if they don't wear their retainers to keep their teeth from moving.
Since you've never had braces that shouldn't be a problem.
In fact, since your wisdom teeth aren't there to overcrowd your mouth, you have actually lowered your risk of your teeth shifting. Good move =]

BooBoo Bear
no they don't even move.

Mine have not.



Mine didn't move at all. Had all four out two at a time over the span of a few years.

Mine didn't

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