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p.s. will i look ugly or pretty with braces?


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love is key to health
do my teeth NEED braces or will i be okay? check them out and let me know?
i use to have HUGE GAP but as i got older the gap got smaller so here ya go
Additional Details
and for hudson yes my lips are quiet PLUMP :) no hard feelings for you.

Daniel O'Malley
Nope your teeth are fine.

Chocolate Bear
You have perfect teeth!:)

check with your local dentist might help alot

kolby f
your teeth look good to me, but if your teeth have moved together that much already to make your old gap not even noticable, it might be a good idea to seek a dentists advice, because your teeth could be slowly crowding due to other reasons like wisdom teeth for example. BUT you could be safe, because as we grow our jaw does as well, your older now and you have probably stopped growing so lets hope your jaw (which could of caused the movement of your teeth) has stopped too!

u good guh

no your teeth are fine !!!

you shoulndt need braces you might need a retainer


nope, you dont look like you need them at all.
i wish mine looked like that haha

you have nice teeth

Larry S
You're teeth look good. You have a really nice smile. I had to get braces when I was younger but my teeth were really bad!!! I think you will be okay. Hope I have helped.

No, I don't think you do, unless you want them.
Or, if you have an overbite, you may have to get braces.
But it looks like your teeth are pretty much perfect. =]

your teeth look great no need to fix them

You don't need braces at all.
I think you have very nice teeth and a very pretty smile!

»♥ ℓÖvε CÖÖkiε ♥»™
nope i dont think so

Your teeth look great, I don't see any need to fix them. You have a pretty smile.

tinky winky
you should be perfectly fine because they are not bad at all by the way you must take good care of your teeth because there white girl


I had a big gap (bigger then that) and the dentist just filled it in with some fake tooth paste stuff. You should ask your dentist about it, my teeth look great now. (:

nice teeth

Gold Fish Alert
1. Those are great teeth.
2. I have that same fruit painting!

no, they are fine and you are beautiful. i know people that actually do have gaps (your is not even visible) and i dont think its an issue. my sister-in-law had a gap, got braces and still has a gap.

madonna has a gap and is considered a very beautiful woman

no you dont ur teeth look like mine and i just got my braces off today =]

no!! your teeth are perfectly fine.

Just Like You
You're perfectly fine! I don't see any huge gap! No need of braces.

silly question, they are almost perfect

They look fine to me.....you may be good with out!

you don't need braces at all... you're lucky to have straight teeth like that.

unless your bite is not aligned, i doubt you'll need braces. your teeth look good like they are, they dont need much correction, if any.


Me Fang You
u have a beautiful smile :D

edit: AND a lot of class dealing with idiots like hudson :)

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