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do dentists delebrately damage peoples teeth to make more money?
have any dentists ever been prosecuted for this?

Marty K
You can't really trust them. They'll often recommend all sorts of work that doesn't need to be done, they take FAR too many xrays, many of them are brutal and they're in it for the money.

Sure, just like mechanics do it too!! So you'll come back!! The thing is you can not proof he did it. Since cavaties do the same damage!! And one dentist is not going to talk against another dentist!!!

The Sam
Awesome! I'm gonna be a dentist and do just that! Thanks for the idea

It is a known fact that dentists particulary NHS dentists in up at least to the eighties were giving people fillings that did not need them.They then claimed the allowance for the jobs they done on unsuspecting patients from the Government. Thousands of people have had fillings or repeat fillings for years and their health might be affected at some time because many of the fillings contained mercury

I hope that they do not, but, assuredly nothing is impossible and some dentist or other could certainly have done it in the past. That would be hard to find out though, except perhaps through their professional organization's disciplinary committee (or, pardon the pun, "word of mouth" from a former patient).

YES!! some do

Oh come on.. I'm not a dentist so I've no axe to grind but they are professional people do you really think that ,or are you winding up..

what!!! dentists damaging ppl's. teeth.
some might i dunno.
go to a good hospital for ur teeth!!!

Dr. H
I don't know of any personally and would hope that no one would do that but I suppose that it isn't entirely impossible. I would find it hard to believe that a dentist would do that but if when you go to see your dentist you feel like you can't trust them then find another dentist. There are plenty of us who care about the patient first and foremost and dictate our treatment plan because of what is best for you, not our pockets. Good luck and always go with your gut instinct when choosing a dentist. Everybody's personality is different and you want someone that you trust and someone that does the best for you. Take care!

dawn q

Lorraine R
This is a very old scam that has supposedly been erradicated.
Best thing to do is go by word of mouth (pardon the pun!)
Ask someone you know or trust which dentist they use.

Id imagine if the doctor was shady, then yes

Yes...my dentist done the same to me..I am actually suing him now but luckily I have managed to find a much nicer honest dentist who wants to help me and not be a money grabber.

Oh, get real. Does a patient really think that a doctor would risk his license, his practice, and his living, for a few measly bucks from them?

That is ignorant!

yes some dentists do that

not every dentist really do that....cuz spoiling ur own case is like spoiling ur own reputation....patient wont come to tat dentist again.....how many times u really think of going to person with whome u had bad experiance or how many times wil u suggest his or her name to others...

yes. I have a filling i didnt need.

Yes its a UK thing

bobbi b
I can assure that there is little point in deliberately damaging patient's teeth, they do plenty damage by themselves.

If a dentist is prosecuted for misconduct then usually it is along the lines of poor treatment or not providing enough treatment. Very occasionally someone is prosecuted for providing work that may be judged un-necessary such as bridgework.

There's not enough profit in fillings to do extra ones!

maybe some do

NOOOOOOO! Not if their good and reputable!!! That is malpractice and they can lose thier lisece to practice anywhere. So if their practice is thier main source of income, there is no way in hell they'd do that. I don't know of any dentists that have been prosecuted. Sorry.

Depends on who you are dealing with.

no they do not..most people do a good enough job of it themselves

probably ... people will do anything for money, except the honest people lol.

Picture Taker
There are bad people in any profession, but I must say that I have never personally seen any evidence of this. Incompetence - yes, but I've never thought anyone was deliberately "damaged.: This would be prosecutable as either malpractice or battery if it was possible to prove harm was done intentionally. If it WAS done, I say go for it and good luck. If you "suspect" that it was done, I say be very, very careful about a countersuit for libel.

No reputable dentist would ever do that. I have never heard of such a thing.

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