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 I am going to the dentist today and I'm really scared does the numbing shot hurt?
I have an appointment today at 3:50pm and I'm scared as hell, I'm 19 I know I should be brave but when it comes to sharp things in my mouth I freak out. So they prescribed me Valium, my ...

 Why do your teeth chatter when you're cold?
This past Xmas I was in New York.
It was freezing! My teeth wouldn't stop.
Then when I tried to shut my mouth, they went and did it again.
Almost automatically. It was like a ...

 Bleaching my teeth with clorox ????!?
Well, I have those trays meant for whitening your teeth but i want a much stronger effect.

So i was thinking, Why not put clorox laundry bleach in the tray mixed with a bit of water... or ...

 I'm afraid of going to dentist. What should I do to kill the fear?

 I'm in pain and i need advice?
On wednesday i had a top back tooth out ,the dentist had a job to get it out as it was breaking as he was twisting it 4 ages.The injections had to be topped up as i could feel pain half way through ...

 My bracket (from my braces)....?
.....just popped loose and my apt is on Friday.I don't know what to do....should i call my orthodontist or just wait till Friday?...

 Should i get braces? How much does it hurt?
I'm thinking about getting braces, and i wanted to know how much it hurts (the procedure and afterwards)
My friend got braces and he had to take pills for WEEKS because it hurt so much.

 can i get my teeth pierced?
i mean like a hole I can put rings through, not a embedded diamond or something like ...

 How to get rid of bad breath?
I used to not brush my teeth that well. But i have realised that i need to take better care of my teeth so for the last 2 months i have been trying to take realy good care of my teeth, ive been ...

 i just got my braces?
just got them a month ago. now i have to go for the next app., what should i expect?...

hi! ok well im really anxious right now! Why? because im going to get my wisdom teeth pulled out my dentist and ortho have already told me that im going to need them taken out AND their coming in ...

 my daughter's lower front tooth has fallen out,should it have a root??

 Do you have an Emergency Plan?
How many of you out there have an Emergency Plan "in place" for your family, in case of an emergency, natural or otherwise? If so, what does it entail?
For those of us that don'...

 When do you brush your teeth? Before or After breakfast?
I do it before breakfast.
Which do you think is correct and why?...

 when you get braces do the dentist ask you what color you want?

 How To Clean A Retainer?
Ohh, and also the retainer sometimes smells bad if i leave it out for too long. Any help??
Additional Details
Whenever i put my retainer back in after eating, its always has this funny ...

 Do Braces Hurt While Getting Them On!?!?!?!?
im getting my braces in a few months and im really nervous. alot of my friends say they dont hurt at all.. but theres a handfull of others that say they hurt REALLY BAD! i dont know who to believe? ...

 Can I Still Be Cute With Braces?
I'm 15 and I'm getting braces... I'll probably have them until my senior year. I've noticed that a lot of little kids (like 4th grade) are getting braces... and I feel weird being ...

 does anyone know how to get WHITER TEETH?
please help! ...

 My braces look really, really bad...?
I just got braces and they look TERRIBLE. I look so bad. The top row is like a fluro pink and the bottom row is just plain metal but I look SOOO ugly and I HATE it.

And when I smile I look ...

four wheelin' love♥
do braces hurt when they put them on u?

I have had braces for over a year now, so you can trust me to say, YES!!! well actually, when you first get them on not necessarily...mine dint, but they KILLED when i got them tightened. just take a tylenol before and you get them on, and before you go to bed...that always helps me.

well it inflicts alot of pain on ur teeth everywhere, if u take a couple tylenol they should be somewhat better but despite that yes they hurt

Doesnt hurt when you get them but got to get used to having them in your mouth.When the braces start to work they cause a dull pain for almost a week in the beginning.

yes like hell..for a while

misty a
Yes but you get used to them. And they cut your mouth don't forget to get wax at ortho. He'll know what you mean. Also hurts like hell when they tighten them. LOL Have fun.



OMG yes.

That is a very interesting question because i should be asking the same one. I have to get them put on also and many people have said that they do not hurt when u are getting them on but, wait until you get home!!!!!!!!

They don't hurt when they are put on they hurt when they are tightened

no, but give it the next day! it does hurt

when they put them on, no. while you have them on, your jaw and teeth are sore. when they take them off....wow---talk about discomfort.

They cause alot of soreness and pain. Especially if the wire is adjusted and not trimmed off, it scrapes the back of your mouth and HURTS! They give you wax to cover any wires that poke you, but it doesn't help. If you feel a wire poking you at the dentist's office, tell them then, it won't get any better until they trim it off enough to where it doesn't poke and scrape anymore. And, remember to wear your retainer after you get your braces off, I didn't and my teeth moved back.

yeah but just like any thing else you get use to it

Bored At School
I don't but I will know in a few weeks cause I have to get them mate.

when they are first putting braces onto your teeth, your teeth will not hurt and you probably will not feel any pain whatsoever... but the next day when you wake up in the morning, your teeth will feel very sore and this will last probably for about a week but no longer... i reccommend taking some tyennol the night you get braces and as far as eating goes I recommend Odwala which is a smoothie type of drink and comes in a variety of flavors but is very filling, but other than that I would just keep reminding yourself about the beautiful smile you will have afterwards!!!

my friend had braces, they pull ur teeth alot and can hurt for a couple of weeks b/c u can feel the pulling, but then it just hurts whenever u get them tightened

no, not when they put them on, but aftwards it hurt for a week!

No but the next day your gums are sore

No they just fell sore for a while. When they put on new metal bars to link them together you get the same feeling.

It doesn't actually hurt but it definitely feels uncomfortable. Afterwards you'll whole mouth will probably feel sore and you won't feel like eating so I suggest you eat before.

at first usually not but after a few hours your teeth ache. Get jello and pudding to eat the first day and actaully try sugar free gum to help loosen and shift your teath the first couple days

it hurts for a couple days every time you go back to the orthodontist to get them tightened. you get them when you have enough adult teeth and if your teeth are not straight. i got my braces when i was in 5th grade. most ppl get them sometime between middle and high school. it took me for years for eveything (including retainers) to be done.

It is uncomfortable because your mouth is held open for a few hours and it has to be dry so that the adhesihve works right. The only part that really hurts is when they slide the wire through the braces and tighten the wire that is pulling your teeth. Then it hurts when they snip off the excess wire. Your mouth and teeth wil be sore for about 3 days. It'll be worth it, when you show off your new smile later. Good luck and stay strong!!!

Chelsea C
my sis sez that they do, she used to have em. she also sez they hurt when they tighten them

It isn't that they hurt, just that they make your teeth sore.

it don't hurt when they put the braces on but it feels weird. The only time it really hurts is when they tighten up on the braces, then it feels like a tooth ache all over your mouth.

You get sore, but you get used to it everytime they tighten them up. It is worth it!

yes, you will be sore, but it will go away in a couple of days...
then the next time the dentist tightens them, you will be sore again, and so on...

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