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can the dentist tell if you smoke ?
im 16 please no haters on the smoking group. ...
and i don't smoke that much maybe like a pack every week or soo, but today i had three smokes in one day and i go the dentist tomorrow
wondering if they will be able to tell if i smoke ?

Old Hollywood ☆
Yeah they can tell. But they probably see lots of minors that smoke. He most likely will jut tell you to brush and floss twice daily. =]
It's really none of their business if you smoke or not.

Yes they can rally tell,my advice is : Brush your teeth for hours then brush them with baking soda .... then a little bit more with tooth paste and you will have super white teeth , believe me i did it

absolutly, as a pre-dental student im telling you that the damage smoking does to your teeth and the surrounding tissue is extensive. its not just your lungs you have to worry about. Those gums of your wont be so pretty if you continue to bring that heat into your mouth. I quit when i was 19 because my dentist told me exactly what im telling you. The damage is not always reversable even if you quite when your 20 or 25 or even in your teens. sometimes the damage that is done (but you cant see until later in your life) is done and all you can do is wait for that precious gum line to receede. But enough of the lecture. haha.
they can tell but i wouldnt worry about them telling your parents. its not their job to do that, they most they will do is maybe have a little talk and mention what I said above. good luck at the dentist and good luck quitting.


you can tell the dentist you shoot heroin, and smoke crack, they dont care.. they' just remind you its bad for your teeth

they can deff tell

Yes thy can. Tobacco smoke does leave a stain on the teeth.

well i'm 14 and dip and smoke so i know were ur comin from dude. the answer is yes but don't care most likely as long as you aren't like a chain smoker or have something really wrong that's gonna hurt ur gums or teeth so that they have to do something for it.

of course, your teeth will be yellow, and he can probably smell it in your mouth, since hes gonna have you open and hes gonna be inspecting it. but i wouldn't worry about him blabbering about it, im sure he sees a million kids who smoke.

lol, just quit buddy, so you wont have to worry about your parent finding out

and you really should quit, if you start now, you wont ever be able to. ive hardly seen anyone done it


I think you've had to have smoked for a really long time in order for them to tell.

DJ Big Dog
A dentist can make a pretty educated guess that you smoke, but unless you're a chronic smoker, like myself, can't tell for certain.

If you're worried about him telling your parents, I wouldn't. They're not supposed to divulge that information.

Yeah they can. My Dentist asked me about it when I was younger, but he did not tell my parents.

They could, teeth becomes grey/yellow looking. It looks obvious.

Jerv M
Sure, because they can tell by your gums and teeth. When you smoke your teeth get stained. Only the dentist can get rid of the stains with his/her equipment. Brushing your teeth would not hide anything.

even if he could i doubt he would do anything about it unless it start to **** up your teeth badly then he would probably just tell you to cut down on smoking or quit. and yeah he probably wouldn't tell your parents

Mr. Nobody
Yes. When I was 16 I smoked maybe 4 cigarettes a day. My dentist told me point blank that if I was going to smoke I might as well not go to the dentist since smoking reverses all the work done. Now I am 23 and just quit smoking 2 weeks ago - I now have over 15 cavities and am going to have to have extensive dental work done to correct what the smoking caused.

I'm not hating on smoking - I did it for almost 8 years myself and personally loved it. Just be aware that if you smoke - going to the dentist is just a waste of time in the long haul because the nicotine gets into your teeth and reverses everything that is done. You will need more extractions, root canals, and other dental work then the averae person.

The good thing though is smoking makes your gums insensitive so it won't hurt as much once your teeth start to decay - but take it from me, it hurts like hell when you stop and get that sensitivity back.

Janko the Walrus
Yes your teeth decay a lot and it turns your teeth yellow. It also causes gum problems.

Бухой Парниша
a week? maybe
chronically definately

and heres another fun fact girls that smoke a lot have ******* that taste like rank fish

Red Eye Jedi
yes! you get smoke stains on the back of your teeth that YOU never see but he does

Maria Alonso
Usually, they can tell that there are stains in your teeth caused by something you place in your mouth (coffee, tea, red wine) but not necessarily the cause. They may ask you if you smoke, but also ask you if you drink red wine or tea.

Heena Imran
dentist tell you do not smoke and it is bad things to your body.and will make your life disturb .there fore avoid this.and more information.http://ukvisasite.com/

laydee frex
they never were able to tell when I went with my mother and i smoked about the same as you, I brushed frantically the night and day before I went - not that that would of done anything.

yea they can tell, because you will have the tar deposit on your teeth

Yellow teeth, smokey breath.. yes. Yellow, but non-rotting, teeth and nice breath.. maybe not. Use some teeth whitening strips and minty mouthwash.

Of-course he will. Smokers have decidedly different (blackened) gums compared to non-smokers. Smoking also does some damage to your teeth that is specific to smoking and not caused by anything else like too much candy or too much gum chewing.

yuck dont smoke u will die if ur gonna smoke anything smoke pot because its better for you...

Ħɛαʌɛи Ƨɛит
over time it becomes easier and easier to tell.
but, yes, most likely, your screwed.
try biting him, that may distract him.

faster than you can say "emphysema"

I hardly doubt it. A pack every week, hardly creates a drastic change. I've smoked half a pack everyday for the past 2 years, and my dentist still hasn't even mentioned smoking, my teeth are white as ever. And if they, by some chance, can tell that you smoke.. I highly doubt they are allowed to tell your parents, especially if you ask them not to. But don't bring it up, unless he/she asks if you smoke. And again, they will not be able to tell. Your teeth will turn yellow from drinking iced tea, faster then they will from smoking.

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