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 does anyone know how to get WHITER TEETH?
please help! ...

 My braces look really, really bad...?
I just got braces and they look TERRIBLE. I look so bad. The top row is like a fluro pink and the bottom row is just plain metal but I look SOOO ugly and I HATE it.

And when I smile I look ...

 are braces ugly or not?
Hiya im rachel and i just got braces they r a little bulky and someone told me braces are the ugliest things you can get in the world do you think they are ugly?...

 How do i get my teeth whiter?
I brush my teeth almost 3 times a day and i have been doing so for the past 4-5 years now, yet my teeth are still quite yellow? are there any home remedies to get my teeth whiter? i am sick of ...

 The dentist told me I have 5 cavities, but I brush twice a day and floss daily. Can this happen?
I haven't had any cavities since I was a child, and I'm 20 now. This is my first time seeing this dentist, and I still can't believe I have 5 cavities. I use listerine after every meal,...

 Braces questions?!?!?
okay I get braces on Thursday and I'm freaking out. So please help me.

1.) On a scale of 1-10, how bad do they hurt? 10 being the worst.

2.) what's the best band color ...

 im getting braces in a month. what food will i not be able to eat anymore?
just what the question says.
i wanna eat it now so i wont miss it as much.

 What color braces should i get?
I have an appointment this week and i have no clue what colors to get, i am terrible under pressure and i will pick gross colors. i need to think ahead, any help?...

 I am getting braces 2moro,excited,wondering?
i am getting my top braces on and i am soooooooooo excited but what do they do??? i am so scared that since i'm a flyer in cheerleading,will it get caught in my cheeaks if they dropped me???

 I get my braces off tomorrow?
Hey, I get my braces off tomorrow after a long 7 years of straightening.
What should I expect?
Thanks :D...

 i'm getting my tongue pierced but i need to hide to hide from my doctors?
the month after i get it done i have to go to the doctor for a check up and after that i have to go to the dentist. what should i do i need ...

 What's your favourite toothpaste?

 Is it okey to use a pacifier for the babies?

 what colour braces (rubber bands) will make your teeth appear whiter?

 Toothache and can't see dentist?
I've had a toothache all day in a tooth that I got a filling in about a month ago. It's not a REALLY bad toothache, but it's pretty sore, but unfortunately I'm 250 miles away from ...

 how to get rid of bad breath??? i need help!!!?
so i have had bad breath since i was little and i cant quite figure out why so i brush my teeth and tounge everyday so i need to find out why plez help ...

 What's the best cure for a mouth ulcer?
Also why do mouth Ulcers form? I clean my teeth and use mouthwash everyday and still I get one now and again! :o(
Is there anything more I can do to prevent them?...

 What colors should I get my braces?
This is my second set of colors....so i want something bright but cute. Im a girl btw. And Im going to Italy with these colors, but I dont want green and red. Thanks!...

 every time i brush my teeth i see blood ,even when i eat apples or bite something i see blood stains?

 Are apples good for your teeth?
one of those things you hear from dentists.....

can i get my teeth pierced?
i mean like a hole I can put rings through, not a embedded diamond or something like that

Sorry no you can't. You wouldn't be able to use that tooth or the tooth under it or next to it. Well, a cavity is a hole in your tooth. I think that would hurt because your teeth can feel pain.

What the heck. that would be so uncomfortable. How would you eat?

I dont think so because it is bone but thats my opinion.
That would hurt too!

ew no, just get a diamond

Hardcore liberal atheist hippie
That would be a cavity.

NO!!!! what? why would you even want that?

umm no!..that'll be gross.


Experienced Professional body piercers will not pierce the teeth for many reasons all of them safety or health related. It would be very hard to do because your teeth, don't forget, are bones.

Tooth gems are stuck onto the tooth surface using a dental adhesive and are not pierced through the tooth. You'd be a pirate with one

Yes, but every time you breathe its gonna be agonizing.

Amyjay :)
now why would you want a hole in your tooth???
bu yes i guess you could.people peirce there finger nails these days.
well actually people peirce anything and every thing.
just think about it. would it be comfortable?easy to clean?and how would you eat with it?
you don't want to get a hole in your tooth(if you can)and then regret it


cath MARY k
just get a fake tooth dont drill anythinG!!
you cant you wont be able to get a peircing through and you will suffer with really bad toothache till you have dentures!!

gridiron phenom
not all you can do is get braces

that would probably destroy your teeth (as in, snapping in two)


no. ur dumb and stupid if u even want one. get a life. :) ur welcome. ♥

[email protected] email me!!
<< has an epix answer..

Get a drill and put a hole through the middle of your teeth

End of story.

Be Happy
no you can bc if you did that would hit a nerve and believe me that hurts realllllly bad

u can get anything done but that sounds horrible and disgusting! cavities just a waiting to happen :/

Um, no that would be, uh, bad. And that would alos be um gross and why the heck would you want that?!

i don't think so, teeth are hard and you might end up with a chipped tooth

the king
what are you thinking?

omar q
i hope this is a joke. If it isn't, I feel bad for you and your friends. Why in the world would you want to pierce your tooth. "Hey guys , check this out I got my f***** tooth pierced" really. not only is this bad for your tooth but its moronic and dumb. A hole in a tooth is a cavity that tooth will eventually need to be replaced if you intentionally put a hole straight through it.

and remember, i said its a moronic and dumb idea. I didn't call you dumb or moronic. just clearing the waters

Well, isn't this annoying?
If you want a hole if your teeth, just don't brush them for a few months ;)

No. How will you eat?

Robert Arranguez
That would be a cavity

no.. why the hell would you want that?

My Father Is King!

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