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 BRACES? how soon ?!?
ok so today i am going to the orthadontist to get spacers on. whatever the heck the are.
how soon after they are on do u think i will get on my braces ?
Additional Details
Also, i ...

 How long did you have braces?
i really super want mine off, but ive had them on for like eva it seems ...

 root canal or extraction?
iv got a choice tomorow. i hate dentists but its got to be done. if i have them out will i have less trouble in the end?...

 bad breath!!?
i brush my teeth but for some reason i get bad breathe sometimes..i dont know what i do...it just wont go away!...

 Teeth pain when drinking cold water?
There is pain on one side of upper and lower teeth when cold water is being drunk. There is no lack of hygienic care of teeth like brushing twice daily. I don't think it is a sign of gingivitis. ...

 how long does it take for your teeth to rot???

 What's the best over-all toothpaste?

 would you honestly believe me if i told you i could lick my eyebrow?
are you that gullible??? really??...

 do i have the right to see a dentist if im in prison?

 BRACES??? Rotting..?
If a person does not go to the dentist for waay over a year to get their braces cleaned/checked/tightend (whatever happens) will their teeth rot out?
Additional Details
first off its not ...

 I have a really big soft lump on the side of my gum, it doesn't hurt, could it be cancer? am i dying?

 Braces !! :(( help !!?
okay i have had braces since april 7th 2008 and i got my traintracks in november 24th 2008 and this was my second time going back with traintracks, today i got the colour changed and the wire ...

 how old were u when u got ur wisdom?
cuz im only 13 turning 14 on the 24th and i feel and can see the tooth coming out and i already hav my 12 y.o. molors came in and my bros gf said they usually dont come in this early. so i dont noe ...

 Why don't babies ever have bad breath?
Although some of them eat regular food and they never brush their teeth, babies' breath is always fresh. Why is that?...

 I'm a 47 yr old female who will be getting dentures. Any advice?

 My girlfriend says she's getting fitted with a dental dam. What's best, the permanent or semi-permanent kind?

 What is the worst part of going to the dentist in the US?

 i fell and chipped my teeth!!?
i fell off a moving car the other day and broke my two front teeth [top] they said no pulp was showing and the roots are okay but how are they going to fix them? they said the loose teeth surrounding ...

 Swelling after wisdom teeth removed?
I'm getting my wisdom teeth removed Wedsnday morning..i'm wondering if theres gonna be swelling afterwards? If so, is it gonna be like really bad looking and obvious? For like how many days?...

 What can I do for bad breath?
I have a terrible mouth odor and taste. It's not my teeth cause I have dentures. I soak my dentures every night and I use mouth wash. I have also used breath mints but it is still really bad. ...

can a tooth inplant be payed through a payment plan?
I have about 2500 dollars to go towards an implant i need. If that is not enough to pay for the whole procedure, will i be able to pay the rest in installments?

It really depends on the dentist/endontist you go to. Some will take a "down payment" sum, then expect the other half within a specified time (typically a month). However, there are those who do have a monthly plan that has a computer to generate a minimum payment per month. You can check your yellow pages or local dentist listing from your insurance company.

Wow, Please check the site below before paying that much. I pay $19.95 for dental benefits for my entire family and it saves us up to 80% on our dental work.

I would at least look into....maybe you wont have to spend that full $2500!! They even include Free Prescription, Free Vision and Free Chiropractic Care with your dental benefits.

The best of luck to ya!!

That depends on your dentist. Most are happy to take payments, especially if you are a regular patient or you can pay for a large portion of the procedure up front. Just be sure to make arrangements before the procedure.

Depends on the dentist. Some do some don't.

You might be able to work out a payment plan directly with the dentist since you have a large downpayment. If your doc won't do it ask if they accept Care Credit. This is a credit card for medical expenses. I had one years ago and I got signed up for it at my dentist's office. If your guy doesn't accept this then call Care Credit and they can give you a list of providers in your area who do accept it. This is a good card to have especially if you don't have insurance. You can even use it to take your pet to the vet if needed.

Yahoo! police
Depends on the dentist. Some do some don't.

Absolutely, but you may have to convince the provider that a) you are good for it and b) you do intend to pay back.

Dr Universe
you should be able to
check with your DENTIST just to make sure

Mrs. Cleaver
If you have saved up $2,500, there is a very good chance that once you fork that over to the Dentist, he will surely set something up for you to pay over time.

Edward W
if your dentist accept it.

some dentist offer that option... Ask around the area and find one that would be willing to accept payments

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