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braces? just got them today?
i got my top braces around 11:30 this morning. i have minor pains in my teeth but its not so bad that i cant eat. will i get worse tommorow?
i took to asprins before i went and six hours after. i cant still eat and it only hurts if i push down hard. will it get worse?

when i got braces, it hurt for a while, it got worse as the week went on, it hurt to eat burgers, but on the second/ third week, it was all good, i could eat an apple

When i had my braces it took a while for the pain to begin but right now you should eat if you feel you can before you have to begin living off yogurt (:

Later on your teeth might be really sore, like when you go to eat later it will feel like all of your teeth are wobbly (well thats what i felt) so when you try eating your teeth just can't support the food.
My teeth were sore for the 3 days after.

Yes. Icecream is your best friend. be careful! you know that feeling you would get from a water fountain thats too cold? that feeling will come back if icecream meets the wire. Ibuprofen comes in second. don't forget the wax! hope this helped!

No it will get better. It just takes a couple of days to get used to because you have wires in your mouth. It does hurt though. Try eating jello. Hope your mouth feels better!! The end result is better than the pain you go through. :-)

Dali lama
Bottem braces are gonna hurt a **** load more than top....get some asprins and u will feel much better

Yes. I have had braces for 3 years. Let me tell you from experience that tomorrow it will get worse. The nit will lightly get better day by day. Give it 3-6 days. Good luck.

P.S. It feels the same way everytime you go back into the orthodontist. They will replace the bands, thus tightening the brackets.

it will probably hurt for a few days; just take some tylenol if it hurts. since your teeth have braces on them, they're already starting to move so that's why it hurts. you'll get used to it. but when they do things like change the wire or make adjustments to a current one in the future, you'll experience something similar, but it probably won't hurt as much. good luck!

It will get worse- trust me.

The first three days will hurt LIKE HELL. God, when I got them on- I seriously wanted to write an entire book about the pain I was going through.

After those first 3 days though- it'll all start to feel just fine.

yes, it will...you will be fine in a few days...

Oh Snap..
I had braces about a year ago & i took them off last week
when they first put them on me i had a looot of pain
it will get worse 2orrow since today was ur fist day but the pain will go away in about a week or so

hope i helped

When I got my braces, the first day it was ok, it only hurt a little, just like you. But the second day, it hurt so badly I couldn't even touch my teeth. I think it'll happen to you. But don't worry. The days will pass and the pain will ware off. It's really worth it. My friend got hers taken off two weeks ago, and her teeth were perfectly straight. Mine haven't come off yet, but I can see the results already, and it's only been 2 months.

I'm not sure if it will for u, but it did for me. The pain lasted almost a week. Actually I bought a teething ring. You know, the things babies bite on when their teeth grow in. Yeah, I was that desperate. I ate mostly liquified or jellied foods. & sometimes it helps to do something fun like shopping, talking to friends, etc. because it distracts u from feeling the pain.

samantha g
I hate to tell you this but it will be like living hell the first few days but then you wont even be able to tell you have them. i have had braces for about 2 months and now i cant tell they are on. it will still hurt no matter how long you have had them if you push down hard but just don't mess with them and the pain will go away in about 3-5 days.

the next two days will be really tough but youll end up getting used to it. it pretty much happens every time that you get them tightened and but eventually you figure out ways to make the pain go away and like what foods arent tough to eat.i mostly stuck with spaghetti and things like that when i had braces.

for tommorow and probably the rest of the week. Then you will get use to them.

Sorry hun, its gonna get worse before it gets better. Keep the tylenol handy..

Sarah H.
yeah it will get worse. haha. it will hurt for the first one to two weeks but then you'll be fine and won't even feel it.

Get some wax too if you need it. But be sure to take it out before you eat because wax doesn't taste so great! XD

It won't get worse but they'll still be sore for a few days... just try to eat softer foods and chew food in the back of your mouth so it doesn't hurt as much

it will get worse and will stay painful for a few more days

United Kingdom Blows
No. Well, do you get hurt bad when you stub your toe? 'Cuz if you do then it will hurt, but if no you will be man (or woman) enough to get by it.

Don't lesten to them its not even bad.

No it will not get worse. Just continue to eat soft foods, like soup, and the pain will fade in a couple of days or so.

yes. it will hurt about the same tomorrow. but the pain will slowly decrease. you will probably have pain for about 4 days.

Yes, usually it hurts more later the first day and through the 2nd day. It will be hard to eat anything that is not soft. Enjoy your freedom to eat anything while you can :)

And enjoy the braces.

No, it'll get easier soon. Your teeth are just getting used to being tugged into place. Take aspirin as needed and you'll feel better tomorrow. Just keep dreaming about that beautiful smile you'll have in a few months.

cat lady
Depends on several factors, including the type of braces you have, pain threshold, etc. I am sorry to say it, but, yes it probably will hurt more. The average time is about 3 days.

ooh. lol i got it last year. yeah i know when i first got it it felt so painful and so tight.. this is normal. it lasted a week for me ( depends on how secure/deep you tooth is). i ate porridge and soft stuff. put ice packs around, it makes it go away

Nurse MG
I had braces a while back... actually a long time ago and well it should hurt just a bit but honestly your month is the fastest healing part of your body and nothing should bleed it will just be sore for about another day or two.

when i had braces, the first few days were painful but then i got used to it...tightening them is painful too but as time progresses, it'll get better

at least, it did for me

good luck!

Im sure it can get a little worse.
When I got my braces the pain stayed for a week, then I was used to it.

The least you can do is eat mushy type of foods like soup or oatmeal.

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