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Yikes! Will it hurt?
does it hurt to get teeth pulled out? Only answer if you have this experience. And if it hurts, what is the anesthetics for? I'm a bit nervous, so if u have ways to overcome fear, help!!

Novacain will keep the pain in check. My advise is to wear headphones and turn up the music. The worst part for me was hearing the grinding noise of the teeth being pulled. It doesn't take very long tho. Keep a tissue in your hands to focus on and don't be surprised if you cry. Sometimes the novacain will trigger a nerve that makes your eyes water.

If it's a good dentist the shot to numb your jaw is the most uncomfortable part of the whole deal. But even that usually isn't too bad really. It's kind of like getting any other kind of shot, but you'll probly notice it more because it's in your mouth and you can see it coming(unless you keep your eyes closed). Like when I have to get a shot the doc usually does it when I'm not looking right at what he's doing, but if it's in your mouth you're gonna see it coming and be scared(at least I was). I haven't even had any real teeth for the last 10 years but I'm still scared of dentists.

it doesn't hurt.
they give you shots in your gums to make it numb. you cant even feel it.

Yes, it hurts but not as much as you'd think.

the injection hurts more than the tooth beeing pulled...but i did find my mouth uncomfortable afterwards..but the numbness soon went after an hour....theres nothing to worry about..honest..

You can have teeth pulled using several different types of anethesia.

1-Most common are the injections that numb the area. You will
feel a lot of pressure as the dentist pulls out the tooth. There
shouldn't be any pain.
2-IV or some type of gas that puts you to sleep and when you
wake up, it's all over.
3-A combination of these, one to numb, and another to make you
very drowsy. Again, there should be no pain.

If you have these fears, perhaps your dentist could give you something to take an hour
or so before the procedure. Or your doctor or dentist could prescribe something now to get you over this. There's so much available these days to make you more comfortable.

The real discomfort is after all the numbing is gone. Dentist will
perscribe pain meds to take. Best to take them BEFORE any
pain sets in. I never had to take pain pills beyond the
first night. The pain is more like hard throbing.

If you are having all your teeth pulled, you will need more pain
meds than if you just have one pulled. You might also consider being put to sleep. Best you talk to your dentist of your fears and ask him to prescribe something for you.

You wont feel a thing until several hours later. It's nothing some painkillers or Advil cant help. You'll get the anesthesia fall asleep quickly , next thing you wake up its over .EZ goes it. No worries. If You're still nervous ask fof a little laughing gas. Good Luck!

It doesn't really hurt, you mainly feel the pressure more than anything. And as long as the dentist knows what their doing, it won't take long at all. If you are that nervous, put on a few tears when you get there and see if they can put you to sleep while they do it. But you really have to make them believe that you're scared.

A little discomfort but not painful. The anesthetics will numb you up so you don't feel a thing. I had all my wisdom teeth pulled out.

I had a tough tooth to pull, and it didn't really hurt. If u can feel any pain during the process just tell them and they will numb your gums a little more. It was uncomfortable though. It felt like my jaw was going to pop, so that was a little scary. But it doesn't hurt, just make sure you start taking your medication as soon as u can, before you start to feel any pain. Some dentist will give you Loratabs, some will just tell you to take Tylenol or Ibuprofin. You will have to follow the instructions that they send home with you. Even though it feels better to keep gauze in your mouth the whole time, you can't because you could get dry socket. That is painful.

this answer might scare you, so im warning you ahead of time. a couple of years ago i had a tooth pulled because it was infected. the dentist numbed the roof of my mouth and my gum with a shot and used some sort of tool to start pulling it out. he started to pull it out, and it hurt like a b**ch, so he numbed it more. the extra numbing didnt really help, i could still feel it. he continued to pull and eventually it came out.

know that is going to hurt, but definately try to stay calm and itll be easier.

No, if you feel any pain at all they give you more numbing .

Ive had teeth pulled. It's not really painful but there is lots of pressure and popping noises. I imagine without the anesthetic it would be VERY painful.It's important to follow the post extraction instructions so the socket heals up well and you don't develop problems with the neighboring teeth.
A tennisball or something to squeeze in your hand will help you through the procedure.
Keep some soft foods handy for a few days.

If you have a good dentist, it shouldn't hurt. It also depends on you tolerance level for pain and the anesthetics. The anesthetics help deaden the pain during the extraction. I personally have found that the best thing to do is to just sit back in the dentist chair, think of something pleasant, and let the dentist do their job. Try not to be nervous, I hope that what I've said has helped.

IT did not hurt me, a good dentist will poke on your gum and ask you if you can feel that. Simple, and if they dont ask them to test the numbing or walk the hell out.

it dont hurt at all cos of injection.

the injection itself it a tiny pain, nothing to worry about

I had no pain or discomfort when I had two wisdom teeth removed. I don't remember the last time I had pain when going to the dentist.

Yeah, it hurts. But the pain killers are there to dull it.

Take some pain meds beforehand..usually all you feel is a pulling sensation. A good dentist is a painless one!

if the anesthetics are good and work properly it shouldn't hurt that much. depending on what teeth you are getting pulled, the amount of pressure you feel will vary. there is more pressure on your jaw when you are getting jaw teeth pulled and your jaw may hurt for a couple of days after. but really, getting teeth pulled is not such a bad thing. if you're worried, try not to think about, it doesn't hurt too much. when you're getting them pulled, just think about something pleasant. good luck.. :)

It normally doesn't hurt because they numb you. You don't even feel it when the needle goes in so don't worry. If it helps: close your eyes but trust me it is nothing. Some tips from experience: if you feel ANY pain when they start pulling let them know. It turns ugly if you don't. Good luck and I hope I didn't scare you.

miss m
I had all of my wisdom teeth removed...two were impacted. I LOVED the pain medicine and didnt feel a bit of pain during or even after the procedure. I wasnt afraid but my only suggestion would be to relax and make sure you feel comfortable with your dentist. :)

Heather D
If it's something like wisdom teeth they will probubly put you to sleep. That's what you want if there offering it. There really isn't a whole lot of pain after, it's uncomfortable but it goes away in a few days. One tip for when your home: If they don't stop bleeding with eight or nine hours bite on warm lipton teabags. I don't know why but it stops the bleeding.

it doesn't really hurt if you numb your tooth i done it from experience

killer boot
with the right doctor, no. not at all.

Not really. They numb you up. You might be sore later that night or the next day, but you'll do fine.

Fear? See if they can put you under (to sleep during the process).

[email protected]
if they give you enough, all youll feel is a pull.

ive had 4 teeth pulled at once, and others pulled seperately.

St♥rmy Skye
no. you will receive an anesthetic. it is a bit sore after the medicine wears off.

Queen Fromage
There is not easy way to say this
YES it hurts!
But they do freeze you for the actual pulling it is just that it feels really bad when the freezing comes out.
it does not hurt for long
The strangest part to me was the loss it was weird it was like I went through a mini mourning period for my tooth!!
Don't fret if you follow the Dentists instructions to the letter then it will all be good in a day or so!
To get over the fear...I HATE going to the Dentist but the only thing that makes it better is going!! I have found one that even when she is giving me a needle I do not feel it!! So shop around till you find one that is compassionate about how you feel.
Best of luck let me know how it goes.

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