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anna (:
YELLOW TEEEEETH ?! D: need help?
i have abnormally yellow teeth so i brush my teeth, and then apply a
coat of white out.

is this dangerous D:
because people have been looking at me awkwardly when i talk to them
Additional Details
you get used to the taste after a couple of days because ive been doing it for bout 8 months now. and i dont smoke :D or drink :D
above the influence !

I don't believe you.
No human being who is not seriously mentally retarded would knowingly apply white out to their teeth.

bleach them get the stuff from the dentist or get those whiting strips from the stop u dont put white out on ur teeth duhh

blonde genius
brush teeth
then use mouthwash

ur teeth will become whiter

white out is not a good idea

Don't drink pop coffee or smoke

idk but ammonia will disintegrate your teeth and make them with the romans cleaned there teeth with there pee because it has ammonia in it.

mooka j
lol u so dum an i bet u look like a dam fool lol

J Got Answers
Yes very dangerous.

Oh..... and Quit Smoking, It might help.

Good Luck

Stop smoking and drinking tea and coffee if you do. Brush with whitening toothpaste and make dentists appointment to clean your teeth

Come on. You've got to be kidding. Yes it's dangerous, and it's an extremely short term solution.
Try white spray paint. Make sure your teeth are plenty dry. And if you wanna get a mouth of pearly white, spray the gums as well!!! People will look at you in a whole new light.

Ravinandan S
If your teeth have become yellowish, brush teeth with salt, baking soda (soda bicarb) or sage leaf

Well Anna, try scheduling an appointment with your dentist about it and see what he/she says or try this:
Baking soda is the best and most natural way of cleaning your teeth. It works like an abrassive but very gentle on the enamel. If you make a paste or get too wet it will take away from the abrassive action so don't wet it too much, then brush you teeth with toothpaste that has baking soda in it to get the taste out of your mouth, it's pretty bad, and it will double the action on the whitening. Also, brush your teeth at least twice a day, but always before bed, and drink fluids that don't stain so bad. Tea, coffee, and cocoa are the worst.


Just when I thought I'd heard everything...

If you're serious... dude, don't use white out. That's toxic O_o Use whitening strips that are MADE for the teeth. You can buy them at like any drug store.

What is wrong with you? That's so weird. Why would you put white out on your teeth?

I'm pretty sure that toxic...........um....yeah......anyways why not just use crest whitestrips, they work really well.

hahaha, sorry thats funny xD
Stop doing that! I think that can stain your teeth. Not making it white, but making it worse
Just keep brushing them. Circles. Pointed away from the gums. Use whiting strips or wash if you want.
Remember to follow the directions strictly.

Stop the white out! Doesn't it taste bad?

LMFAO white out? x]!!!

go to a dentist and ask to clean them up also ask him about your idea. im not a dentist so i really cant tell you if it is a good or bad idea

Lindsey Brooke
this is not good at all for your teeth or your body! the white out will keep blocking up your teeth and get to your gums! when you eat i am sure some of it will come off, and you will end up eating it!
i recommend you stop right away! talk to your dentist. or try white strips or just anything you can pick up at wal-mart! also when you rince your mouth out with mouthwash, rinse out twice and keep it on your teeth for extra time!

White out, like the kind you use on paper? No wonder people look at you funny. This will not help. Brush your teeth more, and if you still have problems use Crest White Strips or somthing.

ROFL. DON'T DO THAT! Just brush your teeth more often, I would laugh if I seen a person with whiteout on their teeth. Stop trying to take the easy way out, and don't be so lazy, BRUSH YOU TEETH TWICE A DAY and you won't need to put whiteout on them. And yes it is dangerous, it has chemicals in there that should not be ingested.

How about yes white out is not so good for the mouth. Just get a toothpaste that has whiting in it. I don't think you really put white out in your mouth,,, do you? stop drinking coffee and go to the dentist.

i am actually rolling on the floor laughing right now.

LMAO.......... just get your teeth bleeched that's so weird

Alissa H
oh yuckk dont do that.. try:
1) using crest white strips and a whitening tooth paste
2) go to your dentist and get him to whiten them
3) rub orange peels on your teeth

The Coon™
stop eating cheese

OMG i do that tooo and i have the same problem
i buy them in big packs at office depot too
i never thought i'd find a person that did it also
damn you made me happy today
i think it's totally normal, i haven't had any problems
quick suggestion the best brand is liquid paper i get the quick dry one (its more efficient cause you swallow less, so more goes on teeth) and i also get the pens so the white out looks natural

hope i answere your question

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