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 please help people who have or had braces!!!!!!!!!!?
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 Is this unhealthy....?
I chew atleast 5 pieces of sugarfree gum everyday. Is this unhealthy?
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yes im positive its sugar free
and its not annoying i dont chew it loudly or anything (:...

 can normal family dentistz tell you if you need braces?
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None of that toothpaste crap works, and I can't use
whitening strips.

Did I mention I have braces? >=/

 What's good for a toothaches?

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Am going to dentist when I can get ...

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I just wanted to know, do they hurt?
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 When does the braces actually start moving your teeth?
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 How does smoking effect your teeth?
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 i recently just got braces july 16th and they are still hurting is it normal to be hurting this long?
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 Getting teeth pulled out?
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i have a big hole in my tooth and i'm 2 scared 2 get it checked out so wot should i do plzz help ...

 my son has refused 2 go the dentist 2day hes 3 and he has really bad toothache?
we got to the dentists room, he wasn't having any of it, he had a full blown tantrum and the dentist sent us away and told us 2 re book! he wont eat or drink and he complains in sore all the ...

 I'm Having Braces... TOMORROW!?
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 When was the last time you went to the dentist?

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Me: went ...

 Should I get my wisdom teeth removed, I'm afraid the dentist is just desperate for business?
3 out of my 4 wisdom teeth have come in, I'm still waiting on 1 that is still under my gums. My dentist continues to urge me to get them all removed as soon as possible, but in my mind it doesn&#...

Would you feel disgusted if I tell you that I want to be a dentist?
I am a female for your information and I want to be a dentist but many people are so disgusted when someone tell them that he/she wants to be a dentist because he/she has to see 'nasty' mouth.

What do you think?

rofl, yea, it just bothers me so much, you just ruined my day.

Wow! People are disgusted when you tell them you want to be a dentist? weird. Those people must not care about their teeth or whatnot. You may have to see 'nasty' mouth but hey someones gotta do it.
I think being a dentist is an admirable job choice better than say a sewer worker, now that's nasty lol
Good luck

I say Hi I know many people who want to be dentists...probably because I am a microbiology major who is premed lol

Tell them you want to FIX people's nasty mouths so there are less nasty ones in the world lol. Seriously keep strong

Mel (:
I think people should be what ever they want to be ....i myself am scared of guy dentists so YEAH LADIES!!! Woo! so i must say i am not disgusted.

no, i think it is a very good job, good for you.

♥ Chloe ♥
Not at all, I want to be an orthodontist, but I don't think I could study well enough... anyway I think it would be great but I wouldn't have to see too much gross stuff like a normal dentist.. Lol.. If you have a passion for it you should definetly do it!!

Bag Lady
nah live how you wanna live honey!

터커 hσnєstlч
lol, good for you. really. most girls our age want to be pop stars or something thats never going to happen.

Great money! go for a orthodontist! :)

mrs.emmett cullen(:☮
Noooo! I really want to be a dentist too (:

(I'm also female, btw)

Teeth used to totally disgust me, but now, they don't bother me much. It's just sort of a personal preference I guess.

i certainly wouldn't want to do it. you go for it though.

Hat on a Cat (Mercedes)
I'm not disgusted at all. If that's what will make you happy then you should pursue your dream.

Mouths aren't nasty; we all have one and put the food we eat in them.

A_Leigh :]
No. I don't think its gross. Its what you want to do. And if i was one of your friends i would support you.

No way! Dentists are awesome! People may say that but they are thankful for dentists! They help with their teeth! So i mean your helping people...who cares if you have to look at dirty mouths....i mean seriously people theres nothing wrong with that! I definately would not feel disgusted! =)
p.s.dont let what people say stop you from doing what you want to do! =) BEST OF WISHES!
~happy 24/7

If it will make you happy or feel fulfilled, then go for it. The world needs good dentists. (A good dentist sees a "nasty" mouth as a challenge instead of "eww. gross".)

that is not disgusting at all!! and whoever thinks that is just stupid and i bet you'll make more money just breathing then they ever will in there entire lives! your gonna be a great dentist!!! ^_^

uh no! I say go for it if it is what you really want to do! Nothing wrong with that profession.

I think that's it's perfectly fine. Doctors have to see the insides of people, same with vets, and police officers have people pee and puke on them. But Truly, you should just do what you want. Every job has something that people may think of as gross, but what would we do without dentists? Also, I ssoo wish I had a girl dentist, they seem hard to find.

Kevin K
I personally don't think that's disgusting at all. If you really want to do it than push aside what everyone else says. They don't determine your future, you do. That's a good profession to go for anyways. Trust me, its not disgusting at all, let them think what they want.

I think you should tell them to take a hike!!! Im sure you will make more money than they will and they are just being jealous.

Dr. Albert, DDS, (USA)
these are the wrong ignorant people that don't understand that you'd be a doctor of dentistry or a doctor of dental medicine, DDS OR DMD, respectively.
Pursue your dream and don't let these children keep you from your dreams.

Oh ok.
Well seeing a bunch of mouths all day isn't something I'd want to do but if you're interested in it then go for it! It'll be a lot of hard work and schooling but eventually worth it in the future. I did hear somewhere that dentists have the highest rate of suicide though but I'm not sure if that's an urban legend.

Do anything your heart desires. Dont listen to what other poeple say, just do wats best for u and wat makes u happy.

i think you should become a dentist, good luck!

if i dont think its gross to be gyno. i definitely dont think its gross to be a dentist.

Make the world a better place
No. That is totally the wrong attitude because when your a dentist so many benefits can occur i.e. you can potentially help save someones life if they walk in to your practise or whatever and complain of gum ache (random) and you find its the symptoms of mouth cancer. your actually helping some one with a vital part of their digestive system. so no i am not disgusted, i'm elated...hehe



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