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The Brain ^.^
Will a dentist be able to tell if your bulimic?
Like without asking them, would they say anything? And would they just be able to tell that you throw up a lot, not like on purpose?
Additional Details
What if you brush your teeth after you do it? And also if you have braces and throw up does anything happen that affects them? And could an orthodontist tell?

They might be able to tell that your enamel is wearing away. It all depends on how long you have been throwing up and how much damage has been done.

But they will not be able to know for sure that bulimia is causing errosion of enamel...it could be a number of other things, like not brushing for example.

They will not say anything, this is not their scope of practice,

Britt =]
probably not...

they could tell if you bulimic...VERY possible....will they say anything? im not sure?

Yes, they will be able to tell, because of the distinctive destruction of your back teeth. It doesn't matter if you brush right afterwards--the acid weakens the enamel, and brushing doesn't prevent taht damage, or stop that damage.

yes because your throat will be scratched and ruined a bit, depending how badly bulimic someone is.

Yes. My mom is a dentist and you can tell if they're eroded.

this person asked the same question look at the answers they got...


yea they will be able to tell something b/c when u throw up alot your teeth show that over time..like erotion.

Well.. if you're bulimic your teeth do get effected..
Maybe, but he couldn't be certain unless you tell him.

well i dont think they can tell if ur bullumic but they can tell if ur doing a lot of barfing lol! the acid from ur stomach gets stuck in ur teeth no matter wut u do 2 get it out so im afraid uve been caught lol good luck anyway! =)

Yes, if they know the signs to look for.

my dentist could tell that i was bulimic through my teeth.
he was completely confidential about it all though.
i was only bulimic for a maximum of 4 months when i saw him though.

well they can probably put 2 and 2 together. if you have unexplainable decay or problems with your teeth near the back and you turn out to be unhealthily [if that's a word haha] skinny looking. He might make some assumptions. But I guess it just depends on the guy if he'll say anything or not. Plus right away I don't think he could tell if it was over time I'm sure it'd be alot more evident

Yes they can tell. (I'm a dentist.) After long periods of vomiting, the stomach acid wears away the underside of teeth (the side your tongue touches) and it's a very noticeable pattern of wear. Some dentists will mention it, some won't. I guess it depends on the individual dentist.

If you do throw up, always try to rinse out with water. It's not gonna solve the problem of acid on your teeth, but at least it helps wash some of it away afterwards.

probably. throwing up all the time does stuff to ur teeth. bulimia is nasty, u have to throw up all the time, that nasty taste and it does crap to ur teeth. just stop it's gross. eww.

sometimes mine did....

New Shews
Yep, I see it on people's teeth. Usually, if the patient is past their bulimia, they readily admit it without my saying anything. Those that are still purging don't say anything, but they are nervous.

I don't say anything to my patients unless they start talking and give me the lead that they want to talk about it.

I'd say the biggest thing for the bulimic to do is realise that they are okay just as they are. Wanting to be skinnier is a mask for feeling generally unhappy with oneself.

Good luck. Get involved with helping others. It helps to know that there are so many problems that are worse than being heavier than 'society' sez we should be.

bulimic people have really bad teeth because of all the thowing up, so i guess they would see. dont know of he would say anything. being bulimic is bad, so stop doing it if you are. there are much easier ways in looking good, like exercising and eating healthy.

Yes, because research shows that being bulimic does effect your teeth in a major way.

Deeds ツ
Yes, they would, because throwing up constantly causes tooth decay. They may not be 100% sure, and they probably wouldn't say anything about bulimia, just comment on your decaying teeth.

Happy Gappy
Yeah.. the dentist can tell a lot about you just by looking at your teeth.. What you drink, smoke even ho much alcohol..
Plus when you vomit the acid you throw up rots away your enamel.. So i think it would be pretty obvious to a dentist

Yes, if your bulimic Dentist can tell by how your teeth are... throw up causes erosion in your teeth because of the acid in your stomach. I read this in a food text book.
Im pretty sure the dentist wont say anything about your Bulimic issues but, they probably can tell.

twilight loverrr :D
well they can probably tell because the acid from your stomach does bad things to your teeth, so yeah he can most likely tell.

please get help, girls look much better with a little meat on them than skeletons.

good luck.

Nancy Pelosi
yes, she will note the damage done to your enamal

purging ruins your teeth. it makes them decay. yes. they will know.

Yes. Because if your bulimic it does stuff to your teeth.

Lola B
well they would be able to tell if you throw up alot which could result in them asking your parents which would result in you having to explain to them why you were throwing up and lost wait

cuz they might be able to see where the acid has ruined the enamel on your teeth

probably because the stomach acid erodes your teeth.

Yeah they can tell by the state of your teeth because being sick brings up some sort of acid that isn't good for them

The only thing that could throw them off (generally) is the smell of your breath
But if you throat is too freshly raw they might ask you if you've been sick recently
Shouldn't be an issue though

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