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Elusine B
Why do your teeth chatter when you're cold?
This past Xmas I was in New York.
It was freezing! My teeth wouldn't stop.
Then when I tried to shut my mouth, they went and did it again.
Almost automatically. It was like a reaction.

Is it to keep warm?
Additional Details
I realize this is a common question.
I sort of had a hunch of the answer.
Thank you for helping.
I wanted to make sure.

i think it is to keep warm. it's like shivering only for your face

Yes, your body will shiver and your teeth chatter in order to generate more heat, in other words, your body will move in an automatic reaction to keep you warm!

Floyd S
Hello...yes indeed when your teeth chatter they are not the only body part that is vibrating...And your exactly right...such body reactions to cold is designed to assist the body to create heat. Give yourself ten points for knowing the answer to your own question...Good luck and I wish you well...The Denture Pro.

Jaymi P
Your teeth chatter because your muscles are trying to produce heat.

motion radiates energy in the form of heat. the ears and nose are the body's most vulnerable places to temperature, and infection- also, they are typically the most exposed as well. Chattering is the body's attempt to make heat in the jaw.

hope this helped.
stay warm, hun.

Ian M
It is a muscle reaction that your body does to get you to move to warm up!

your teeth arent cold it's you bodys way of reacting to the climite change outside.

When you cold your muscles contract to try and warm the body causing you to shake and your teeth to chatter.

to create heat
motion makes heat

You shiver (the cause of chattering teeth) when you are cold because your muscles begin to move involuntarily in order to generate heat.

its your bodys natural way of making you use your own energy to create heat

"You're cold and you're just not furry enough to use air as a blanket. Your muscles get a signal to start contracting -- that's the shivering and teeth chattering. The by-product of the muscle contractions is heat."

Lost.. as usual
its exactly like shivering.. it is a way to keep u warm.. but since your whole entire body is shivering and your jaw is a loose joint it moves too and causes your teeth to chatter..

It is your muscles constricting.

☮selina☮ [vegan] [OBAMA<3]
When your body is cold, it automatically moves to generate heat. Shivering is another example of this. You teeth chattering is just a sign that you are cold.

Hope I helped!

I am me
how old r u?
most ppl know this answer...

..thats y u have so many answers...

ur body is cold.
and ur body uses homeostasis -- the process of which ur body tries to say the same (the temp in this case) -- to stay warmer.. or at least go back to how warm u were b4.

its like ur jaw bone is shivering..
ya, think of it that way.

EDIT: so ur 15 and u don't know y ur teeth chatter? *sigh*

B Sharp
just like running around makes you warm. except when your teeth are chattering its your bodies way of making you "run around" to stay warm.

When you're cold you body shivers to try to warm itself up. Teeth chattering is just your jaw shivering.

Michael M
When your body is cold, it tries to move to speed up the molecules in your body (fast molecules means it's hotter, which explains why you can open a jar of pickles after running it under some hot water).

Ann T
have you ever noticed when you run it gets really hot-even when your outside when its cold...well your teeth do that to keep you warm so your still warm.

its a just a reaction from your nervous system

I can only do me so thts wt i dd
u have muscles everywhere, even in ur face
so when ur cold
ur body automatically makes those muscles move very fast (its called shivering) so that ur muscles respire and give enegry

glucose + O2 ---------> H2O + CO2 + energy (38 ATP) ;)

Yes, to keep warm. since your body got so cold, your brain knew that movement would keep you warm by the friction. thats why your body heats up when you move around. so your body reacted to the cold by making your teeth chatter, and make friction to keep you warmer.

♥ka-ka-katlynn. τm [myspacee]
When your teeth chatter, its cuz the rest of your body is shaking. When your body shakes its contracting your muscles to generate heat and keep you warm.

Cold temperature causes muscle spasms. It is the body's way of producing heat to keep internal equilibrium.

If your teeth (jaw muscles)were chattering, you probably noticed vibrations in almost all parts of your body.

Alex W
Because you're shivvering and that's what happens when you shivver. Your body does that when you're cold to make you move thus warming your body.

because your teeth are clod too

Yeah shivering is when your body automatically starts moving to generate more heat.

Because each little tooth is saying "I'm cold! I'm cold!"

The Old Owl
this is what i found...

"Teeth chattering is just a symptom of shivering. Endotherms (that's you, me, other mammals, birds, and some insects) produce heat within the body. They use thermoregulation to keep their bodies at a constant temperature. You can thermoregulate physiologically and behaviourally. Shivering is a physiological response to cold, it's coming from inside. Putting on a jacket because you're cold is a behavioural response."

"Let's go back to you. You're cold and you're just not furry enough to use air as a blanket. Your muscles get a signal to start contracting -- that's the shivering and teeth chattering. The by-product of the muscle contractions is heat."

hope it was helpful..

word upp

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