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 ok i am 18 and i have to get 2 root canals do they hurt i need 2 know be for monday?
ok i am 18 years of age and i have to get 2 root canals withing a week i have a tatto on my uppre bac basically on my spine i had my nabel pierced twice now wat i wanna 2 know is wat part of the root ...

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 Are you supposed to feel like you just took a shower after having your teeth cleaned by your dental hygienist?
Should I have asked her to pass the soap? For a towel perhaps?
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I just found that my whole face and head (hair included) was soaking wet by the time she was done. She ...

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 is the tooth fairy real??????????????????
i don't know what to beleive. i think the tooth fairys real but from what i read online has changed my beleive a little bit. my sister said she saw the tooth fairy and that it defiently wasn'...

 Is 26 yrs old too late to get braces?
Youre prob asking why I didnt get them when I was a teenager. I have alot of anxiety which builds up whenever I have visited a dentist. I have been to the orthodontists twice before and never gone ...

 help!!! super SORE back teeth! T.T?
just about 2 days ago...my right back teeth got super sore...even when i'm not eating!!

just wanna know what i can do to reduce the pain!! (before going to dentist)...i can't ...

 What are some good braces colors?
what are some good color patterns for girls?...

 What are the easiest ways to eliminate bad breath?Any advice?
Even after brushing teeth,the bad breath will come back after.Any homemade remedies that you could recommend to reduce or eliminate bad breath?Plus,is it caused by bacterial infection?Any advice?T...

 People stare at my smile.. first I was flattered.. now it's just bothering..?
Why do they?. You see, I used to have braces, and now a week ago they took them off.
I've always taken care of my teeth, and consumed a lot of calcium. My teeth are very very white and now ...

 Wisdom Teeth Removal?
I just recently found out from my Orthodontist that ALL 4 of my Wisdom Teeth has to come out (surgical procedure).

I'm pretty scared since this is not my first time in dental surgery, ...

 What Happens If you don't wear braces?
I'm 14 years old and I have crooked teeth. I know I'm supposed to get them but I think I'm probably not. So my question is does anything happen if I don't wear braces.?


 I don't believe my dentist?
I am 21 and have never had a cavity before. I brush my teeth every morning and night, and now my new dentist is telling me I have 2 cavities?!

I am so depressed. I feel tainted. Is it ...

 Do braces make me ugly?
I am just wondering because i have braces does that make me ugly its just that i don't like to smile because i am conscious anyway what i would like to know is do people think you look uglier ...

 Funny taste in my mouth?
I have a funny taste in my mouth. Like a metallic taste. I take vitamins and have brushed my teeth 50 million times today. My breathe doesn't smell. Any ideas?...

 Braces question:?
How soon was it before you started seeing results.

I can't really SEE results, but I do notice how its easier to floss between one tooth that was really difficult to floss between ...

 Was I wrong?..................?
Guys Iam faced in a huge problem. Guys today I went to the dentist in the morning for a checkup but I know if anything is wrong action might be used. But I was not prepared for anythng. When we ...

 What causes severely rotten teeth in younger people?
I don't understand this. I've seen people under 30 with teeth rotted up to the gumline. I know a guy who's 35, only a couple teeth left. He says it's due to hereditary gum ...

 Has anyone had their teeth whitened?
Were you happy and did you think it worked?...

Why do people stereotype british people's teeth?
I can say that i've never seen someone with teeth bad enough to make me think "Oh, that's why they stereotype us." I know it's not ALL americans, but it's fairly annoying. And please, no stupid comments. And if there are any people that are like "British people are jealous of americans", please. Keep it to yourself.

They sort of do. Every time i see some interview in the news to some random person above 45, they have terrible teeth! I once went on holiday and stayed with a foster family, and oh maaan! The only person out of the entire family that had ok teeth was their youngest son who was my age, the rest had rotten teeth (literally) and some missing.
In my eyes it's true. Then again..I have some international British friends who have normal teeth.

All stereotypes have a basis in truth, or else they wouldn't be called stereotypes.

Trucker Bob
Unfortunately throughout years, anytime you see brits on television or in the news, the one thing that is prominent is the poor dental hygiene (the queen mum) had bad teeth and for gods sake, if anyone had enough cash to fix those teeth she did, now i will admit, that todays generation of young british tv personalities and government representatives have done a better job on there mouth, also, i think the fact that we americans have a tendency to be more vain and devoted to the "body beautiful", more of an issue has been made. You obviously as a brit probably wouldnt even give a mate of yours a second look or comment if they did have rotten teeth, i dont think you guys are like that and you mind your own business when it comes to personal hygiene. I, personally dont care about YOUR dental hygiene, it's your mouth and bad health if you dont take care of it, although bad breath can be harsh to deal with sometimes, the only thing i get offended by is when someone smells like a billygoat (horrific body odor), most of the time it is usually someone from areas like india/pakistan or related countries, i understand water is a precious commodity THERE, but for gods sake, buy some soap and wash your hair and ****, a little deodorant might help as well, but hey, thats MY bias. That wretched stench actually turns my stomach so i do get bothered by it. Sorry if one of you reading this is one i mentioned (btw, if it does apply to you, the solution is written above..take a bath and wash your clothes and underwear..anyway, there's your answer to the original question.

♥Rockin' the shades!♥
Ugh, I hate stereotypes. I live in the U.S., but the majority of British people I've seen have great teeth. Just like some people think Americans are fat.

Grant G
I think it's a stereotype from when dentistry was just emerging...outdated, but preserved in austin powers and other funny media.

The stereotype probably orginated further back when people were poorer. Plus British people tend to overexaggerate the mouth when speaking, showing more teeth? (aka. Wallace of Wallace and Gromit)

"Until the NHS started up, and before the availability of fluoride in toothpaste (or water), our British teeth were spectacularly ugly. Look at any film footage of average Britons before about 1945, and weep. The standard of living of the contemporary American probably afforded them better dental care; and, I suspect, a certain cultural austerity would have meant that corrective procedures such as braces would be regarded by us Brits as extravagance and vanity."

Simon Gilman, London UK

A lot of people stereotype asian's teeth. Even though they brush for at least 2 mins. they are the people that can't make them as white as americans or blacks.

They had to get the stereotype from somewhere. Just I'm sick of people calling Americans ignorant. You gotta get over it and prove people wrong. Its better to prove you are better than to prove them right.

Its annoying isn't it the thing is people stereotype everybody about everything. Im South African people from all over the world stereotype us they think Africa is one big country they think we walk bare foot, they think lions walk the streets the truth is i've never seen a lion and i live in africa so, its people, its human nature to stereotype even thought its very annoying.

Ive never known us to stereotype British peoples teeth, but Ill look for it now....

I think it's because of older British actors. Many of them have crooked teeth. Though it's nothing to hold against anyone in Britain. I'm sure you have more straight-toothed people than we do here in the US.
Who knows where it originated, but it's here to stay, unfortunately.
Hope I helped..

Because of the Austin Powers movies

Ashley O
Why do British people stereotype Americans weight?!

I'm not sure I think its silly but I've heard that the stereotype comes from real life actually. Dental care in the UK is hard to access and that some brits only even see the dentist when it's an emergency. Here's an interesting article i found. Hope it answers your question.


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