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 getting and paying for braces?
well as of right now, i don't have a job and was waiting until i did to go see a dentist ( it's taking longer than i thought). but i was wondering do you need to have good credit to get ...

 What is the correct name for a double tooth?
My 11 month year old boy has a curious incisor. It has grown normaly, only it has a twin tip. Very pointed believe me!! Can this cause pain or lead to any complications in the future?...

 Best teeth whitener?
I am looking for easy-to-use products to whiten my teeth quickly! I want suggestions on products you have tried and tested that have actually worked! Tell me how long it took to see results, how you ...

 Tooth ache question.......?
My tooth is effing killing me. It's my wisdom tooth and it's only one. I can't get it pulled because lack of health care so I was wondering. What is best on a tooth ache like cream or ...

 Questions about teeth x-ray? I think it might be cavity....?
When the dentist took an x-ray of my teeth i noticed that most teeth has these funny bright white spots. Lol. Ok so i know this is confusing but i dont know how to explain it. Like when the x-ray ...

 Teen Teeth Whitening? Please help.?
Okay, I brush my teeth every night and morning, and they are still yellow- gray. How can I whiten my teeth a little without buying stuff? Is there any special food or drink I can do for it?

 I need a natural teeth whitener but something easy?
I searched it, but they're all complicated for me. I'm 13 and it's hard for me to get some of the ingredients for teeth whiteners(my parents will get curious if I ask them to buy the ...

 Retainer issues help!?
I stopped wearing my retainer and lower teeth got crooked then I started back and it was tight then stopped for a while. I can see teeth as crooked buy put retainer back on but iit doesnt fit tight ...

 How do I stop biting the inside of my mouth?
I bite the inside of my mouth fairly frequently in the same place. Its right behind and underneath my lower lip on the right side. It really hurts and once I bite it, I usually bite it again a couple ...

 Girls get teeth sanded down to make strait line?
It looks very nice....

Why do most Chinese have such yellow teeth?

bad imitation of toothpaste...

because of their yellow skin

First of all, this isn't a problem attributed to race, it's due to social status/ economical issues. China doesn't have particularly great dentistry, which is why many chinese immigrants have bad teeth. Also, chinese people in lower economic denominations can't afford good orthodontic and dental care. The condition of ones teeth is due to oral hygiene, diet and dental care.

Because they eat curry, which stains your teeth.

laramman2 n
maybe becauseof htier tratis,,.

Ok, first of all - why are you asking about Chinese people in particular. If a Chinese person read this, this would be a serious offense to them. And second of all, people having yellow teeth aren't generally Chinese are they? It depends how they look after their teeth or what types of food they eat. And sometimes, it could be genetic to have yellow teeth!

yellow teeth dont really meen that they are dirty
no, it has to do with there traits
the natural color of teeth has a wide range and yellow is one of them
my dentist told me this and she showed me the colors

Most of them don't believe dentist, because dentist rob them each time they go in. May once in 30 years.
They done brush their teeth every night, they drink teas and smoked all day and all night long.
What do u expect?

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