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Joy Rider
· Which is better- brushing your teeth before or after your eat breakfast?


after because the sugars in your breakfast would be attacking your teeth for 2 hours afterwards. thats why its also best to brush your teeth just after your tea instead of before you go to bed

Brush....then cup of tea....water.....branflakes/porrige.

I tend to gag when I brush my teeth/tongue so I don't want to bring up my cereal and by this time it's roughly 11am ish anyway, can't be having morning breath till then=]


I always brush my teeth first thing in the morning, right after I get out of bed. Then after I eat breakfast I rinse my mouth with mouthwash (my personal choice is Listerine, the green one). Or if you're running late, you could eat a mint or chew gum.

x-ray specs
i always brush my teeth before & after breakfast
i brush them not so long after i wake up, then i get ready & by then then, when I eat my breakfast, it doesn't taste minty
& then i brush my teeth after breakfast because i feel like i have bad breath if i dont!

Miss Cpl. Eugene Roe
i don't eat breakfast but i do brush my teeth.

boaqdhyaj hampanirekyui
Before eating. The idea of eating breakfast with a stinky mouth is enough to make me puke.

Marlin R

Xristina P
After you eat your breakast, so that the bacteria wouldn't have the chance to produce acids that destroy tooth enamel. That way you give your enamel the chance to remineralize.

ideally both, bu if not after because there is no point brshing b4 then gettin all the stuff bak on ur teeth

Before sleeping,After eating breakfast.Wash your mouth with water before breakfast if you want to.Brush your teeth after breakfast.And your brushing shouldn't take less than 2 minutes.That's what references say.Good luck.

the evil one
After. Who wants to go all morning with breath stinking of coffee, toast or what ever else you eat, and if you've got a partner clean at bed time. Who wants to be lying close to stinky breath.

Marcia M
I prefer to brush my teeth before i have breakfast.


after because what is the point brushing and then covering your nice clean teeth with food? and it will make your food taste bad if you brush before. so my conclusion i think that afterwards is best heh.

usally before but its better after.

After definatly. I prefer it because it cleans out your mouth from the breakfast and also if you do it befor you eat breakfast it tastes minty, and coco pops + minty flavor isnt so nice

After. Get all the food scum off which causes Plaque.
I asked a similar question before and people said before? Surely you don't want your breakfast tasting like minty toothpaste?

Before. You wouldn't eat your meal with a dirty knife & fork would you?

Princess of Music♥
after... this way u can remove all of the extra food stuck to ur teeth and tounge... and besides if u ddnt brush after then ur breakfast would taste like toothpaste and you'd go to school w/ ur breath smeling like eggs and toast...

After would be best as it would remove any foods left on your teeth.

Both but after if you need to choose

Both is best =)

I do it before and after, but i hear it is best to do it after as there is more bacteria on your teeth to brush off.

before and after to be sure....

after because if u do it before it will have that gross taste

After, of course. Cavities and numerous dental problems are caused by bacteria, both in your mouth and on your teeth. Brushing removes those food particles and reduces the number of bacteria on your teeth. It's best to brush before you go to bed, too. Floss, as well.

i would say after breakfast

actually both sounds like a good idea to me

Funky Little Spacegirl
After, so the bacteria aren't feeding on your breakfast all morning.

Mr. Dental
before after and while u r eating....
4 times before eating

2 times while eating

6 times after eating

from that u'll find that after is the most important... but keep brushing as much as u can...

i'm brushing my teeth 198 times in the day.....

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