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The Kid
When a dentist says he or she "is leaving the practice," what does that mean?
I am a current patient in one dental office where I had two dentists assigned to me in a three year span. The first one (a woman) did my teeth for two years and told me that she was "leaving the practice." She replaced by another (a man), who only lasted one year when he too said he was "leaving the practice." Next thing I knew, he flew off to another state. I never bothered to ask both of them what they meant by that.

Are they going back to school to get a advanced degree or training to be a dental surgeon? This is just a general guess on my part.

I am currently on my third dentist in the same office, but he's not leaving any time soon... he's the dentist with the most seniority and have been there long before the two dentists that worked on me.

Preferably someone who works in a dental office could answer this question.

They are not going to do dental work anymore.

Emily M
They either mean they're quitting practice at that office, or getting out of the occupation all together.

It means they will no longer be a Dentist. They are leaving the "Dental Practice". It is related to the word, "practitioner". Look it up.

don't you get it..You pay for treatment which you are told by the first dentist will only be this ..this ..and that to be done to get your mouth in shape..and will cost £/$xxx..then she leaves "the Practice" so the next dentist says okay what's been done and you explain that it's taken 2 years of appointments to get as far as it has..he says okay we still need to do this ..this ..and that ..to finish your dental treatment ..but he says you need to pay a little bit more for the work..then he leaves"The Practice" and the 3rd dentist says okay what's been done so-far......say aaaaaah ??????ad infinitum..I go to Ukraine to get my teeth done..There I see a dentist ..told to wait in the next room ..after a few minutes I am given the numbing stuff...after a while the first dentist deals with everything ..after 2 hours all is done complete and paid for..cheaper ..the trip .and the treatment ..than here in England..

It could mean two things one they are not going to practice dentistry anymore or they are leaving that particular office to start a new job with another dental office. The best thing you can do to satisfy you curiosity is to ask your new dentist why the two previous dentists told you they were "leaving the practice" he may know the reason. It could be they were underpaid at that particular dental office.

I don't work in a dental office, but I do work in a hospital setting. "Leaving the practice" means giving up what they currently do right now - work wise.

I'm a medical student and generally when someone says "They're leaving the practice" it means that they are no longer going to work in that paticular field. The dentist is most likely not going to work as a dentist any longer.

i do not work in a dentist office but i can tell you that "leaving the practice" means that their leaving the occupation. That's my guess.

They are quitting dentistry.

There must be someone who works there that is mean to their coworkers...mean enough to make the people leave...I assume they are leaving and getting another job

Usually "leaving the practice" means one of two things. It could mean that they are no longer going to practice denistry at the location they are currently in.
The dentist could be leaving the practice they are with to start their own dental clinic if they are practicing with a group of dentists currently or they could be moving to another practice elsewhere in the state or country.
It could also mean that they no longer wish to be a dentist and are looking into doing something else with their lives such as going back to school or getting a job in another field of work.

Well on thing could be is just like lawyers. There working at the dentists office that someone ones and they just work there. They could be starting there own dentists office some wheres else. So they would work for them selfs. Getting exprience working for some one else before they go out on there own.

When a dentist has thier own office, it's called their 'practice'. When other dentists are employed with the dentist that owns the practice, they are associates. When the associates 'leave the practice', it means they are not going to work for the dentist who owns the 'practice' anymore.

There are a number of reasons for leaving... better opportunity at another 'practice', going back to school to continue thier education and becoming a specialist, moving out of the area, etc...

So many answers.... so many to choose from... I hope this helped.


shannon t
~Leaving the practice~ simply means that they are going to work at another office. A practice is basically the group of dentists or doctors that ~practice~ or DO THERE WORK...:)

Heinz M
He's practiced enough? ~

heather k
Leaving the practice just means they will no longer be working there. It could be for a number of reasons... they are starting/taking over another practice... retiring...moving from the area...or just looking for a new place to work. People tend to come and go in the dental field. Always looking for a better opportunity. Its nothing personal to the office they are in, just needing a change.

I'm in the dental field and it's a lot like any other job. "leaving the practice" is just that. It is obviously not owned by the dentist who is leaving, otherwise they would say they were "selling the practice". They will probably find another dental job elsewhere or open their own practice. It doesn't mean they are leaving the dental field and are not going to practice any longer. Generally if you are leaving from an office that someone else owns, you are discouraged from giving patients too many details because the patients "belong" to that office and it is frowned upon if a dentist has his/her current patients follow them to a new location.

Jane T
They could be going to another practice, starting their own, or returning to specialty training.

It could mean several things.

1) They are going to be going to work in another office.
2) They are retiring.
3) They are going back to school to maybe specialize in a particular field of dentistry.
4) They are moving out of state.

tender loving dyke
There isn't a set reason for 'leaving a practice'. Its just a nice way of saying i quit and will be moving on.

Leaving the practice means not working in that office anymore. I'd sure switch to another dental practice - office. Too much turnover there. I know it's hard to be constantly having to trust new drs.

I work in the medical field, and what they mean is just exactly that...They're leaving the practice. They might be moving on to greener pastures, or continuing their education, or going on an extended vacation in Bermuda. It's basically a nice way of saying they're quitting!

A "practice" is a dentist's office, in this case. When they say they're "leaving the practice," they don't mean they're giving up dentistry forever. They just mean they're quitting their job at that particular dentiast's office. They are going to go be dentists in another "practice," another dentist's office.

Practice simply means dental office so they are moving to work elsewhere

for whatever reason they wanted to not be in business with that employer and they are going to be a dentist at a different location.

It simply means they are leaving that office, not the profession in general. The "practice" as they are referring to, is the actual entity that is the office- the dentist, hygentist, receptionist, etc. He or she is not retiring, as the other person suggested.

I don't work in a dental office, but usually when a dentist or doctor says leaving the practice, they are usually transferring to another office to work. Usually dentist stay doing what they are doing till they finish there schooling, work while finishing school. But I had a dentist that said this and he just moved to a different location out of the county!

sully lover

Leaving the practice means that he is leaving the group he is currently working for and going to work somewhere else.

It just means they are leaving the particular place (practice) they work for.

no name
that means they quit leaving you to find another dentist

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