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When I brush my teeth in the morning, I throw up....?
I have noticed that I have a sensitive gag reflex (at least that's what I think it is). Many mornings when I brush my teeth I gag and eventually throw up. Is this normal? What can I do for this?

Sorry to hear this My nease had the same problem. Its rare and matters on what kind of tooth paste u are using beacause u are ilergic to the one ur using know so just try diffrent brands and it will stop dont worry hun its fine.

Liam S
go to the doctor that is not right

Your pregnant!

hmmmm... It has never happen to me how about you try saying aaaalllllllllllllll... like when the doctor stick the pop sickle stick in your mouth. It might help.

Travis Dralle
id try using a different toothpaste first, something like tom's natural,

also dont stick your toothbrush down your throught to brush your tounge, its not completley needed anyways

Answer This!
I gag sometimes, but never throw up.

It could be due to not eating right/ enough. When i was going thru a break up and barely ate for a few months this would happen to me. Just brush slower and when you feel a gag coming on take a break and swish some mouthwash. Peppermint actually calms your stomach.

yeah it is..my dad has the same thing. it is gag reflex. what u could do is brush your teeth as far back as possible and then swish with mouth wash to get the rest clean and consult your dentist about it he may give u suggestions as well :d hope i helped :D

Janie J
Get a new toothbrush. Rinse with good tasting mouthwash first. Change the toothpaste to one you like. Don't stick the brush into your throat. Good luck.

Bexter's Lab
Try not to brush so far back in your mouth

yes its normal alot of people are like that....keeps doing it....and eventually...it will go away...goodL

Right L
Use a toothbrush instead of that toilet brush.

Stop deep throating the toothbrush, hon.

Obama's Pimp
A lot of ppl have this including me. It's not uncommon.

That happens to me sometimes when I eat alot and brush my teeth in the morning.

-Miss Blake-
gently brush your back teeth. you shouldn't EVENTUALLY throw up cuz you shouldn't be constantly be jamming your toothbrush down your throat. Are you bulimic? cuz that definitaly could affect something. If not, switch to a sensitive mouth toothpaste with a lighter flavor, your stomack could be sensitive when you first wake up to such strong flavors

If your brushing your tongue, take it easy, lightly brush and don't deep throat.

I am the same way kinda, i have a sensitive gag reflex too.

just brush the for part of your tongue and open wide to get the back teeth.

strong gag reflex, totally normal. try not to brush your tongue so far back next time


yeah this sumtimes happens to me aswell

don't brush in the back of your mouth

I am a man and this happens to me, Not pregnancy you idiots. I am not sure exactly what causes this. I just try to focus on other things then me gagging and it seems to help. Sorry i don't have a cure for you

Let me ask you this, are u like that only in the morning but not at night??

I have the same problem. Try not brushing your teeth first thing. (gross, I know) Try drinking some water and doing whatever else you have to do in the mornings before you brush your teeth, also try leaning foward more to avoid the toothpaste from going down your throat, and constantly spit.

Don't 'Oral B' yourself to death.....

Don't brush so far back.

karlie s
Make sure you rinse with baking soda and water right after you throw up so the acid doesn't damage your teeth and gums.

Well, it's normal for people to gag, but don't do it to the point of barfing.

I gag too, and sometimes throw up! I find it happens when I'm brushing my tongue so I only brush lightly now. Also I'll get it if I used a fluoride toothpaste, so I stay away from those!
Just things that work for me, hope can help!

Don't shove your toothbrush into the back of your mouth. I gag easily too, and I just brush slowly and more softly and I don't tend to gag as much.

I have that problem sometimes too...lean forward a little more, so the saliva drains forward rather than back toward your throat. Be careful of the toothbrush handle, and don't let it get near the sensitive back of your throat. You may have to brush more slowly and carefully near that spot.

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