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 Im getting braces...read details! PLEASE?
ok..im 13 and getting braces...i have brown hair and a tan skin color..i have bands in the back right now...im getting my braces next wednesday....what color should i get????...

 It will bite but it has no teeth?

 what will motrin 800 do?
make me tired or happy and like ...

 Advice for my braces?? ppl with braces Only!?
Wats up peepz!

some of yall might remember me because i posted a question like last week asking which ortho i should go to.

Well anyway I picked a choice which was neither of ...

 Do you guys brush your teeth in the shower????? :O?
i slept over at a friends and they did that! and washed their face in the shower too :p
I would never do that.. i brush my teeth in the washroom,typically around the sink

 Braces? What should i do?
The bracket, or whatever it is called that they put the wire through fell off the wire today, it doesnt hurt or anything but should i still go to the ortho.? The next time i go is in a couple of ...

 stinky breath! is this bad?
i brush 2 times a day and still have stinky breath? is this healthy? and how can i help my breath with out using mints or gum?? help me!! oh and my "breath" tastes bad! what is wrong?...

 does it hurt to get your braces off?
does it hurt to get your braces off thanx for any ...

 I've just brushed my teeth today, and there was blood in the sink. I don't understand why?
I brush them every week, whether I need to, or not?

Any ideas on this one?...

 I have not brushed my teeth in 4 moths I am doing this to get my all my teeth decayed what next help speed the?
It up so get them to deacy rilly ...

 Why do some people grind their teeth when they sleep and what can be done to stop it?

 Why do people stereotype british people's teeth?
I can say that i've never seen someone with teeth bad enough to make me think "Oh, that's why they stereotype us." I know it's not ALL americans, but it's fairly ...

 why doesn't everyone brush there teeth?
i think it is disgusting not to brush teeth, what do you think?

I saw a programme about hygiene and they said not everyone brush there teeth, or only brush there teeth once a day :O

 please don't say this is stupid?
I have THE MOST CROCKED TEETH in the world all my friends say I need braces but my denyest has not said any ...

 I'm a bit embarrassed to ask this, but...?
How do you stop yourself from drooling in your sleep? I'm 18, and I still drool on my pillows. Should I take any medications? Should I do some "exercises" before I get a shuteye?...

 do u need braces.................?
i do!...

 i need some braces help/advice?
im supposed to be getting braces and i need some advice?
will it involve needles or anything like that?
Additional Details
my teeth are like soo crowded so i know im gonna have to ...

 Braces. What do they do to you?
What do they actualy do to you when you have braces fitted?
have always wanted to know....... also, im gettin braces ...

 I'm so scared of the dentist!?
On one of my molars I have a vey thin blackish line. It is pain free so is it just a stain or is it a crack. Also on the same tooth, I have a really small black spot. You can't really see it ...

 how long should I be brushing my teeth for?
...I'll admit it, I'm a little obsessed with my teeth, especially since I've had a brace.
I think I'm over brushing them and spending more time than necessary cleaning them.<...

What is the point of brushing your tongue?
What does it do? Is it good, neutral, or bad to brush your tongue?

it is good to brush your tongue.. many microorganisms get deposited on your tongue though out the day.. they keep growing in numbers and are a cause of bad odor from the mouth.. brushing your tongue actually helps prevent foul odor from the mouth..

that's were all the jerm's are

† gnosis †
Bacteria builds up all over your mouth - not just the teeth.

The tongue collects a good amount and is fairly easy to clean.

The point is it makes your breath cleaner and it will stay that way longer if you brush the tongue

don c
SO: it is a good thing.. just be careful and not over do it.. use something designed for that purpose. I know most people do not do this and have no problem but everyone knows someone who should be doing this.

it's very good, that's were all the germs and bact. is, also causes bad breath if you don't brush your tongue

Sierra J
bacteria will build up and your breath will smell really bad if you dont brush it

i am a DENTIST... basically we should do tongue scrapping coz it removes germs present in white coat over the tongue... so by this way we can maintain the oral hygiene & results in no problem of bad odour.... but excessive tongue scrapping may cause damage to taste buds so be careful during tongue scrapping....

wild wild world
There's bacteria on your tongue after you eat too so i know dentists would advice you to brush it

You should definitely brush your tongue. The white stuff that will build up on there is from bacteria, and it causes bad breath.

When you brush your teeth, you are only removing a small fraction of the bacteria and food debris in your mouth. Your tongue is like a giant food sponge. It traps bits of food and tons of bacteria. If you still have bad breath after you brush your teeth, its probably your tongue that needs a good scrub. Just make sure you don't hit your gag spot. Also a tongue scraper works really well because it moves all the junk up front and out instead of just moving it around like a regular toothbrush does. Also with the scraper, make sure that you don't do it too hard too often, once a day is fine, because your taste buds start to hurt. in other words, it is very good to brush your tongue.

Mrs. Hatake
actually, tongue scrapers are used to scrape away the germs in your tongue.

you do this to get the bacteria and germs of your tongue

Fob Marley
Brushing your tongue when you brush your teeth is part of good dental hygiene. It's as important as flossing. It seems trivial but it's important in the aid of fighting bad breath and gingivitis causing germs that can stay on your tongue. Plaque doesn't only form on your teeth, but also on your tongue.

It is highly recommended by dentists that you brush your tongue! The tongue has a bumpy surface that is home to tons of bacteria. These bacteria feed on the remnants of things you eat. This is the main cause of bad breath! If the situation gets really out of control, it is referred to as Halitosis.The only way to get rid of this odor-causing bacteria is to clean your tongue. There are a few different ways to accomplish this. One is to use the bristles on your toothbrush and gently scrub at your tongue. It doesn't take a lot of force or time. Alternatively there are some toothbrushes that provide a tongue cleaner on the back of the brush. Follow the instructions on the packaging. Finally, you can purchase a tongue scraper. These mechanisms look a little scary, but the concept is the same. You just gently pull the scraper across your tongue and it removes that filmy layer of bacteria and food particles to leave you with a pretty, healthy, and clean-smelling tongue.

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