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 Pain when applying braces?
Hi, im getting braces soon. My Orthodontist said "After all your teeth fall out!" (<scoffs> and he calls himself a professional!) anyhoo, will it hurt?: i have a big gap between my ...

 Question about Mouth Piercings?
I'm asking people who have asked dentists etc. or kno from experience. For lip and tongue piercings, what are all the risks for your gums and teeth etc. Also does it affect you tongue's ...

 are you suppose to floss before you brush your teeth or after?

 is it true that if you don't wear a retainer your teeth will go back crooked?
okay so i have braces on right now and in 2 years when i get my retainer how long will i have to wear it my cousin says u have to wear it for the rest of ur life which is so not true so how long do u ...

 How Painful is it having a tooth out?
I have to have a perfectly healthy baby tooth out so the adult tooth underneath can come through. Will it be painful?...

 I just pulled my tooth out with some pliers, I can't afford the dentist, How do I stop this non stop bleeding?

 Need help on choosing a color for my braces?
What color do you think I should get for my braces? I don't want to get a clear one as well as a white one because it gets all yellow after a while so any suggestions for which color I should ...

 IS there any at home remedies for a abscessed tooth? I am in alot of pain and no dental insurance :(?

Im getting braces this month and want all the info on them!! what are spacers? ALSO I HAVE SOME MOLLARS THAT ARE BABY TEETH STILL WILL IT MESS UP MY BRACES?? thanks all info on pain and facts would ...

 is it supposed to hurt when your wisdom teeth are coming in?

Additional Details
im sure they arent impacted.but it even hurts to swallow.the other side didnt hurt that bad....

 is it dangerous to sleep with retainers on teeth?
cuz i just wear at home but sleep with ...

 For how long do you brush your teeth?

 is it normal to have 1 wisdom teeth?
i havnt got all four yet only one. and the one that is growing now is not fully grown. only oneside is coming out so it looks like a straight line meaning its njot fully developed yet. should i wait ...

 I am terrified to go to the dentist, What can I do before appt.'s to calm my nerves?

 breath smells!!!!!!!!!!!?
is there any way to make your smell good in the morning, even after i brush my teeth my breath smells,,,beside listerine mouth wash becuase i cant take that in the plane and next day i dnt want my ...

 i am 16. what should i do.?
i have yellow marks on my front two teeth, inside of the tooth. they are instrinsic (always been there, part of the natural tooth) and i need to change my teeth as i can't smile. would it be ...

 Is laughing gas used for pulling wisdom teeth?
If not, is anything else used to numb the pain.

Also, how is laughing gas put into the body(is it injected or inhaled or something)

Lastly, does getting a regular tooth pulled ...

 Root Canal?
ok im going to the dentist tommorow for a root canal..does it hurt that bad? im going to get the gas, but does it hurt after u wake up?...

 NEVER gotten a CAVITY FILLED! help! and wisdom teeth pulled!!?
ok im gonna get my first cavitys a week before my 16th birthday!! i have never had a cavity before this and now i have 2 small ones!! im so nervous! i know the procedure so i wanna know about the SHOT...

 although i brush my teeth regularly my teeth are not as white as i would like them! Any ideas??

What is the best way to make my teeth whiter?
I want to make my teeth whiter, so i was wondering what some other people suggest.

Brushing your teeth after every meal will prevent your teeth from getting any worse. And of course keeping away from coffee, tea and smoking will help too. ;-)

The crest whitening strips work pretty good. I notice a difference the first few times I used it, but the more I used them though the less difference I saw.

As far as the whitening tooth paste and mouth washes, they don't seem to do anything at all.

What worked the best for me was this mail order stuff from teethwhiten.com, it worked really quickly. They had a free sample offer so you can try it out and see how it works for yourself.

Click the link below if your interested in getting the free sample:

Avinash Ch
brushing of teeth once a day with table salt, lime juice and rough ash got from burning paddy husk is also suggested.

A dentist and your needs together is the best judge for it.

So it is always preferable that you choose a best dentist and allow him to decide on what would work best on you rather than yourself choosing a whitening system.

The results too vary depending on the present state of your teeth.

Those with Darker shades tend to get better results. Also the relapse of the teeth whitening varies from person to person.

While choosing dentists you should keep the following things in mind:

- The experience of the dentist in this field
- Number of teeth whitening treatments performed
- Number of teeth whitening methods available
- Testimonials and results of previous patients

once you zero in on a good dentist, allow him to takeover and decide as to what is best for you.

Also do go through the source link for more information on teeth whitening.

Go see a Dentist.

You brush your teeth with baking soda then brush your teeth with tooth paste.

Hidden Hand
natural ways, baking soda

maddie b
It depends on what you are willing to spend

If you want to spend alot of money and want something that really works contact your dentist and schedule an appointment to have bleaching trays made (i would request opalescence bleach). This will ensure your whitest smile. I use my bleaching trays for 8 hours when i sleep one night of about every two weeks and my teeth are rly white.

I've never actually used them, but my friends use crest white strips and also have really white teeth most of them wear them every night tho.

If you want why teeth for picture day/prom night etc. Take a blow dryer to them. Seriously. Blow dry you teeth (i put the blow dryer on the "cool air" thing when i do it). This dehydrates your teeth i do it for about 10 minutes and my teeth usually stay white for about 4-6 hours.

Dave A.
use the whitening strips...

crest white strips
they really do work

Aside from trying to avoid caffeine, brush your teeth atleast 2-3 times a day. Theres also plenty of products out there ranging from actual whiteners, (strips, etc.), mouthwash, toothpastes. There's whitening gum, as well. Aside from home "remedies" you can always go to your dentist and they can whiten them for you. However another tip: Eat strawberries! They have something in them that is considered to help make teeth whiter. :) Good luck!

You can use ultra brite toothpaste and whitening mouthwash. There are also a few other things you can do that work.

I found a blog that has some tips on how to get white teeth fast.

I'll leave a link to the blog below.

hope this helps...

█⇨ℐℇ®șᴈϒ ʛɨʀʟ⇦█

Chris D
To make teeth whiter you can try this at home. No sense in the huge dental bills if you are willing to try this instead. Make a paste of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda, just enough so it's the same amount as you would use of toothpaste. Brush with this mixture but don't swallow it because it's nasty. Do this a couple times a week and you should see results. Some people do a second brushing with their regular toothpaste right after brushing with this mixture. Doesn't hurt and should help.

Also try to brush after you eat anything that stains your teeth such as red wine or coffee. It's inconvenient but will help your teeth and your gums will be healthier too.

If you are still doing teeth whitener research, my sister told me about a really interesting site that she found. In it a woman writes about her experience with teeth whiteners...what worked for her, what didn't, how you can do it really cheaply, etc. I put the link below if you are interested. Good luck and hope you find something to help with your teeth.

I've had friends tell me that whitening strips work wonders, but I think that prevention is key!

Good preventative tips: Brush and floss your teeth thoroughly! Try to avoid drinking too much coffee, tea and soda, but if you do, make sure to brush afterwards. Also, when drinking soda, you can drink it through a straw so that the liquid doesn't come in contact with your teeth. Make sure you have a good toothpaste with whitening properties.


Most people would prefer to have their teeth whitened by a professional dentist. They believe that it is safer and more effective than at home teeth whitening procedures. While this may have some truth in it, this is not entirely true. I am not saying that you would not get the best tooth whitening treatment you deserve when you have it done by a professional dentist; it is just that getting these professional dental treatments is really expensive, not to talk about the hassles associated with booking appointments to have your teeth whitened or ‘bleached’ in a dental clinic. Of course, you would want to save some cash whenever possible and you would not be able to do that by getting professional teeth whitening treatment. You could really save a lot and still have the results that you want by using the Kardashian Idol White teeth whitening system.

The Kardashian Celebrity Smile whitening kit is the perfect way to whiter teeth at home and at a low cost using a reliable and effective tooth whitening solution that works. Idol White is a top professional dental product wildly endorsed by the famous Kardashian Girls, and popularly used by thousands of celebrities in Hollywood and millions of other people all over the UK, Canada, Australia, USA, Europe and other parts of the world too.

This Idol home tooth whitening gel that comes in a ‘pen like’ pack is really cheap and an easy to use solution for anyone to use at home, in the office or even ‘on the move’. Unlike most teeth whitening reviews that would just like to talk about their products for whitening teeth at home, Idol White Teeth Whitening reviews that you would find online are genuine. The claims that this product for whitening your teeth at home is really the best and the cheapest out there for home use. By simply following their step-by-step easy to understand guide/procedure, your teeth will become whiter within minutes, and in a matter of days, you’ll certainly have a set of tooth that you can be proud of.

You may find it hard to believe but that is really what this dental teeth whitener product can do for you. Just look at the thousands of Kardashian Idol White Teeth Whitening reviews and consumer reports teeth whitening comments you would find in different websites and you will be convinced of the wonders of this product.

If you are still not convinced with this Kardashian Idol White Teeth Whitening review, go ahead and try this product for yourself first before buying it. There is a money back guarantee anyway so you would not have to worry about wasting a cent on their product until you are fully satisfied and convinced that Idol White is the best product to whiten your teeth at home.

check out the url in the source box below to find out more about this product and how it may help you.

Use any white strips. Baking soda and hydrogen peroxide can also help to whiten it. Colgate sells a toothpaste with both of those ingredients.

Z David
Crest white strips, I have used them for so many years and I always get compliments on my white teeth. I use a new kit about every year. Call Procter and Gamble and ask for a $7 coupon and wait for them to go on sale at your grocery or pharmacy store. Also, putting Hydrogen peroxide with a q tip every night after brushing is supposed to help but take a while.

Mrs M
The easiest and cheapest way to get your teeth whiter is to brush them with baking soda and peroxide. In a small bowl make a paste of baking soda and peroxide. Dip your toothbrush into the paste and brush your teeth as usual. When you finish rinse your mouth thoroughly.In lest than a week you will notice much whiter teeth.

brush with baking soda

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