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What is the best medicine for tooth pain?
Particularly I have pain because I had an old filling taken out and they found out that it was infected bla bla bla so i have to go to a specialist for a certain kind of root canal. They put a temp. filling in but now my tooth hurts like FREAKING crazy..i cant drink anything when i talk my cheek rubs on it it hurts i can barely eat.

What medicine is the best to take to make the pain less?

I would use Advil liquid gels and also Oragel that stuff works wonders, but you have to use it a lot!

my mum says Cognac but i dunno how that works

no antibiotics

You made my mouth hurt! Try popping tylenol or use Ambesol. I think that's how you spell it. Its brown liquid in a tiny bottle. one drop or two will work though. It's over the counter too.

I have had more root-canals,apextmes,bridges,caps,crowns ,on an on. If their was a table with every kind of drug on it, for tooth pain I'd always go right to the Ibuprofen, bar none its the best!

Carol P
Try Ibuprofen or Aleve. If that doesn't help call the dentist, if it is not relieved by any of those, go to the ER and get them to give you something for that. Try putting some ice in a zip lock bag wrap it in some paper towels and hold it on the side of your jaw that hurts. Cold numbs pain.
Hope you are feeling better soon!

orajel or anbesol COMBINED with two aleve....

salt water is good just use it as mouth wash

Call your dentist back and ask him to prescribe you something.

If that isn't an option take 800 mgs of Ibruprofen. That's 4 tablets. I know it sounds like a lot, but it takes that much to fight the inflammation.

Actron or Orudus KT work great too. They are brand names of the drug Ketoprofen.

ORAJEL or ORAGEL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vitalina V
its called orajel my dad used before he had the same feeling it nums up the place wher u put it and then it stops hurting just use it every day untill u feel a difference.

I just take Ibuprofen. it usually works

I know that this is going to sound sooooo crazy but when my toothaches the only thing that helps the pain is a cup of Nyquil & 2 Advils Liquid gels taken at the same time!! It works in like 2 minutes!!! Please don't ask me how it just works!! I found this out when both of my wisdom teeth were killing me (later I found out the nerves were exposed Owwwww!!!) and I had a terrible cold!!!

So I took the cup of Nyquil for the cold and 2 Advil liquid gels for the toothache and my word I felt so good for at least 3 hours!!! Now I have taken Advils by itself and it didn't even feel like I took a thing!! But together with the Nyquil Ahhhhhh relief!!!

This cold/toothache happened over 3 years ago and I still run to Rite-Aid for my Nyquil & Advil at the first sign of a toothache and then I run to the dentist LOL!! Hope this helps...

Really ,if your tooth is still hurting a great deal, it seems that the work needs to be done very urgently.
A dentist can possibly give you medicine for pain & irritation etc.
Why is there a delay in treatment??

81mg Aspirin applied tirectly to tooth. Or get some Jack Daniels and swooch around then swallow. By time do this several time, you be passed out.


Asprin works the best and quickest for me.

Take on a full stomach what ever you decide to take.
It could make you very sick and nauseous.

Then rinsing your mouth with salt water also helps

Vanilla extract also works, just use a clean dry Q-Tip and dip it in the bottle and rub it around your gum and effected tooth area.

Advil is great with tooth pain & get some orajel to put in the pain area it numbs it.....really works well. I hope you feel better :)

Michelle G
Motrin is a good OTC option because it is also and anti-inflammatory however, if you already know you need a root canal and it is a throbbing, shooting pain you probably need a prescription for pain and antibiotics to clear the infection before they do the root canal. If you go for the root canal with an infected tooth it can resist the lidocaine and be a very painful experience. Good luck!

Ouch! My deepest sympathies!

I used a lot of Tylenol when I had a similar problem. I understand oil of cloves is also good for tooth pain, but that can be hard to find.

Feel better.

Proper Lightskin.
orajel is the best for tooth pain...swap some on ur tooth and hold it there it's the best

megan f
You really need to call your dentist and ask them if you can have a pain pill or anti-biotic. Whenever I had my back teeth coming in they were swollen and I took some penasilin and it worked MIRACLES! It was like taking a pain pill. But ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS keep some kind of orajel on hand that is the bestest.

Tom P
I totally feel your pain. I had root canal problems for a few months and at times I wanted to slam my head against a wall. There were times that I couldn't sleep at night......oh man I don't miss that!

The ONLY things that worked on me was Vicodin or Percocete

tooth pain in the WORST

take two advils
and rub some CONGNAC on it with a Q-tip!
it works!!

ruth s
I hope that you were given an antibotic for the infection, when that starts to kick in, and the infection starts to recede, the pain should be reduced a great deal.

General OTC both topical and pill, plus some clove oil will help, but I'd phone the DDS ASAP for something stronger until that root canal is completed.

I feel for you I really do.

clove oil... or local drugstore has tooth pain gels...a little liquor? lol... no ibuprofen is good for inflammation.

Tommy Grav is a Psycho!!
Try and get hold of some clove oil and cotton wool balls. Apply the oil to the tooth and it should deaden the pain for a while. Just make sure you don't get it on your gums, it burns like hell

David W
hold an aspirin over it. Or use oil of cloves. Better, get a doctor to prescribe an antibiotic -- the infection is what's causing the pain. Good luck.

Dave B
gargle only peroxide do not swallow it will kill pain

Cloves, or clove powder. Trust me!

you need some clove oil. u can get this from the pharmacy costs about $4. take a qtip and dip it in the oil and place it on the aching tooth. Oragel helps too. good luck

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